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And as a giant he sets out.

upon his work apace, He stops not till he has perform'd

performed and run his glorious race.

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From heav'ns end is his going forth

circling to th’end again: And there is nothing from his heat

that hidden doth remain.

St. Stephen.


GOD taketh pity on the poor,

"who are with need opprest, He doth preserve them evermore and bring their fouls to rest.

. II. Both from deceit and violence

their souls he shall set free, -* Also their blood which shall be shed

precious to him shall be.





St. John. Psalm LXXXIX.

Greatly blest the people are

the gospel sound who know, In brightness of thy face, O Lord, they ever on shall go.

II. They in thy name shall all the day

rejoice exceedingly, And in thy righteousness shall they exalted be on high :

III. Because the glory of their strength - doth only stand in thee, And in thy loving favor shall

our pow'r exalted be.


Innocents Day.


Psalm. LXVIII.

. . 1. SING praise, sing praise unto the Lord

who rideth on the sky,
Extol the great Jehovah's name
and him ftill magnify..

The same is he that is above,

within his holy place,
That Father is of fatherless
and judge of widows case.

. III. Houses and issue both he gives

unto the comfortless, He bringeth bondmen out of thrall

and rebels to distress.

The Sunday after Christmas.


We sung the first part of this psalm on Christmas day,

which treats of the glory of the Lord Christ, as it is displayed in his kingdom of nature: This second part treats of his kingdom of grace. What the sun is in the natural world, that is Christ in the spiritual. The volume of nature fhews his glory, but never savingly, uniil it be explained by the volume of re. velation. This is such a light to the soul, as the other is to the body: And this is here set forth by fix names, to which fix effects are ascribed. The gospel of Christ considered as his law converts the foul, as his testimony it makes wise, as the statutes of the Lord it rejoices the heart, as his commandment it enlightens the eyes, as the fear of the Lord it endures for ever, as the judgments of the Lord it is true and righteous altogether : On these accounts it is commended for its value, far above gold, and -for its sweetness, sweeter than honey, and for its

usefulness, in keeping of it there is great reward. O that the light of the gospel may shine upon all our hearts, so as to produce those gracious effects. Lord bless it this day. May we find such joy and peace in hearing and believing it, that all within us may bless the name of our incarnate God. While we sing his praises may he give us good reason to hope,

that we thall foon praise him better, when we hall . fee him face to face.

- 1. COD's law is perfect and converts

the soul in sin that lies, God's testimony is most sure and makes the simple wise.

I 2 :

11. The

The statutes of the Lord are right,

and do rejoice the heart,
The Lord's command is pure, and doth
light to the eyes impart.

III. . . Unspotted is the fear of God,

and ever doth endure, The judgments of the Lord most true most righteous are and pure.

IV. They more than gold, yea much fine gold

to be desired are: Than fweetest honey, from the comb that droppeth, sweeter far.

Vi Moreover they thy servant warn

how he his life should frame: A great reward provided is

for them that keep the same.


This is another of our Christmas hymns. Its applica

tion to Christ is settled by infallible authority. It describes his nature, God-man, David's son and yet David's Lord, his kingdom, his priesthood, and his government in gathering his church, and in conquering his enemies, and lastly the way in which these effects were produced, the sufferings of Christ and the glory that should follow. So that this pfalm is a summary of the whole gospel.


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