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here described under the character of that perfect person, who was to retrieve for his people all the losses of the fall. He was in their nature, and yet he was by nature and practice, in heart and life, separate from finners; negatively he had not the least communion with them, being without one spot of fin, positively he was perfectly holy. He fulfilled all the righteousness of the law in its highest requirements, both in obedience to its precepts, and also in suffering its penalties. Thus he became to his people the tree of life, having life in himself, as God self-existent, and having life communicatively, as God-mang to bestow upon every branch in him.-I am the vine, says he, ye are the branches, by him they are quickened, in him they live, through him they become fruitful, and by his influence they prosper and bring forth much fruit to the glory of God. Herein they are directly contrary to the wicked, who are never quickened by him, but left to perish in their fins.s.

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PSA L M I. . 1. Successful are the steps of that pera son, who never walks in the council of transgressors, and in the way of finners never stands, and in the seat of mockers never fits. . . ...

2. But in the law of Jehovah is his delight, and in his law will he meditace day and night. .

3. For then he fhall be like a tree that was planted by the streams of waters, which will yield its fruits in their feafon, and its top-shoot shall never fade, but whatsoever he shall take in hand he shall be able to make it prosperous.

4. It shall not be so with transgreffors, but they shall be like the chaff which the wind blows away...

5. Because the transgreffors shall not be set up in judgment, nor finners in the congregation of the righteous. - 6. For Jehovah acknowledgech the way of the righteous, but the way of finners shall be destroyed.

This pfalm is a general description of the success of Jesus in his work, shewing what steps he was to take for the salvam tion of his people: He was to be a man like us in all things, excepting fin; from which he was perfectly free: No thought of it ever entered his mind, not one moment did he decline from the way of duty, but always acted under the influence of divine love, in his life, and by his example reproving those who made a mock at sin. He was holy, harınless and.


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undefiled in his nature, and separate from
finners in his practice : For
· He was perfectly acquainted with the
divine law: It was his continual ftudy,
and to obey it was his continual delight
It was his meat and drink" Lol come,
" says he, to do thy will, O God :" He
rejoiced to fulfil its precepts by his life,
and he was a willing facrifice to fuffer its
penalties in his death. In both he mag-
nified the law, and made it infinitely ho-
nourable.' And :?w.dis...
· Thus it became him to bring many
fons unto glory. Whatsoever he under
took for them had perfect success. He
was the tree of life watered with abun-
dant streams of grace, the Spirit being
given not by meafure unto him; a tree
fubject to no change, but always grow
ing and flourifhing, always bearing forth
fruit, and making every branch in it a
partaker of the heavenly influences of the
ftock upon which it grows."
· But, the transgressors, who are not
grafted into him by faith, have no fpi-
ritual life, nor fruit - they are lighter
than vanity itself: And they shall be
driven from the judgment feat of God,
as easily as any light chaff is drivert
about by a strong wind, and they shall be
justły banifhed for evermore from the


general assembly and church of the first born :

For Jehovah always approved of the way of the righteous, whom he chofe and called, and justified freely by his grace through the redemption which is in Christ Jesus, but the way of transgressors he disapproves, and they thall Toon utterly perish.

In this sense the Psalm is true of Christ, but believers have their share in the bles. sings of which it treats : For in his success, they partake. They have fellowship with him in every step which he took to work out their salvation. When they have redemption through faith in his blood, and free acceptance through faith in his righteousness, then they walk humbly with him, and he puts his fear within them. He teaches them to depart from evil, they do not walk in the council of the ungodly, nor stand in the way of sinners, nor sit in the seat of the scornful;

But, he puts his law in their inward parts and writes it in their hearts : In their renewed mind they are brought to delight in, it; they make it their contibual study, and through grace to walk in it is their continual practice. Yea, they live by the faith of the Son of God, as


branches in the tree of life: Because he lives they shall live also; drawing from their life-giving root every thing needful to mortify sin in them, and to enable them to bring forth fruit unto God:

Thus he separates them from transgressors, who live and die in their sins, these are like chaff, which the wind driveth away.

Because they shall not stand in the judgment of God, nor come into the church of Christ. in - For the Lord with his loving kindness regarded the way of the righteous, but the way of tranfgreffors shall perish. · Thus believers look upon the psalms.

They consider them as treating of the glorious person and work of the Godman, and considering themselves in him, as members under him their head, quickened by his Spirit and receiving all the blessings of spiritual life out of his fulness, they can understand and sing the praises of Immanuel, with melody in their hearts: For they can apply to themselves the benefits of his atonement and righteousness, of his intercession and glory, and this renders the psalms precious, and singing them an high ordinance. Their God does meet them and bless them in singing psalms. While they express their

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