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1. I ORD, I with patient hope will wait

on thee continually,
And yet with praises more and more
I will thee magnify.

Thy righteousness and falvation

my mouth abroad shall show, Ev'n all the day, for I thereof the numbers do not know;

And I will constantly go on.

in strength of God the Lord,
And thine own righteousness, ev'n thine
alone I will record.

My lips fhall much rejoice in thee

when I thy praises found,
My soul which thou redeemed hast
- with joy shall much abound.

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The fourth Sunday after Easter,



This pfalm treats of a great temptation, arising from

the prosperity of the wicked; from which the prophet was delivered, by considering their end, how foon they are cut down, and perish, whereas the righteous even in this life are happy in God, and most happy in him for ever. This he expresses for himself in the words before us. He found God his portion. He was satisfied. He was thankful. May we find the same. Trusting to our blessed Jesus, may we with some comfortable hope use the words for our own this day, and may we fo grow in faith, that when heart and flesh, and life fail us, we may find God the strength of our heart and our portion for ever.

- 1.
VHAT thing is there, that I can wish

I but thee in heav'n above? Lord, in the earth there nothing is like thee that I can love.

My flesh and spirit both do fail,

but God will me restore:
For of my heart he is the strength
and portion evermore.

M4 . III. But

But lo, all such as thee forfake

thou shalt destroy each one, And those who trust in any thing except in thee alone.

Therefore will I draw near to God,

and ever with him dwell, In God alone I put my trust,

his wonders I will tell.

will I dram dwellit,


The prophet here gives thanks to God for hearing his

prayer, even when he had been tempted to question, whether God had not thut his ears, and would not vouchsafe him a gracious answer. He finds the tender mercies of his God still the same : And therefore he resolves to meditate on the wondrous works of God, and his dealings with the children of men, for the increase of his faith and for the exercise of his thankfulness. Here is great encouragement to pray and praise. May this example ftir up both, May we sing the words in faith, and that will certainly excite gratitude. We shall find the ears of our God open to hear nur requests, and he will give us reason to glorify him.

I WITH my voice to God did cry,

who lent a gracious ear, My voice I lifted up to God, ..... i and he my pray’r did hear.

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II. .
I will remember the great works

performed by the Lord,
The wonders done of old by thee
I gladly will record.

- III. I also will of all thy works

my meditation make,
And of thy doings to discourse
great pleasure I will take.

Thou art a God who dost shew forth

thy wonders every hour,
And so doft make the people know

thine own almighty power.



The church here is in great affliction, and God delays

to help. This makes prayer more fervent, and especially for the pardon of those fins, which were the cause of the present afiction. Every day we askforgive us our trespasses, &c: Because every day we want forgiveness, a fresh application of the blood of spinkling, which having received by faith then we can join in praising God as the church here does. May the same mercy excite in us the same gratitude ; and may it be abundant in our hearts this day to the glory of a fin-forgiving God.

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1. H ow long, Lord, shall thine anger laft?

wilt thou still keep the fame :
And shall thy fervent jealousy
burn like unto a flame?

Against us mind not former fins,

thy tender mercies show, Let them prevent us speedily : for we're brought very low.

For thy name's glory help us Lord,

who hast our Saviour been, Deliver us for thy name's fake ; O purge away our sin.

So we thy flock and pasture sheep

will praise thee evermore, And teach all ages how to keep

for thee like prajfe in store.

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