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The greatest part of it has been already fulfilled in his

own person as the head, and in his members, many of whom are now round his throne, and many now upon earth have been made a willing people by the gospel, which is the sceptre of his power--they be. lieve in the sacrifice of their great high priest, and they rely upon the arm of the Lord their righteoufa ness, their great Melchizedek, and if he should make them drink of the brook in the way, as he did, yet being his redeemed, they may fing in faith and hope of his lifting up their head. His cross is his way to his crown. May the blessed prospect raise and purify our affections, that we may delight to be ascribing to him all the honor of our salvation. May every heart bless him to day: yea may we now join all those in heaven and earth, who are giving glory to God and the Lamb.

- 1.
JEHOVAH said unto my Lord,
J fit thou at my right hand,
Till I have made thy foes a stool
whereon thy feet shall stand. .

The Lord Ihall out of Sion send

the sceptre of thy might,
Amidst thy greatest foes shalt thou
be ruler in their sight.

. III. And in the day on which thy reign

and great pow'r they shall see, Then free will-offerings shall all thy people give to thee. i i

I 3

". IV. Yea IV.

Yea with an holy worshipping

then shall they offer all, As num'rous as the drops of dew

which in the morning fall.



THE Lord hath sworn and never will

· repent what he doth say, By th' order of Melchizedek Thou art a priest alway.

The glorious and mighty Lord,

who fits at thy right hand,
Shall in his day of wrath strike thro'
kings that do him withstand.

He shall among the heathen judge

The shall with bodies dead The places fill, o'er rebel lands he shall wound ev'ry head.

in 'IV. And he shall drink out of the brook .

that runneth in the way, Wherefore he shall lift up on high .

His royal head that day..


The Circumcision of Christ.


This is new-year's day. How short is life? Its conti

nuance how uncertain? Eternity is at hand. How careful then should we be to make a good use of these flying moments, that when they are run out, we may be happy for ever. We have here the prophet's meditation upon this subject. May his thoughts be ours to-day. O that his prayer may be made by every one of us. May the Lord teach us fo to number our days that we may apply our hearts to saving wisdom. How happy are they, whom the Lord has made wise unto salvation! How thankful Thould they be, who can place the confidence of their hearts in the Lord Jesus Christ, and can sing with the prophet, Truly my hope is even in thee.

M INE end and measure of my days

O Lord unto me show, What is the same; that I thereby my frailty well may know.

11. Lo, thou my days an hand breadth mad'It,

mine age is in thine eye,
As nothing: fure each man at best
is wholly vanity.

Sure each man walks in a vain show,

they vex themselves in vain :
He heaps up wealth and doth not know
to whom it shall pertain.

IV. And

And now, O Lord, what wait I for?

what help do I desire ?
Truly my hope is ev'n in thee,

I nothing else require.


St. Paul has opened the meaning of this psalm, and has

proved that it treats of the Lord Christ, as becoming fubject to the law for man. When sacrifices could not take away fin, he came to take it away by his own sacrifice, and therefore he was circumcised, and made under the law to redeem them that were under the law. By his life and death having perfectly done the will of God he became the author of eternal fal.

vation. Here is the object of our faith-Christ God-man keep

ing the law, and suffering its penalties for his people, · Here is their matter and ground of rejoicing, chat

he is the end of the law for righteousness to every one who believeth. As this truth is received, the conscience is at peace with God, and hope in God revives. May we glorify Jesus this day, singing of and rejoicing in that love, which led him to be cire cumcised and obedient unto the law for man: For this inestimable mercy may he have honor and glory and blessing and praise from us to day and for ever.

. 1. N O sacrifice nor offering

didst thou at all delire, Mine ears thou bor'd: sin-off'ring thou and burnt didft not require.

II. Then

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Then to the Lord these were my words,

I come, Behold and fee,
Within the volume of thy book
it written is of me,

. III.
To do thy will I take delight

O thou my God who art,
Yea that most holy law of thine
. I have within my heart.

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The first Sunday after the Epiphany,


We call this Epiphany, which means the rising of the

fun of righteousness upon the Gentiles. It is through the tender mercy of our God, that Christ the day spring from on high has visited us, who were fitting in darkness, and in the shadow of death. He brings with him light and life, and comfort, yea every blessing to the soul, upon which he arises. He opens the blind eyes to see his marvellous light. And Mining with his bright beams upon the dead finner, he quickens him: Shining on ftill he guides him in his way and makes him active in it: never withdrawing his influence, till the day of glory dawn, and skat sun, which never sets, arise upon the soul,


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