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This book, Standard Specifications for Construction of Roads Bridges on Federal Highway Projects, is patterned to the extent p ble after the AASHTO Guide Specifications for Highway Constru in order to establish nationwide uniformity and consistency of speci tions and contractual matters in highway construction.

These specifications are designed to prevent early obsolescend the specifications and controversy in the administration of contra and to encourage increased production and decreased costs consis with high quality work.

The book is issued primarily for use in the construction of roads bridges on Federal highway projects under the direct supervisio the Federal Highway Administration. When so designated in the tract of a project, it becomes part of the contract document, bind upon the parties signatory to the contract. For simplification in re ence, this book may be cited as “FP-74,” indicating Federal proje specifications issued in 1974.

All construction contracts of the Federal Highway Administrat are governed by the Federal Procurement Regulations (FPR) prom gated by the General Services Administration and such regulati apply and are included in all invitation for bids. For the users conve ence, portions of Standard Form 22, “Instructions to Bidders" a Standard Form 23A, "General Provisions” of the FPR, which ap) specifically to construction contracts, have been cross-referenced this book as appropriate to provide a reasonably complete collection contractual provisions within these standard construction specificatio (FP-74). Additionally, a sample copy of SF23A, which was in effect the date of printing, has been included in the Appendix. The sami copy is not a part of these specifications, the SF23A effective for t contract will be included in the Invitation for Bids.

This book contains specifications for those items of work, materia and construction methods that are generally applicable to direct Fe eral highway contracts, but it is adaptable for use by other highw agencies.

Because the highway industry has begun converting to the metr system, this edition of the construction specifications has been dualize to familiarize the user with the Metric System of Measurement. Ti U.S. measurement system is the official measurement system and w govern in all cases.

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101.01 Abbreviations. Wherever the following abbreviations are used in these specifications or on the plans, they are to be construed the same as the respective expressions represented:

AAN-American Association of Nurserymen.
AAR-Association of American Railroads.
AASHTO—American Association of State Highway and Transporta-

tion Officials.
AGC–Associated General Contractors of America.
AIA-American Institute of Architects.
ARA-American Railway Association.
AREA—American Railway Engineering Association.
ASCE-American Society of Civil Engineers.
ASLA—American Society of Landscape Architects.
ASME-American Society of Mechanical Engineers.
ASTM—American Society for Testing and Materials.
AWPA-American Wood-Preserver's Association.
AWWA-American Water Works Association.
AWS-American Welding Society.
AISI-American Iron and Steel Institute.
ANSI-American National Standards Institute,
FHWA—The Federal Highway Administration.
FPR-Federal Procurement Regulations System.
FSS_Federal Specifications and Standards.
GSA-General Services Administration.
NBS National Bureau of Standards.
SAE—Society of Automotive Engineers.
SF-Standard Form.
SSPC—Steel Structures Painting Council.
UL—Underwriter's Laboratory.

101.02 Definitions. Wherever in these specifications or in other contract documents the following terms or pronouns in place of them re used, the intent and meaning shall be interpreted as follows:

Administrator.—The Federal Highway Administrator, The Federal lighway Administration, U.S. Department of Transportation.

Advertisement.-A public announcement inviting bids for work to be erformed or materials to be furnished.

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