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(3) Rev.


that had the Mark or the Name of the Beaft. And the Kings of the Earth (1) have one Mind, and (1) Rev. Jhall give their Power and strength unto the Beast; 17; 13,15;

even peoples, and multitudes, and nations and tongues,

For God hath put in their hearts [in the hearts of the Kings,] to fulfill his Will, and to agree, and give their Kingdom unto the Beast, untill the words of God shall be fulfilled. The Name of the Persons in whose hands the (2) Reins or (2) Rev. Principal Direction of the Exercise of this Power 17; 3, 7. is lodged, is (3) Mystery;

Mystery, Babylon :he Great, the Mother of Harlots, and Abominations of the Earth:

17,5. (4) With whom the Kings of the Earth (5) have committed Forni. (4) veri 2.

.(5) Have been led into Idola cation, and the Inhabiters of the

etrous Fractises. Earth have been made drunk with the Wine of her fornication: And She herself is (6) drunken with the Blood of the Saints, and with (6) Rev. the Blood of the Martyrs of Jesus : And (7) by 17, 6. ber (8) Sorceries, aré All Nations deceived: And in Her is found

(;) Rev. 18; 23, 24, the Blood of Prophets, and of Saints,

(8) φαρμακεία, σοφούς φαρand of All that are Nain upon

Mobxoss, Methods of making the

men Religious without Virtue. Earth.

And This Person, [the political Person,] to whom these Titles and Chara ters belong, is (1) That Great City, (standing (2) (1) Rev. upon Seven Mountains) which Reigneth over the 17, 18. Kings of the Earth.

(2) If in the days of St Paul and St John, there was any Footstep of such a sort of Power as This, in the World; Or, if there ever had been any such Power in the World; Or if there was Then any Appearance of Probability, that could make it enter into the heart of Man to imagine, that there


such kind of Power in the World, much less in (3) the Temple or Church of God; (3) 2 These: And, if there be not Now such a Power actually 2, 4. G2


ever could be

and conspicuously exercised in the World; And ifany Picture of this Power, drawn after the Event, can now describe it more plainly and exactly, than it was originally described in the words of the Prophely: Then may it with some degree of plauSableness be suggested, that the Prophecies are nothing more than Enthusiastick Imaginations.


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Concerning the ARGUMENT a priori,

in the Proof of the BEING of ĠOS

To the Reverend Dr * * *


OUR Obje&tion against arguing at all a priori, concerning the Ex

istence and Perfections of the First Cause ; is what Many Learned Men have indeed Ituck at.

And ic being evident, that Nothing can be prior to the First Cause; they have therefore thought it fufficient to say, that the First Cause exists “ absolutely without Cause ;

and that therefore there can be no such thing, as reasoning or arguing about it a priori at all

. But if carefully, you will find This way of speaking, to be by no means satisfactory. For though 'tis indeed most evident, that no Thing, no Being, can be prior to That Being, which is the First Cause and Original of all things; yet there must be in nature à Ground or Reasan, a permanent Ground or Reason, of the existence of the First Canse. Otherwise its Existence would be owing to, and depend upon, mere Chance. And all that could be


you attend

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