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1. HAVE mercy, Lord, on me I pray,

for man would me devour: He fighteth with me day by day and troubleth me each hour.

' II. My foes do daily enterprise

to swallow me outright,
To fight against me many rise,
O thou most high of might.

When they would make me fore afraid

with boasts and brags of pride,
I trust in thee alone for aid
by thee I will abide:

God's promise I do greatly praise,

O Lord, I trust to thee,
I do not care nor fear at all

what felh can do to me.

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W HEN I do call upon thy name

my foes away do start, From hence I plainly do perceive that God doth take my part.

11. I glory in the word of God,

to praise it I accord, .
With joy I will declare abroad
the promise of the Lord.

I trust in God the Lord and say'

as I-before began,
The Lord is my lure help and stay,

I do not fear for man. I s


1. T WILL perform with heart most free

my vows to God always, And I, O Lord, all times to thee , will offer thanks and praise:

II. For thou hast brought my soul from death,

and thou wilt still fecure The life thou freely häst preserv'd, and make my footsteps sure.

· III. That


That thus protected by thy pow'r

I may thy light enjoy,
And in the praises of my God

my endless days employ.



This psalm is a prayer made in great trouble and in

great faith. The prophet flees to the mercy and truth of God for safety and finds it. He thereupon bleffes the Lord, and with enlarged heart praises and magnifies his great deliverer. Man is born to trouble. There is no escaping it. But Jesus changes its nature, and turns it into a blessing. When fin, the cause of trouble, is pardoned, and the conscience is at peace with God, then all things work together for good. A fcriptural persuasion of this sets the heart at liberty, and the experience of it excites inward and outward melody. May the Spirit of love enable us in faith to flee to our God for refuge in every time of need, and then we shall fing of his mercy and truth to his glory and to our comfort. May these ends be answered by our songs of praise this day.

1. RE merciful to me, O God, D thy mercy unto me Do thou extend: Because my soul doth put her trust in thee:


II. Yea;

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Yea, in the shadow of thy wings

my refuge I will place, Until these fad calamities do wholly overpafs.

My prayer I will cause to ascend

unto the Lord most high,
To God, who doth all things for me
perform most perfectly.

From heav'n he shall send down, and me
. from their reproach defend,
Who would devour me ; God his truth
and mercy forth thall fend.

Be thou exalted very high

above the heav'ns, O God, And let thy glory be advanc'd

o'er all the earth abroad.


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I. M Y heart is set to bless the Lord We in him to joy always, My heart would ever well accord to sing his glorious praise.

II. . Among the people I will tell

the goodness of my God, And shew his praise that doth excell in heathen lands abroad.

Thy mercy, Lord, is magnify'd

as far as heav'n is high,
Thy truth as high as any ftar,"

that shineth in the sky, - . . IV. Do thou exalt thyself, O God,

above the heav'ns most bright, Exalted be thro' all the earth

thy glory and thy might.


The subject is the same with the foregoing psalm. A prayer--an answer—and thankfulness for the an. Twer. Go, and do thou likewise. Pray in faith. Ak and it Thall be given. The promise cannot fail.

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