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PSALM XXV. This is a prayer for deliverance from fins and enemies. It is to be sung in faith : And the answer is to be waited for with patience. For the Father will hear the petitions of all those, who ask in his Son's name, and will grant them their hearts desire. We shall sing the words aright, if we have a sense of our wants, and a dependence upon the faithfulnels of God to give the promised supply. Ak this, and ye shall have.

I LIFT my heart to thee

my God and guide molt just, O fuffer me to take no shame : for in thee do I trust.

IT. Let not my foes rejoice

nor make a scorn of me; And let them not be overthrown who put their trust in thee.

III. Direct me in thy truth

and teach me I thee pray, Thou art my Saviour and my God on thee I wait alway.

IV. Thy mercies manifold,

O Lord, recall to mind, And graciously continue ftill, as thou wast ever kind.




I. T

HE humble God will teach

his precepts to obey, He will direct in all his paths the lowly man alway.

11. For all the ways of God

both truth and mercy are, To them who do his covenant and statutes keep with care.

III. With those that fear him is

the secret of the Lord, The knowlege of his covenant he will to them afford.

IV. In safety keep my soul

and still deliver me, And let me never be asham'd,

because I trust in thee.

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We have in this pralm a lively pi&ture of perfect confidence in Jehovah against

all enemies and dangers. It is the prayer of Jesus: To which he joins his earnest desire to enjoy conftant communion with Jehovah in his house and ordinances. Blessed is the man, who is in Jesus, one with him and living by faith upon him, he may use the same prayer, and expect communion in the house and ordinances of God with the Father and the Son, by the influence of the holy Spirit. May we all enjoy this blessing, while we take up the words, and fing

I. WHOM should I fear, fince God to me.

salvation is and light?
Since strongly he my life supports,
what can my soul affright?

Against me tho' an hoft encamp,

my heart yet fearless is,
Tho' war against me rife, I will
be confident in this.

One thing I of the Lord desir'd

and will seek to obtain,
That all days of my life I may
within God's house remain,

That I the beauty of the Lord

may behold and admire, And that I in his holy place may reverently enquire.




O LORD, instruct me in thy way

to me a leader be
In a plain path, because of those

who hatred bear to me.

O leave me not unto the will

of them who are my foes; For they furmise against me still false witness to depose.

I utterly should faint, but that

this hope fupporteth me, That in the land of the living

thy goodness I shall see. * Wait on the Lord thee to confirm,

and he shall strength afford Unto thy heart; yea, do thou wait

I say, upon the Lord.


The Lord's answer to the foregoing prayer.

K 5



This is a thanksgiving to the Lord for his special fa

vors in hearing the supplication of his Chrift, and in helping him in every time of need, and for the favors bestowed upon his people through faith in him : From whence the prophet takes occasion to pray for the continuance of these favors. With what gladness of heart tould every one fing the words, who has been made a monument of free who by diftinguishing love can use the words to day for his own thanksgiving. O that we may fing them to the glory of our God, and to our mutual edification.

grace, and

TO render thanks unto the Lord

how great a cause have I?
Who heard my prayer for grace, and fent
an answer willingly.

He is my shield and fortitude,

my buckler in distress,
My heart rejoiceth greatly, and
my song shall him confefs.

He is our strength and our defence

our foes for to resist,
The strength of the falvation of

his own elect by Christ.

IV. Thy

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