Protection and Development of Lower Colorado River Basin: Hearings, Sixty-eighth Congress, First Session on H.R. 2903, Parts 5-8

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Page 1599 - domestic use" shall include the use of water for household stock, municipal, mining, milling, industrial, and other like purposes, but shall exclude the generation of electrical power. Article III (a) There is hereby apportioned from the Colorado River system in perpetuity to the upper basin and to the lower basin, respectively, the exclusive beneficial consumptive use of 7,500,000 acre-feet of water per annum, which shall include all water necessary for the supply of any rights which may now exist.
Page 1301 - If, as a matter of international comity, the United States of America shall hereafter recognize in the United States of Mexico any right to the use of any waters of the Colorado River System, such waters shall be supplied first from...
Page 1020 - Whenever, in the Judgment of the Commission, the development of any water resources for public purposes should be undertaken by the United States Itself, the Commission shall not approve any application for any project affecting such development, but shall cause to be made such...
Page 1298 - The States of the upper division will not cause the flow of the river at Lee Ferry to be depleted below an aggregate of 75,000,000 acre-feet for any period of 10 consecutive years reckoned in continuing progressive series beginning with the first day of October next succeeding the ratification of this compact.
Page 1529 - Gila, to and from their possessions situated north of the boundary line defined in the preceding article ; it being understood that this passage is to be by navigating the gulf of California and the river Colorado, and not by land, without the express consent of the Mexican government.
Page 1342 - October next succeeding the ratification of this compact. (e) The States of the Upper Division shall not withhold water, and the States of the Lower Division shall not require the delivery of water which can not reasonably be applied to domestic and agricultural uses.
Page 887 - Inasmuch as the Colorado River has ceased to be navigable for commerce and the reservation of its waters for navigation would seriously limit the development of its basin, the use of its waters for purposes of navigation shall be subservient to the uses of such waters for domestic, agricultural and power purposes. If the congress shall not consent to this paragraph, the other provisions of this compact shall nevertheless remain binding.
Page 1600 - Colorado River Basin" means all of the drainage area of the Colorado River System and all other territory within the United States of America to which the waters of the Colorado River System shall be beneficially applied. (c) The term "States of the Upper Division" means the States of Colorado, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming.
Page 1529 - ... same, or upon merchandise or effects transported thereon, except in the case of landing upon one of their shores. If, for the purpose of making the said rivers navigable, or for maintaining them in such state, it should be necessary or advantageous to establish any tax or contribution, this shall not be done without the consent of both governments. The stipulations contained in the present article shall not impair the territorial rights of either republic within its established limits.
Page 1301 - ... and if such surplus shall prove insufficient for this purpose, then, the burden of such deficiency shall be equally borne by the Upper Basin and the Lower Basin, and whenever necessary the States of the Upper Division shall deliver at Lee Ferry water to supply one-half of the deficiency so recognized in addition to that provided in paragraph (d).