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“ and shadow of death," that the Saviour of the world “ took up his with “ men ;” and that, at the close of life, the sincere Christian might be enabled with humble confidence to say, like him, “Fa" ther, into thy hands I commend my spi“ rit.” Unless these grand ends are anfwered, a time will shortly come, when it would be of no avail to us, whatever charms the vanities of life may now have, if the evil spirit of darkness were to take us to some lofty eminence, and offer us, by way of recompence for fin, all the kingdoms of the world, and all the treasures thereof.

“ TAKE up thy cross and follow me,” is the peremptory command of our Lord and Saviour. On the sacrifice of the world and all its guilty pleasures, to the grand duty of serving God and keeping his commandments, depends therefore the issue of eternal life and death. Without you can do this, to hear the word of truth, is only to hear the sentence


of condemnation. As to the mere formal practice of devotion, or the empty profession of a christian, “ Verily I say unto “ you it profiteth nothing ;” without good works and a life of exemplary piety, « our preaching is in vain, and your faith

is also vain."

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