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highest note of gratitude, he will ever be above all blessing and praise.

O COME let us lift up our voice

and sing unto the Lord, In Jesus our strong rock rejoice let us with one accord,


. Yea let us come before his face

to give him thanks and praise, In singing psalms unto his grace let us be glad always.

Come let us bow unto the Lord,

before him let us fall,
And worship him with one accord
the Maker of us all.

He is indeed the Lord our God, in

* for us he doth provide,
We are his flock, he doth us feed

his sheep, and he our guide.


The word Advent signifies coming, and these four SunThis is an advent hymn. All nations, Gentiles as well as Jews, are here called upon to praise the Lord Jesus Chrift for his falvation; and for the glory of his kingdom, which is exalted far above all that is called God; and will one day be exalted indeed, when all his redeemed shall in full concert, praise him for the PSALM XCVIII. The subject of this psalm is the same with the 6th.

days before Christmas, were set apart for our meditation upon the coming of Chriit in the flesh, and upon his coming at the last day. The psalms which I have chosen treat of both his advents: And they, who are partakers by faith of the benefit of his first coming, may look forward to his second, and ling of both with a hope full of glory and immortality:

judgment passed upon all feth. This is called a new song: Because it can only be fung

by true believers ; who being convinced of their interest in the judge are looking for the blessed hope, and the glorious appearing of Jesus Christ the great God and our Saviour. All such ought to sing the psalm with delight: For the judge is their friend. He requires them to lift up their heads with joy, whenever he comes by death or judgment to take them to himself: And surely then they ought to lift up their voices to proclaim the wonders of his love. May our hearts and lips go together, and make sweet harmony in the ears of the Lord of Sabaoth.

1. SING ye with praise unto the Lord

a new song with great mirth, Sing unto him with one accord all people on the earth.

Sing ye unto the Lord alway,

bless ye his holy name;
Declare and show from day to day
salvation by the same.

See ye among the heathen folk

his glory do declare,
And unto all the people show
his works, which wondrous are.

IV. For



For great's the Lord, and highly he

is to be magnify'd,
Yea, worthy to be fear'd is he:

above all gods beside,



ASCRIBE unto the Lord our God n all men with one accord, Glory and might for evermore afcribe unto the Lord,

- II. .
Ascribe unto the Lord also
· the glory of his name,
Into his courts an off'ring bring
and there present the fame..

In beauty of his holiness

see ye adore his grace, Let all the earths inhabitants worship before his face.

Tell it abroad to heathen lands,

the Lord doth reign above,
Yea, he the earth so fast hath stay'd
that it shall never move. -


The second Sunday in Advent,


IT is the Lord himself alone,

who rules with princely might
To judge the nations every one
with equity and right.

The heav'ns shall joyfully begin,

the earth likewise rejoice,
The sea with all that is therein
shall shout and make a noise.

The fields shall joy, and every thing

that springech on the earth,
The wood and ev'ry tree shall sing
with gladness and with mirth,

Before the Lord, because he comes,

because he comes with might,
With justice he shall judge the world

and give to all their right.

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All creatures are here called upon to praise the Lord for his great falvation, wrought out by his own arm, and applied by his own grace. He has obtained such a complete victory over all our spiritual enemies, that believers may now triumph in it, and partake of its richest blessings for evermore. All the ends of the earth hearing of it shall glorify the Lord Jesus, and are exhorted in a variety of expressions to testify their · joy in him, and their thankfulness to him : Yea, they are commanded in their fong to expect his appearing, and to look for it as the eternal consumma. tion of all their joys. O may we in faith and hope, as here required, celebrate the praises of God the Saviour. May we find our hearts engaged in this sweet exercise, and happy in ascribing to him the glory of all the wonders which he hath done, and will do, for us, and for our salvation.

. : 1. K ii. SING ye now unto the Lord

a new and pleasant song, For he hath wrought throughout the world his wonders great and strong.

***. II. . With his right hand most mightily .. he did his foes devour, And got himself the victory with his own arm and pow'r.

- III. i The Lord did make his people know

his saving love and might, And he hath shew'd his righteousness : in all the heathens light.

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