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I laid me down, and quietly

I Nept, and rose again;
For I did know assuredly

the Lord did me sustain.



. 1. IF thousands up against me rise 1 I will not be afraid: For thou art still my Lord and God my Saviour and mine aid.

II. Arise, O Lord, save me my God; .

for thou my foes has itruck On their cheek-bone, and thou the teeth of wicked men haft broke.

III. Salvation only doth belong.

unto the Lord above,
Who on thy people doft bestow
the blessing of thy love.

To Father, Son, and holy Ghost,

the God whom we adore, Be glory as it was, is now, and shall be evermore.

Third Sunday after the Epiphany.

PSALM IV.. Believers are here called upon to trust in the Lord always; that they may offer to him through the beloved Jesus the facrifice of praise continually: for which end we should be seeking in all means for more sense of his favor towards us, an increase of which is better than all the worlds goods : For it makes us live safe and happy under the care of God both night and day. Blessed are they who can sing these words with melody in their hearts unto the Lord.

FFER to God the facrifice

of righteousness and praise, And look that in the living God you put your trust always.

O who will shew us any good ?

Is that which many say,
But of thy countenance the light,
Lord, lift on us alway.'

For thou thereby shalt make my heart

more joyful and more glad :
Than they who of their corn and wine
a great increase have had.

I will both lay mę down in peace

and quiet sleep will take, Because thou only me to dwell in safety, Lord, doft make.


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This is a prayer of the Lord Christ, in which he was heard and answered. He trusted in God at all times, and he was carried through his obedience and sufferings with continual success. Sowill our prayers through him find admittance within the veil, and bring down every needful bleffing. Let us alk in faith nothing wavering, and our prayer hearing God will grant us our hearts desire. May we sing with this sure trust in his faithfulness.

GIVE ear unto my words, O Lord,

my meditation weigh:
Hear my loud cry, my king, my God,
for I to thee will pray :

. I, Lord thou shalt early hear my voice,

I early will direct " My prayer to thee, and looking up i. an answer will expect;

III. , .. And I will patiently still trust

in thee my God alone,
Thou art not pleas'd with wickedness
and ill with thee dwells none:

Therefore will I come to thy house

trusting upon thy grace, And I will worship in thy fear towards thy holy place.



Psalm V.

CONDUCT me in thy righteousness
u for watchful is my foe,
Therefore, O Lord make plain, the way,
wherein I ought to go. .

And let all those who trust in thee

with shouts their jöý proclaim,
Let them rejoice whom thou. preserv'st
and those who love thy name.

For, Lord, unto the righteous man
· thou wilt thy blessing yield,
And with thy grace wilt compass him .

about as with a shield.

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Fourth Sunday after Epiphany.


Our Lord has applied this psalm to himself in Matt. xxi.

And St. Paul has commented upon it in Heb. ii. 9. “ But we see Jesus, who was made a little lower than " the angels crowned with glory and honor:" He has dominion over all creatures and things, which we loft by the fall, and is only restored to us under Chrift. In this view he is here considered as glorious even to admiration, he has the testimony of children to confute his enemies, and he has the earth and heavens, the sun, moon, and stars to magnify him, for though he was a little while abased below the angels in his humiliation, yet he is now crowned king of kings, and is set over all the works of God: His kingdom rulech over all. The prophet begins and ends the psalm with the same admiration of the surpassing glory of the name of the Lord Chrift. May we understand and enter into the spirit of this divine hymn. O that we could fing it to day, as the happy subjects of such a glorious monarch. May we fo trust in what he did for us, when he was lower than

the angels, as to expect he will be our friend in his · high exalted ftate. May we in using this hymn admire the excellency of his great name, and with thankful hearts bless and praise King-mediator to day, and for ever.

OW excellent in all the earth,

Jehovah our Lord is thy name,
Who haft thy glory fár advanc'd
'Above the highest starry frame.

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