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-" Call upon me in the time of trouble, so I will “ hear thee, and thou shalt glorify me,” May he: get himself glory from us this day.

1. strength that does our foes withstand, 1 O Lord, doth come from thee, Thou art, O God, my help at hand an high tow'r unto me.

II. .
The God of mercies plentiful

shall me with good prevent, My God on those who envy me fhall shew me his intent.

Of thy great pow'r I'll sing aloud,

at morn thy mercy praise,
For thou to me my refuge wast
and tower in troublous days.

O God, thou art my strength, I will

fing praises unto thee, . For God is my defence, a God

of mercy unto me.



This is a prayer made in faith. It was heard, and an

swered. In every distress we should take the same method. We thould flee to God for refuge, and we should always find him a very present help. His promises in Christ cannot fail. What he hath fpoken in his holiness, he will infallibly fulfill : And we put honor upon his word, when we so rely upon it as to triumph, because of its truth. May we fing in this faith, not doubting but it shall be done unto us according to what our God hath promised.


.I. TO such, O Lord, as fear thy name,

a banner thou dost shew,
That they may triumph in the same,
because thy word is true.

That thy beloved people may

deliver'd be from thrall,
Save with the pow'r of thy right hand.
and hear me when I call.

Give aid, O Lord, and us relieve

from them who us disdain,
The help which hoits of men can give
is all but weak and vain.

But thro' our God we shall have might

to take great chings in hand ;
He will tread down and put to flight

all those who us withstand.

.. Good

Good Friday.

This psalm treats of the sufferings of Christ, and of the

glory which should follow, by the spreading of his gospel, and by the setting up of his kingdom in the hearts of his willing people. Every circumstance here mentioned has had its accomplishment in the person of Christ, as the new testament has infallibly proved, and the rest is receiving its accomplishment in the preaching of the gospel, and thereby bringing

finners to believe in a crucified Jesus. Whoever has found redemption in the blood of the

lamb will this day adore and bless him. Here is the subject of the day indited by the holy Spirit in proper words, Faith in Jesus will enable us to apply them, and lead us to adore, with all his redeemed in earth and heaven, him that loved us and washed us from our fins in his own blood, and hath made us kings and priefts to God and the Father: to him be glory for ever and ever. Amen-let every creature fay, Amen.

M Y God, my God, wherefore dost thou.
IV forsake me urterly,
And helpest not, when I do make.. .
my great complaint and cry?

All day, my God, to thee I cry,

yet am not heard by thee, And in the season of the night I cannot silent be.

III. All

All that me see, laugh me to scorn,

shoot out the lip do they,
They nod and shake their heads at me,
and mocking they do say,

This man did trust in God that he

would free him by his might,
Let him deliver him, since he
had in him such delight,

Then, Lord, depart not now from me

in this my present grief,
Since I have none to be my help

my succor and relief.


Y garments they divided have

in parts among them all,
And for my vesture they cast lots
to whom it should befall.

Therefore, I pray thee, be not far

from me at my great need,
1 . But rather since thou art my strength

to help me, Lord, make speed,

III. Then


Then shall I to my brethren all

thy majesty record, And in the church shall praise the name

of thee the living Lord.



W ITHIN the congregation great

my praise shall be of thee, My vows before them who him fear shall be perform’d by me.

i II. The meek shall eat and shall be fill'de

they also praise shall give
Unto the Lord, who do him seek :
your heart shall ever live.

The coasts of all the earth shall praise

the Lord, and feek, his grace; The heathen folk shall worship all

before his glorious face.


The kingdom of the heathen folk

the Lord fhall have therefore, And he shall be their governor

and king for evermore


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