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This index covers both the 1935 Edition of the Laws Applicable to the United States Department of Agriculture and the 1941 Supplement in which the index appears. Use of the index in the 1935 volume should be abandoned. The references in the left-hand column of this index are to paragraphs in the 1935 Edition; those in the right-hand column indicate paragraphs in the 1941 Supplement.

References are paragraph, not page, numbers, unless otherwise indicated.

In many instances there are dual references, that is, references to the same index heading in both columns. This may mean either that—

(1) The respective section of the statute to which the index heading relates has been recompiled in the 1941 Supplement in identical language to that in which it appeared in the 1935 volume; or

(2) The item has been amended by later legislation and appears in amended form in the Supplement; or

(3) The item appearing in the 1935 volume has been repealed or rendered obsolete by the legislation to which reference is made in the right-hand column.

Users of the index, therefore, are advised to utilize the 1935 Edition and the 1941 Supplement together, in order to learn the status of any given piece of legislation as of the 13th of January 1941, the latest date upon which legislation enacted by the Seventy-sixth Congress could become law.

Most of the index references are alphabetically arranged. The only exceptions to this rule involve situations where the sections or parts of particular statutes or several related statutes are indexed as subheadings under the main headings, in which cases the subheadings appear in the same numerical sequence as the sections or parts of statutes or series of statutes.

In the event that users of the index fail to find the context of the legislation in which they are interested by referring to one index heading, reference should be made to other headings, for the reason that almost every statute in both the 1935 Edition and the 1941 Supplement has been cross-indexed in several different ways.

Particular attention is invited to the fact that the index includes references to statutes by their popular names, e. g., "Smith-Lever Act," "Buy-American Act," "Cooperative Farm Forestry Act," etc. There are also included complete references to all legislation affecting the Farm Credit Administration, the Rural Electrification. Administration, and the Commodity Credit Corporation, which agencies were made parts of the Department since the publication of the 1935 Edition. References are still contained in the index to legislation affecting agencies that were transferred out of the Department, inasmuch as the 1935 Edition contains such legislation. The 1941 Supplement omits all legislation relating to such agencies.

The Solicitor would appreciate suggestions that contribute to the improvement of the index, and especially would appreciate immediate information as to any items that have been inadvertently omitted. from the index or as to any errors that may appear therein.

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Adding machines, disposition and exchange...

Addition of lands to National Forests. (See National Forests, lands in.)
Administrative Committee, Federal Register Act..

Adulterated or misbranded articles. (See Insecticides Act and Impor.

tation of Adulterated Seeds Act.)

Adulterated Seeds, importation..

Advances of public moneys..

Advertisements (see also bids, advertisements for):

By Government employees practicing law.

In newspaper in District of Columbia..

In newspapers generally...


1033, 1052

768 to 769, 959

1076 to 1078



1818 to 1833

1027-30, 1027-33 to
1027-35, 1027-37
to 1027-38, 1027-
40 to 1027-41

1819, 1831

1084-52 to 1084-53

489, 493 to 493a

509-1, 482-2 to



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1935 edition



2050 to 2051

1941 supplement


Aeronautics Advisory Committee...

May be taken before notaries.

Required from appointed officers.

Agency, as defined in Reorganization Act of 1939.

Agents of United States, interested persons acting as..

Agreements, cooperative, with States and local agencies.

Agreements, marketing. (See Agricultural Marketing Agreement


Agricultural Adjustment Act (1933):

Cotton Option Contracts..

Authority of Secretary to borrow money upon cotton.

Loans from Reconstruction Finance Corporation..........

Sale by Secretary; additional options, etc..


16 to 17








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