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It is our present fubject to bless God for this distinguish

ing favor. We have the light of his gospel. Eternal thanks be to him, we have also the power of it. O that we may fing of it to day with thankful hearts. The words are ready to our hands, indited for the occasion by the eternal Spirit. May we use them in faith, rejoicing in hope, and ascribing in our songs all the praise of this wonderful work to the God of our salvation,

stre glory oht, with th his a rejoice

ALL ye earth, in God rejoice,

with praise set forth his name, Extol his might, with heart and voice give glory to the fame.

How wonderful, O Lord, say ye

in all thy works thou art,
Thy foes for fear shall seek to thee
and much against their heart.

HI. .
The men who dwell the earth throughout

shall praise the name of God, The fame thereof the world about is shew'd and set abroad.

All folk come forth, behold and see

what things the Lord hath wrought, Mark well the wondrous works that he

for men to pass hath brought..


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1. V E people give unto our God.

due laud and thanks always, With joyful voice publish abroad and sing unto his praise,

Who doth endue our soul with life

' and it preserve withall,
He stays our feet, so that no foe
can make us slip or fall.

For thou didst prove and try us, Lord,

as men do silver try:
Brought'st us into the net, and mad'st
· bands on our loins to lye.

Thou hast caus'd men ride o'er our heads

and altho' we did pass.
Thro' fire and water, yet thou brought'st
us to a wealthy place.

- V. I'll bring mine-off'rings to thy house,

to thee my vows I'll pay, Which my lips utter'd, my mouth spake,

when trouble on me lay.

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Psalm LXVI.

COME forth and hearken unto me

e all ye that fear the Lord, What he for my poor soul hath done to you I will record. '

- I. . . Often I call to mind his grace,

this mouth to him doth cry,
And thou my tongue make speedy pace
to praise him joyfully. .

But if I feel my heart within

in wicked works rejoice,
Or if I have delight in fin
God will not hear my voice.

. IV. But surely God my voice hath heard,

and what I do require, My pray'r also he doth regard

and granteth my desire.

O let the Lord our gracious God

for ever blessed be, Who turned not my pray'r from him

nor yet his grace from me.

The The second Sunday after the Epiphany.

PSALM I. The first pfalm treats of the fitness of Christ for his

work, and of his success in it. He was without fin, when he came to put away fin ; and he was the tree of life, in whom believers live as branches, and by grace received from him they grow up into him in all things. This psalm should be sung with faith that we are in him, and with a lively hope, that we Thall live on him, and to him for evermore, and then we shall make sweet melody in our hearts unto the Lord.

THAT man hath perfect blessedness

who never walks astray In counsel of ungodly men, Nor stands in sinners way ;

, II. Nor sitteth in the scorners chair,

But placeth his delight
Upon God's law, and meditates
therein both day and night. .

He shall be like a tree that is .

planted the rivers nigh,
· Which in due season bringeth forth
its fruit abundantly.

Whose top shoot shall not fade nor i

but flourishing shall stand,
Just so all things shall profper well,
which this man takes in hand..


The title is, A psalm for David when he fled from the

face of Abfalom, 2 Sam. XV. on which occasion he spake by the Spirit concerning the beloved Jesus, who was in like manner to be driven by his own people out of Jerusalem, and was to suffer without the gate. In this situation he expresses his perfect confidence in God, and prays for deliverance from all his enemies, which he found, and we shall also find through him,

whenever we ask in faith nothing wavering. We here see how fafe they are, who live under the care

of a covenant God; they may lie down in their beds, yea in their graves, and fear no evil. May we in singing experience some of this humble confi. dence, and with all our hearts ascribe this and every other blessing of salvation to the Lord Jesus Chrift.

LORD, how are my foes, increas'd?

Against me many rise :. Many say of my soul, for him. in God no fuccour lies..

But thou, O Lord, art my defence,

on thee my hopes rely,
Thou art my glory, and shall yet:
lift up my head on high.

When with my voice unto the Lord

I earnestly did cry,
Then he out of his holy hill. .
did hear me speedily.

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