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COD in his anger shall reprove

U their pride and scornful way,
And in his fury trouble them
and unto them shall say,

Tho' madly you oppose my will

the king whom I ordain,
Whose throne is fixt on Sion's hill,
shall there securely reign. -

: III.
Attend, O earth, while I declare

" God's uncontrould decree,
“ Thou art my Son, this day my heir
" have I begotten thee.
' IV.

. « Ask and receive thy full demands

" thine shall the heathen be, “ The utmost limits of the lands · " shall be pofleft by thee.”


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1. EE that ye serve th' anointed Lord, . U rulers and kings with fear, See that with reverence ye rejoice, when ye to him draw near.

See that ye homage pay and kiss

the Son without delay,
Least in his wrath ye suddenly
perish from the right way.

If once his wrath but little shall

be kindled in his breast,
Then only they who trust in him -

shall happy be and blest.

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Firft Sunday after Eafter.


The prophet here rests his foul upon God. He has

been in the foregoing psalms making many prayers, and in this he declares his perfect confidence in being heard and answered. In this faith he defies his enemies, and excites himfelf to continue waiting upon God. He rejects all creature supports, and relies wholly upon the power of the Almighty. This is a most blessed lesson for us. May we learn it of him, who has practised it, and who alone can teach it, even our great prophet. By his word, and by bis Spirit he can enable us to trust him at all times and in all cases. The Lord give us this faith. The Lord increase it where it is given, that while we are now exercising it, we may have fresh reason to thank him for it. O for an high song of faith to day. It would redound much to the glory of a promisekeeping God. May he be greatly exalted, and then our souls will be greatly refreshed, in finging this psalm.

, I. TRULY my soul with waiting hope

depends on God indeed, My strength and my salvation do from him alone proceed.

II. He only my salvation is

and my strong rock is he; He only is my fure defence, · much mov'd I shall not be.

III. Surely

Surely my soul doth whole depend

on God my chief desire, From ey’ry ill me to defend

none but him I desire.

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I. COD only my salvation is

and my strong rock is he, He only is my sure defence, I shall not moved be..

II. . In God my glory placed is

senlaced is and my salvation sure, In God the rock is of my strength my refuge most secure.

III. o put your trust in him alway

ye folk with one accord,
Pour out your hearts to him and say,
our trust is in the Lord.

To Father, Son, and holy Ghost,

the God whom we adore, Be glory as it was, is now,

and shall be evermore.

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1. SURELY mean men are vanity; o and great men are a lie; In ballance laid, they wholly are lighter than vanity.

Trust not in wrong and robbery,

let vain delights be gone, .
Tho' riches in abundance Aow,
Set not your hearts thereon.

God hath it spoken once to me,

yea this I heard again,
That pow'r unto Almighty God
alone doth appertain.

IV. i Yea mercy also unto chee

belongs, O Lord, alone : For thou according to his work

wilt reward ev'ry one.

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