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Fourth Sunday in Advent.


This is a prayer for the church of Christ, begging the

grace of God and the blessing of God apon it, and intreating the application of both by the thining of his loving countenance. . The end of this is mentioned, namely, that the way of his salvation may be known among all nations, and that they might join in praising him, and in rejoicing in him, yea might increase in their thankfgiving and abound in

it to the glory of God. : Every believer ought to join this prayer: Because he is

made fenfible, that grace is the fountain from whence all his blessings flow, and that the discovery of God's purposes of grace to him is a stream from this fountain. When he is favored with it, and the Lord Christ lifts up the light of his loving countenance upon him, how thankful fhould he be? How careful to express his thankfulness in every appointed way? May the heart of every such perfon enter into this prayer. May it be fervent and effectual, so that the Lord's face may shine upon us while we fing, and he may give us a present answer to our petitions.

1. HAVE mercy on us Lord, ud and grant to us thy grace, To shew to us do thou accord

the brightness of thy face..

II. That

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That all the world may know

the way to godly wealth,
And all the nations here below
may see thy saving health.

Let all the world, O God,

give praise unto thy name,
And let the people all abroad
extoll and bless the same.

Throughout the world so wide

let all rejoice with mirth,
For thou with truth and right dost guide
the nations of the earth. --,

Let all the world, O God,

give praise unto thy name,
And let the people all abroad
extoll and bless the same.

The earth her fruit shall yield,

our God'shall blessing lend;
God shall us bless, men shall him fear

unto earth's utmost end.


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This psalm describes the kingdom of Christ, and ex

tolls him for vouchsafing his gracious presence to his church, dwelling visibly in the cherubim to protect it by his love, and to oppose its enemies by his great-, ness and holiness: Therefore his people are called upon to worship at his footstool, and to exalt him as their forefathers had done, whose petitions he

graciously heard and answered. The subjects of this most blessed king may rejoice in

him at all times. Every sentence in this pralm affords them matter of joy and praise. The command is--Rejoice in the Lord always, and again I say rejoice. This joy Tould break forth into singing, which is the expression of a thankful heart : And we never conful our own intereft so much, as when we fing his praise and give him all his glory; then we may expect he will increase our joy in the Lord. May the Spirit of the Father and the Son help us to receive all the profit from singing this hymn, which he intended it should be the means of bringing to the people of God in every age.

THE Lord doth reign, altho’ at it

the people rage full sore, He on the cherubim doth fit tho' all the world do roar.

The Lord that in his church doth dwell

is high and wondrous great, Above all folk he doth excell, and he aloft is set.

JII. Let

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. The princely pow'r of our great king;

doth love judgment and right;. ?
Thou justly ruleft ev'ry thing
in right'ousness and might.

To praise the Lord our God devise,
i and honor to him fhew,
And at his footstool worship him

who holy is and true,



This psalm contains two very interesting particulars,

first a prayer for the mercy of God, and fecondly a s patient waiting for an answer. The mercy asked is

converting grace, that since God throogh Christ is reconciled to his people, and has taken away all his wrath against them, he would give unto them ftedfast faith to depend upon his love to them in his Son, and so to enable them to trust in him that they might be revived and comforted. . Then they refolve to wait for the divine answer, and confirm themselves in waiting by many powerful motives such as the Lord's promise to speak peace to his people, and they shall not turn to folly he will bring his salvation near to them who fear him his glory Thall come and dwell in our land, even the Lord of hosts the king of glory-in whom made flesh all the perfections of the Godhead will sweetly harmonizem


For in him the Father is true in all his threatenings, and yet can fhew mercy to finners-in him the Father's righteousness has had every demand paid it, and now he is at peace with believers in Jesas-yea when the divine truth was incarnate, righteousness looked down from heaven and faid, Behold, my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased. Whoever receives this salvation in the power of the holy Spirit is thereby made fruitful in love and loving obedience to God for it, and being now fkilful in the word of righteousness, his steps are set and kept in the

way which leadeth Itraight and safe to heaven. This is one of the hymns, which has been constantly

used in the church on Christmas day. It is made up of prayer and praise. And it requires faith and gratitude to fing it well. He that has strongest faith will fing the best : Because he will find most reason to adore his Saviour God for humbling himself to be made man, that he might live and die for him and for his falvation. May this delightful psalm exercise and improve our faith, and warm our affections. May we fing it in the Spirit, blefing God for all his mercies received through the incarnation of Jesus Christ. Glory be to him in the highest. Amen, and Amen.

THOU haft been favorable, Lord,

to thy beloved land,
For thou restored ft Jacob's feed
from bondage by strong hand.

The wicked works that they have done

thou didst them all remit,
And then didft hide thy people's sin
closely thou cover'dit it.

: III. And

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