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He mindful of his grace and truth

to Isra'ls house hath been, And the salvation of our God

all ends of th' earth have seen.




I ET all the earth unto the Lord

fend forth a joyful noise : Lift up your voice aloud to him sing praises and rejoice.

11. . Yea, let the sea with all therein

for joy both roar and swell, The earth likewise let it begin with all that therein dwell.

And let the running Itreams rejoice

and clap their hands apace,
Yea, let the mountains and the hills
triumph before his face.

iv. For he shall come at the last day,

to judge the earth he'll come, He'll judge the world in uprightness

and take his people home.

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The third Sunday in Advent.


This is a delightful hymn in praise of the kingdom of

the Lord Christ. It begins with a prayer in the first verse, and then urges the request by several arguments, concluding with an affectionate thanksgiving to God for his promises to hear and to answer the requeft. Many passages in this psalm could never relate to any other perfon, but to the Lord Jesus Chrift, for inftance,--He was to be feared fo long, as the fun and moon endure, throughout all generationshe was to be the Saviour of the foul-the redeemer of the foul-prayer was to be made unto him conti'nually-daily is he to be praised-men shall reckon themselves blessed in him all nations shall call him blessed, yea for ever. When these things come to pass then the prayers of David the fon of Jeffe fall

be (not ended, as we render it, but) completed. The prayer has been heard. The Son has been incar. nate. And the Father has committed all judgment to the Son-he is the king of righteousness and the king of peace, the very Melchisedek-who is al. mighty to fave. His reign of grace is all meekness and gentleness. He is a lamb upon the throne. So he is described in the first part of the psalm, and in the last his happy subjects thank him for their experience of his loving-kindness. May we fing the former with faith, and the latter with affečtion. Every word in the pfalm mixed with faith should be. a spur to gratitude. May every heart make melody, and bless the Lord for the wonders of his love. Blessed be his holy name for ever. Amen, and Amen.

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LORD thy judgments give the king

his fon thy righteousness:
With right he shall thy people judge
thy poor with uprightness.

The lofty mountains shall bring forth

unto the people peace;
Likewise the little hills the same
shall do by righteousnefs.

He shall judge the poor and shall save

the weak, and make them strong,
And shall destroy for evermore
all those that do them wrong.

And then from age to age shall they

regard and fear thy might,
So long as sun doth shine by day,
or else the moon by night.

The just shall flourish in his days

and prosper in his reign,
He shall while doth the moon endurs
abundant peace maintain.

His large and great dominion shall

from sea to sea extend,
It from the river shall reach forth
to the earth’s utmost end,


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ALL kings shall seek with one accord
n in his good grace to stand,
And all the people of the world
obey at his command.

For he the needy fort shall fave

who unto him do call,
Also the humble folk who have
no other help at all..

He taketh pity on the poor

who are with need opprest,
He doth preserve them evermore,
and bring their souls to reft.

He shall redeem their lives from fraud

from violence and might,
Also their blood that shall be shed

is precious in his fight.


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1. FOR ever they shall praise his name

while that the sun is light, And think them blefled thro the fame, all folk shall bless his might. .

11. Praise ye the Lord of hosts and sing

to Isra’ls God each one : For he doth ev'ry wondrous thing, yea he himself alone.

. III. And blessed be his glorious name.

to all eternity, The whole earth let his glory hill Amen, Amen, say I.

. .. IV. To Father, Son, and holy Ghost,

the God whom we adore, Be glory as it was, is now,

and shall be evermore.


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