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Easter Sunday.

This is a day big with wonders. Christ the Lord is,

risen. He has put away fin, has subdued Satan, and death, and all our enemies, and we are met to share with him in his victories. Here is an Easter hymn, to be sung with thanksgiving to our triumphant Jefus. It treats, as the new testament abún. dantly shews, of his fufferings, his resurrection, and of his entrance into his kingdom, whereby he became the head ftone of the corner, uniting both: Jews and Gentiles into one fpiritual building. I have. felected a paffage out of it for the present exercise of our faith and gratitude. Its fense is fixed by our. Lord and his apoftles. If we understand it as they did, and believe Christ to be risen for our justifica. tion, we cannot but bless him, and praise him this day, reckoning ourselves to be dead indeed unto fin, but alive onto God in Jesus Christ our Lord. May we sing with hearts alive to him, triumphing in his, complete and eternal salvation.

THE stone which formerly among

1 the builders was refus'd, Is now become the corner stone and chiefly to be us’d. '; o

This was the mighty work of Go

it was the Lord's own fact, And it is wondrous to behold this great and noble act.

III. This

This is the joyful day indeed

which God himself hath wrought,
Let us be glad and joy therein,
in voice in heart and thought.

IV. . Thou art my God I will confess

and render thanks to thee, Thou art my God and I will praise thy mercy towards me.

Ps ALM XVI. The words of the psalm, which follow, are spoken by

Chrift in faith of his rising from the dead, and they are applied in this sense by the apostle Peter : He quotes them Acts ii. as a proof of its not being pof- sible that Chrift fhould be holden of death. Since Christ the first fruits is risen, fo are all who believe in him risen already from the grave of fin, and they shall rise one day from the grave of death, when the last enemy shall be destroyed. In this hope, which Mould be full of glory and immortality, they ought to praise their rifen Jesus, and in their songs to bless him to day and for ever.

I SET the Lord still in my sight - '
1 and trust him over all,
For he doth stand at my right hand, ..
therefore I shall not fall."

Because of this my heart was glad

and joy shall be expreft,
Ev'n by my glory: and my flesh
in confidence shall rest.

II. Thou

Thou wilt not leave my soul in hell,

because thou lovest me, Nor yet will give thy holy one corruption for to see ;

iv. But wilt shew me the path of life,

where there is joy in store, And where at thy right hand there are

pleasures for evermore.



. This psalm is applied to Christ in the New Testament.

It treats of his death, his resurrection, and his king. dom. The title explains it all: for it says, the psalm was spoken by Chrift upon his being delivered from the power of all his enemies, and from the power of the grave. This has been literally fulfilled in the person of Jesus Christ. We are remembring the fact to day. May it be with thankful faith. May the singing of these lines tend to exite and improve it.

THE pangs of death did compass me
1 and bound me ev'ry where,
The floods of the ungodly men

did put me in great fear,

II. The II.

The sorrows and the bonds of hell

were round about me fet,
And for my life there was prepard
a deadly trapping net. .

I thus beset with pain and grief

did pray to God for grace,
And he forthwith heard my complaint
out of his holy place.

Iv. He to a place where liberty

and room was, hath me brought, Because he took delight in me

he my deliverance wrought..

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St Jerom says, he muft be a very bold man, who would

dare to give any other interpretation of this psalm, than Peter has done in the A&ts of the Apostles. He and his beloved brother Paul have quoted it several times. It confits of three parts, according to which

I have divided it. Firit, It describes the opposition, which the kingdom of tion. Then as King-mediator he was seated a priest on his throne, until all. his enemies death itself be

Christ Tould meet with from the great ones of the world, and which would certainly bring destruction upon their own heads: So Herod, and Pontius Pilate

and the people of the Jews found it : For Secondly, Christ is in the Godhead omnipotent and eter

nal, but as God-man he had all power in heaven and earth committed to him by the decree of the everblefied Trinity, which took place upon his resurrec

.. tion

made his footstools Thirdly, It being in 'vain to oppose such an almighty

Sovereign, kings and people are called upon to do him homage, to kiss the Son and trust in his royal care

and love: Because all such are blessed of the Lord. This psalm should be sung with faith in his resurrection,

that being risen with him we may share in the blessings of his kingdom and glory. Our affections hould delight to be, where he is fitting at the right hand of God, and we thould with grateful hearts acknowlege our subjection to our Lord and king.

W H Y did the Gentiles tumults raise

what rage was in their brain?.. Why do the people still contrive . a thing that is but vain ?

MOLIT. .0 49tt. id The kings and rulers of the earth and

conspire, and are all bent : 1 Sit td Against the Lord, and Christ his Son, i od whom he among us fent.

II. iirisson Shall we be bound to them, say they, ' '

let all their bonds be broke,
And of their doctrine and their law ,
let us reject the yoke.

But God whồ sits enthron’d on high

and sees how they combine,
í Docs their confpiring strength defy
and mocks their vain delign.


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