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From infants and from sucklings mouths
Thou didst a mighty strength ordain,
For thy foes fake, that so thou might'st
Th’avenging enemy restrain :

When I look up unto the heav'ns
Which thine alınighty fingers fram'd,
Unto the moon and to the stars
Which were by thee wisely ordain'd.

Then say I, what is man, that we
Should be remember'd fo by thee!
Or what the Son of man, that thou
So merciful to us shouldlt be!


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LORD, for a little while thou hast

Him lower than the angels made,
With glory and with dignity
Thou haft crowned his royal head.

Ruler of all thy works he is,
Under his feet thou all didst lay,
All sheep and oxen, yea and beasts
Which in the open field do stray,

III. Fowls

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Fowls of the air, fish of the sea
Whatever passes thro' the same.
How excellent in all the earth
Jehovah our Lord is thy name!



This psalm treats of the wonderful work of God in

delivering Chrift from all his enemies, and from death especially. A right understanding of this deliverance, and faith in it, will lead us to praise God for it at all times: Because he will give us reason to sing of our own deliverance through him from all our fins and foes and miseries : And this will keep our hearts in tune to praise the Lord.


WITH my whole heart to thee, O Lord,

will I sing laud and praise, And speak of all thy wondrous works

and them record always.


I will be glad and much rejoice

in thee, O God most high,
And make my songs extoll thy name
above the starry sky.

Because my foes are driven back

And turned unto fight,
They shall fall down and are destroy'd

by thy great pow'r and might.

Fifth Sunday after Epipbany.


OD is protector of the poor,

what time they be distrest,
He is in all adversity
their refuge and their rest.

And they that know thy name, in three

their confidence will place, For thou hast not forsaken them who truly seek thy face.

Sing psalms therefore unto the Lord

who dwells on Sion hill,
Among the people make him known

his deeds record ye still.


In this psalm we have a humbling view of the finfulness

of human nature, as guilty of practical atheism, totally corrupt and filthy, deftitute of all good, and set upon all evil, yea even to persecute the children of God. St. Paul quotes it Rom. iii. to prove that there are none righteous in themselves, no not one, and therefore no Aeth living can be jutified by any works of their own.

Whoever is made sensible of this corruption will find no relief, but in the glorious salvation mentioned in the last part of the psalm, for which the prophet prays, and in which he rejoices.

This psalm should be sung with a heart felt conviction

of our guilty state by nature, and with a humbling sense of our total helplessness under it. May the Lord the Spirit thus convince us; and then he will thew us our need of a Saviour, and having received him by faith he will enable us to rejoice in the salvation of our God. The humbleft heart will enter deepest into the subject of the pfalm, and will therefore fing it to day with the best melody.

I. THE "HERE is no God, the foolish men

do in their hearts conclude,
They are corrupt, their works are vile,
not one of them doth good.

The Lord beheld from heav'n most high

the whole race of mankind,
And saw not one who fought indeed
the living God to find.

III. They altogether filthy are,

they all aside are gone, And there is none that doeth good, yea, sure there is not one.

IV. These workers of iniquity

do they not know at all, That they my people eat as bread,

and on God do not call.


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1. WHEN thus they rage, then suddenly

great fear shall on them fall: For God doth love the righteous men, and will preserve them all.

Ye mock the counsel of the poor,

and cast upon them shame: Because they put their trust in God, and call upon his name.

But who shall save thy people, Lord,

or when wilt thou fulfill Thy promise made to Ifrael from out of Sion hill ?

For when thou shalt bring back again

such as were captive led, Then Jacob shall therein rejoice

and Isra'l shall be glad.

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