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whether present procedures assure proper consideration of qualifications of applicants or

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ever, compliance agencies have been delegated

minimum responsibilities under the 503 and 402 regulations while conducting Executive

order reviews.

Those responsibilities


Distributing sections 503 and 402
regulations to the contractors;

Determining whether contractors
having Federal contracts of $50,000
or more and 50 or more employees
have a written affirmative action
program that relates to hiring and
promoting qualified handicapped
persons, Vietnam era veterans, and
disabled veterans;

Determining whether the contractor
has an updated "Equal Employment
Opportunity is the Law" poster
(October 1976) displayed at its

Determining whether contractors
are conforming to the mandatory
requirements to list job openings
with State Employment Service as

Although the 402 and 503 programs are relatively

new and many issues are yet to be identified, certain

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the enforcement of the Mandatory Job Listing

(MJL) requirements of government contractors.

The legislation and the regulations require

Federal contractors to list suitable job

openings with State Employment Service (SES)

which give preference to veterans in refer


In May 1976, the Employment Standards

Administration (ESA) and the Employment and

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are the same, the systems for targeting and con

ducting compliance reviews should be merged.

closer coordination with the new Deputy Assistant

Secretary for Veterans Employment to revise the

Mandatory Job Listing program and simplify the

complaint processing for veterans.

Strengthen the enforcement system by having OFCCP

conduct compliance reviews of covered contractors.

Coordinate with the Veterans Administration and

other agencies and groups to provide technical

assistance and awareness programs to inform con

tractors and veterans of their rights and respon

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