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Sixth Sunday after Epiphany.


This is a prayer of the beloved Jesus against his enemies

and ours, in which he was heard and answered: He was kept safe and carried happily through all oppo. fition, till he had finished the work, which his Father had given him to do. By the same divine love and power all that believe in him are kept, as tenderly as the apple of the eye, as safely as they can be under the covert of covenant faithfulness. May we take up the words in the confidence of our hearts, and sing them rejoicing in the sure mercies of our beloved.

LORD, in thy paths which be most pure

guide thou me and preserve, That from the way wherein I walk my steps may never swerve;

For I have call'd on thee, O Lord,

surely thou wilt me aid, Then hear my prayer, and weigh right well the words which I have said.

Thy wondrous loving kindness shew

to those who trust in thee,
And save them from their foes who rise
against thy majesty.

K .



O keep me as thou wouldest keep

the apple of thine eye, And under covert of thy wings

defend me secretly,


This is a triumphant hymn, in which the work of Christ

is celebrated, and the church of Christ glories therein. God the Father, according to what is here written, has accepted his person and his work, and the pleasure of the Lord is now prospering in his Son's hand. O that we could fing of this most blessed salvation, as they did of old in this psalm: They not only had faith in it, but they also triumph, and set up their banners as conquerors over all their enemies. Thus they put honor upon their almighty Jesus. May his Spirit help us to do the same this day. May he enable us to sing in faith, and to glorify him with our lips and lives.

1. THE Lord will hear thee in the day

when trouble he doth send, And the name of Jacob's God will : thee from all ill defend:

He will thee help fend from above

out of his sanctuary,
From Sion his own holy hill
he will give strength to thee.


He will remember all thy gifts,

accept thy facrifice,
Grant thee thy hearts wilh, and fulfill

thy thoughts and counsel wise.


IN thy salvation we will joy

in our God's name we will Display our banners, and the Lord will all thy prayers fulfill.

: II. Now know I God his Christ doth save,

he from his holy heav'n Will hear him, with the faving strength by his own right hand giv'n.

: III. In chariots some put confidence

some horses trust upon : But we remember will the name

of our Lord God alone.



We rise and upright stand, when they

are bowed down and fall, The Lord will save, and hear the king when we on him do call.

K:2 Septuagefima


PSALM XXIII. This psalm is spoken in the character of the good shep

herd : He expresses his perfect trust in the covenant engagements of Jehovah, assured that all would go well with him in life in death and in eternity. Every word of it has been literally fulfilled to him, and it will be literally fulfilled to all his. When the theep of his pasture have heard his voice, and are enabled to follow him, then they can use the same words, and expect the same blessings. O with what thankful hearts should they extol their good shepherd, when it is given them to receive his words without doubt or wavering—". My sheep, says he, hear my. “ voice, and I know them, and they follow me : " And I give unto them eternal life, and they shall “ never perilh, neither Mall any pluck them out of “ my hand. They hear, they believe, they rejoice. Safe under the pastoral care of his loving heart and faithful arm, they can sing with gratitude of the dear Thepherd and bishop of their souls. May he be glorified in our song this day.


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TEHOVAH my good shepherd is

and he who doth me feed, How can I then lack any thing whereof I stand in need.

i II. He fruitful pastures doth provide

where I do safely lie, And after leads me to the streams. which run most pleasantly.


My soul he doth restore again,

and me to walk doth make,
In the plain paths of righteousness

ey'n for his own name's sake.


- 1.
'EA, tho' I walk in vale of death,

yet I will fear no ill,
Thy rod and staff do comfort me

and thou art with me still.

My table thou hast furnished

in presence of my foes : My head with oil thou dost anoint, and my cup overflows.

III. . Goodness and mercy all my life

shall surely follow me,
20 and home forevermore
And in God's house for evermore
my dwelling place shall be.

To Father, Son, and holy Ghost,

the God whom we adore, Be glory as it was, is now,

and shall be evermore.

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