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of systemic cases to EEOC and the Department

of Justice which recognize the unique capa

bilities of those two agencies.

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of a multitude of separate, semi-autonomous compliance

agencies and units within compliance agencies.


there are not precise standards program officials are re

quired to follow or to apply in making compliance or other

decisions which affect the program.


By adopting the Task Force's full recommendations

on consolidation, exemptions, target selections, com

pliance determinations and settlements, appeal procedures,

and sanction hearings, the Department of Labor would ar

rive at a new regulatory scheme under which either com

pliance with the EEO clauses of Federal contracts is

achieved or legitimate contract actions (including de

ferrals and passovers) and/or sanctions would be accom

plished promptly, efficiently, and systematically.

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veloped reasonably definitive, mutually compatible standards for identifying, proving, and remedying violations.


OFCCP should invite EEOC to participate in its pro

posed project to codify compliance definitions and stand

ards in regulatory form.

Thereafter EEOC would be able

to afford full faith and credit to those of OFCCP's com

pliance decisions and settlements which remedy Title VII

violations, just as if they were made by the Commission's

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its assessment of progress and problems in

creating new employment opportunities for handi

capped individuals, minorities, women, and

Vietnam era veterans.

The reports should be

disseminated to the public.


OFCCP should incorporate provisions in its com

pliance review regulations which would place a duty on Government compliance officials to seek

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of minorities, women, handicapped persons, and veterans.

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