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* III. And thou thine anger didst afswage

that all thy wrath was gone,
And so didit turn thee from thy rage
with them to be at one.

O Saviour God, do thou then turn

thy people unto thee,
Put all thy wrath from us apart
and angry cease to be.

v. Shall thy fierce anger never end,

but still be pour'd on us, And shall thy wrath itself extend unto all ages thus? .

VI. In That in thee may thy people joyi

wilt thou not us revive? Shew us thy mercy, Lord, to us. .

thy great salvation give.


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Christmas : Christmas Day.

See the title to the former part, p. 171.

T'LL hear what God the Lord doth say,

to his he speaketh peace,
And to his faints, and they shall not
return to foolishness.

is. II. Surely his Jesus is at hand

to such as do him fear, That his great glory in our land may dwell and flourish there. I

. III. . Mercy and truth in him shall meet

Mercy an to take their plained peace

And righteousness hath kissed peace
in him they shall embrace.

When he the truth shall from the earth

spring up most pleasantly,
Then righteousness with loving face
shall look from heaven most high.

v. Yea, what is good the Lord shall give,

our land shall yield increase ; Justice to set us in his steps Thall go before his face.



In this hymn the Lord Jesus Christ is celebrated for

his beauty, for his majefty, and for the eternal glory of his kingdom. The happy fouls, whom he draws to love him by his word and Spirit, are here spoken of as his bride, uniced to him in a bond of affection never to be broken. The mutual love of this heavenly bridegroom and his bride is here treated of. His affection to her is altogether wonderful: But never to be more admired, than in the miracle of this day. It was the admiration and the joy of angels. Although he took not on him their nature, but ours; yet they had their song ready to welcome him into our world. O that we were as ready today. We have more reason, than they had ; let us try to fing in as high a strain of praise. O for hearts to love him, not as he deserves; that cannot be, but as far as we can. If Christ be indeed formed in us, his birth-day should excite in us every grateful fentiment: And we should now bring him our offering, some fruit of our new birth, even a song of praise to God manifest in the flesh. May we sing of this his marvellous love to-day, and for ever.

Y heart doth take in hand

a godly fong to fing, The praise that I shall shew therein pertaineth to the King.

'. 11.
My tongue shall be as swift

his honor to indite
As is the pen of any scribe
who useth fast to write.



O fairest of all men.

thy lips with grace are pure, For God hath bleffed thee with gifts for ever to endure.

IV. .
Thy royal feat, O Lord,

for ever shall remain,
The sceptre of thy kingdom doth

all righteousness maintain.

May on

Because thou didst love right

and didst the ill detest, Therefore hath God anointed thee

with joy above the rest.



There is

their Their liv | their v

This is another Christmas hymn. It treats of the

glory of the Lord Christ, as displayed in the works of nature, and in the word of grace. The material heavens are a record of his glory, wisdom, power, and goodness; but especially the fun in the heavens is the instituted emblem of the uncreated light: In them hath he set a tabernacle for the fun, which represents Christ's tabernacling among us in a body of Resh; and as the sun communicates light, life, and every material blessing through the world, fo Christ communicates light, and life, and every spiritual blessing through his system. He is as delighted as any happy bridegroom, as able as any strong man to run a race, to send out his light and his truth into

la chem

a tent

all lands, and his words unto the ends of the world; by which he brings his people to believe in him and to rejoice in his salvation. If he has made his word effectual by the power of his Spirit, then we know the meaning of this sweet hymn, and can see its application to the subject of this day. May this glorious fun of righteousness now arise upon our hearts with his bright beams, and give us clearer knowledge of the great myftery of godlinefs, God manifest in the Aeth. Thus our faith will increase, and we shall fing of his love with growing gratitude. May our song of praise be lengthened out, till in his light we fee and enjoy the light of life everlasting.

THE heav'ns and firmament on high

I do wondrously declare
God's glory and omnipotence,
his works and what they are.

. 11.
The wond'rous works of God appear

by ev'ry days success,
The nights likewife which their race run
the self same thing express.

- III.
There is no speech nor tongue to which

their voice doth not extend,
Their line is gone through all the earth
their words to the world's end.

IV. ..
in them the Lord made for the sun
- a tent of great renown,
Who like a bridegroom ready trimm'd
comes from his chanıber down.


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