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Because of life the fountain pure

remains alone with thee:
And in that purest light of thine

we clearly light shall fee.


From such as do acknowlege thee

thy grace shall not depart, Thy righteousness thou wilt extend

to men of upright heart.



This is a sweet psalm, full of motives to encourage

trusting in the Lord, with promises of assistance against all opposition, and of the destruction of all enemies, be they ever so prosperous for a time. This pfalm has been fulfilled in the great head of the church, and it is daily fulfilling in all his members. They trust in him, and are never disappointed. They find him faithful to his word and promise, He requires great trust, and he enables to it: For he giveth great grace. May we magnify his faithfulness this day. The words to be sung require stedfast reliance upon him. O for strong faith, that we may realize the psalm, and find it made good to us. May we make melody with our hearts, as well as our lips singing unto the Lord.

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Tbe tbird Sunday in Lani.

THE Lord the juft mar's iteps does not

and all 515 ways doch bleis, To ev'ry thing he takes is hand

God giveth good fuccess: Tho'he do fall, yet he is inte

not utterls to fick: For God upboics to vich bis nazad

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for him to praise
et shall have,
a is the health,
doth me save.



IN God set all thy heart's delight

and look what thou would'st have, Or else canst wish in all the world

thou needft it not to crave: . Cast both thyself and thine affairs

on God with perfect trust, And then thou shalt with gladness fee

th'effect both sure and just.

Ann God thyself 20tto cihe world have,

Rest in the Lord and patiently

wait for him: Do not fret For him who, prosp'ring in his way,

success in sin doth get: For every wicked man will God

most certainly destroy ;
But such as trust in him are sure
the land for to enjoy.

For yet a little while and then

the wicked shall not be,
His place thou shalt consider well

yer it thou shalt not see: But by inheritance the earth

the meek ones shall possess : They also shall delight themselves

in an abundant peace.

The third Sunday in Lent,

1. THE Lord the just man's steps doth guide 1 and all his ways doth bless, To ev'ry thing he takes in hand

God giveth good success : Tho’he do fall, yet he is sure

not utterly to sink: For God upholds him with his hand and from him will not shrink:

II. For the salvation of the just

is from the Lord above, He in the time of their distress

their stay and strength doth prove : God evermore delivers them

from bad men and unjust, And still will fave them, therefore they

in him do put their trust.

PSALM XXXIX. The prophet here considering the shortness of life de

fires to be acquainted with it more practically, in order that he may not be busy about perishing things and forget eternal, but may keep his faith and hope fixed on God. This is our one business in time. May we have it well done. Our hope centered on God in Christ, and our hearts ready to leave the world. O for a pilgrim's fpirit! fo fall we fing the words aright. May great grace be upon us, that our affections may now be in heaven, and our conversation where Jesus is fitting at the right hand of God.


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