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Suited to every Sunday in the Year.

Praise ye the Lord. Praise the Lord,

D my soul; while J live will J praise the Lord, i will ling praises to my God, while I have any being, Psal. cxlvi. 1, 2.



The first Sunday in Advent.


T H IS is a proper psalın for public worship,

and therefore we always begin our daily ser.

vice with it. ' Believers are here reminded to call upon one another to join in singing the praises of Jehovah the rock of their salvation; in the Hebrew it is, Jehovah'the rock their Jesus : And the arguments used to raise their thankfulness to him are taken from his greatness in creating all things, and from his goodness to his redeemed : For he is their Maker, by and in whom they are new created; their covenant God, who has all his people under his paftoral care, being engaged to keep, to feed, and to guide them, that they may not harden their hearts,

nor fall Mort of his promised reft. O happy believer, to whom Jesus stands thus related : May thy heart be now in tune to join in his praises, Trust in him, and be not afraid. Exercise thy faith in glorifying him, that he may increase it. Rejoice in his holy name, that thy joy in him may grow and abound. Unite thy voice with the church, and fing with courage, as thou art here comnianded, that we may teach and admonish one another in this heavenly fong, and that our Jesus may be exalted in the midit of us. This should be the end of all our church meetings: And the general assembly and church of the first born will meet to carry on the same subject of praise. Thou wilt never on earth be more like them, than while thou art ascribing to him all the glory of thy salvation. Do thy utmost: Sing in the H2


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