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Dec. 18. Charles and James Jamelon, From 1768 to 1780, the wholesale and Eupham Graham their reputed mo- contract of price of beef here was ather, were tried before the Court of bout 18 s. per cwt. of 112 lib. avoirJusticiary at Edinburgh, for abstracting dupoise, from ist August to ift Februthe North mail from the back yard of ary, and about 20 s. 6d. from the ift the deputy Postmaster of Kinross. The February till ist Auguft. two former were found guilty, and re- From 1780 till 1785, it was 22 s. 6 d. ceived sentence to be hanged on the per cwt. from 1st August till ist Febru24th of January. Eupham Graham was ary, and 25 s. from ift February to ift affoilzied, and dismissed from the bar.

Auguft. Gordonsburgh,, in Lochaber, Dec. 8. From ist August 1785, till ist Febru-, About a month ago, a large body of ary 1786, 23 s. and from 1st February herrings came into the lake here. Se- till ift August 1786, 26 s. 8d. ven ships on the bounty followed them, Our retail prices are by the Amster. whose boats, attended with 40 more, lib. of 17 1-half ozs. avoirdupoise ; and fitted out by the Duke of Gordon's in 1769, thefe prices were twopence. people of this place, are constantly em- halfpenny, from August till February ; ployed in catching them, often at the threepence halfpenny, a 4d. from Ferate of 100 barrels a-day, so that there bruary till Auguft. is every prospect of this becoming one

Until 1780, there was little varias of the best stations for the herring fish- tion; since then the prices from Auguft ery in Scotland : Feuers, fishers, artifi- till February are generally 3d.; and cers, and every other industrious set- from February to Auguft threepence tler, meet with liberal encouragement halfpenny a fourpençe halfpenny. here from the Duke.”

We have no wholesale market for - 21. At a meeting of the Directors fish. There is not a very steady supply of the Chamber of Commerce, several of turbot, cod, or falmon, and the plans were laid before them for the en- prices run from 4 d. to 12 d. per lib. a. largement of the harbour of Leith, and, voirdupoise, according to the quantity amongst the rest, a very elegant one, at market. for the improvement of both town and

We have herrings for six months of harbour, defigned by Captain Charles the year at id. and 2 d. per lib. These Henry Ker of that place, which was two last years remarkably plenty ; and ordered to be engraved for the inspec- we have generally a plentiful supply of tion of the public.

haddocks and skate, from id. halfThe Committee appointed at Lon- penny a 3 d. per lib. Our middling don to inquire into the cause of the ranks, and even our common people, high price of provisions have been at use a considerable quantity of these lastgreat pains in writing to the different mentioned fish. mayors and provofts in England and Scot- We have abundance of fine oysters at land for information. The following10d. a 12 d. per hundred, and lobsters is the answer of Sir JAMES HUNTER- pretty plenty. BLAIR, late Lord Provost of Edinburgh, We do not know any expedients that as published in the report of the Lon- could tend to diminish the prices of fish don Committee.

at the markets of this city, and the Edinburgh, Sept. 8. 1786.

cominon kinds have risen but very lit. SIR,

tle these twenty years. I HAVE had the honour to receive We cannot hear of any improper a letter written by you on the part of combinations formed to augment the the Committee of London, appointed prices of provisions; and we are rather to consider the causes of the present inclined to think that the advances in high price of provisions.

price are occasioned by the increased conI now proceed to obey your com- Tumption of the manufacturers, tradesmands. I did not reply sooner, be- people, and farmers; many claffes of cause I wished to be master of the facts, whom consume much more butcheras well as of the opinions of judicious meat than they did ten years ago, to a persons on the subject.

great degree in this part of the country, Beef and mutton fell in our markets As there is a free importation of cate at pretty much the same price. Veal tle, and of all kinds of provisions from and pork hold the proportion to the Ireland, we know of no mode of inprices of beef that is ufual in your creasing the quantity at market, exmarkets,

cept by a similar importation from the

continent 2 Boys and i Girl

Marriages, Births, and Deaths, in December.


continent of Europe ; but we cannot,

9. At Monkredden, Ayrshire, George without the proper inquiries, presume to Cunningham, Efj; of Monkredden. say, whethor that measure, on the whole, 11. The Right Hon. Thomas Villiers, would be either effectual or eligible.

Earl of Clarendon. I have the honour to be, with respect, 12. At Renfrew, Miss Simpson, daughSIR,

ter of the Rev. Mr Simpson. Your most obedient humble servant. 14. At his lodgings in St James's J. HUNTER-BLAIR, Provost. Street, London, Robert Carr, Esq; com

mander of the Barnwall East Indiaman. MARRIAGES.-Dec. 1. At Liver- 15. At Inverary, Mr Duncan Ochilpool, the Right Hon. Lord Henry Mur- tree merchant. ray, brother to the Duke of Athole, to

At Libberton Kirk, Dr Peter CampMiss Kent.

bell, late of Jamaica. 7. Capt. John Hamilton Brown of Glaf- 16. At Rankeilor in Fife, the Hon. well, to Miss C. Bower of Kincaldrum. Fred. Maitland, Capt. in the Royal Navy. 11. At Glasgow, Mr James Forrester,

At Rasay, in the 69th year of his age, merchant, to Mifs Darling M‘Kechnie, John M‘Leod, Efq; of Rasay. daughter of Mr J. M, merchant.

17. At Edinburgh, the Right Hon. II. Lic'ut. Lockhart of the 3oth Regt. Charles Lord Gray. to Miss Catharine Gibson, daughter of At Inverness, Mr Hector Frazer, the late Rev. Mr John Gibson minister Rector of the grammar school. of St Cuthberts.

*19. At Glasgow, Mr Andrew Millar 12. Dr D. Rutherford Professor of merchant. Botany in the University of Edinburgh,

23. At Pailley, Miss Mary Paterson, to Miss Henrietta Mitchelson, daughter daughter of the late Robert Paterson, to John Mitchelson of Middleton, Esq. Efq; of Craigton. 14. David Kinloch of Gourdie, Efq;

At Physgill house, Mrs Stewart, reto Miss Isabella Milne, eldest daughter liet of John Hathorn, Efq. of Thomas Milne of Milnfield, Esq.

24. Mrs Eliz. Hamilton, spouse of Mr 15. At Ayr, Dav. Fergusson, Esq; Pro- Charles Thomson merchant in Edinvost of Ayr, to Miss Ballantine, daughter burgh. of the deceased will. Hamilton mercht. 25. At Warriston, in the 75th year of

22. Capt. William Balfour of the her age, Mrs Janet Mackintosh, widow ş7th Regiment, to Miss. J. Ogilvy, of the deceased Mr James Mansfield, daughter of the late W. Ogilvy, Era; banker in Edinburgh. of Hartwoodmyres.

29. At Arden, Dumbartonshire, George BIRTH S. — - Dec. 8. Lady Dick of Buchannan, Esq. Prestonfield was delivered of a son. 35. John Haliburton, Efq. 18. The Right Hon. Lady Balgonie of

Dr William Grant late physician in a son, at his Lordship’s house in Spring London, Gardens, London.

29. The Hon. Lady Forbes of Crai. The City of Glasgow's general bill of gievar of a daughter.

mortality, for 1786. DEA THŞ. - Dec. Lately at Bath, Under 2 years 65? Betw. 50 and 60 83 Gilbert Elliot, Esq; of Langlandś. Betw. 2 and 5 166

60 and 70 97 At Corke, Mr Digges comedian.

5 and 10 59 70 and 80 72 Oct. In Jamaica, Dr David Stewart. jo and 20 67

80 and 92 33 Nov. 33. At Barcelona, Capt. Robert 20 and 30 96 90 and 100 3 Robb, late of the Edinburgh Regt.

30 and 40 68 Dec. 2. Mrs Jean Douglas Balderston, 40 and 50 921 wife of the Rev. Mr Simpson, one of Town's Hospital, ditto. the ministers of Edinburgh.

Men and Women 4. Mr James Hotchkis brewer in Edin.

3 5. At Strasburgh, Ensign Alexander Interred in Gorbals burying-ground, Ştewart, only fon to Col. Stewart of


103 the 3d Regt. of foot, M. P.


89 6. At Portpatrick, Mrs Campbell of

Still-born Aires. 7. Mr Leonard Urquhart writer to sign.


1736 8. The Right Hon. the Earl of Home. Increased this year 87 in the High He is succeeded in his estate and titles Church, Black Friars, and North-west by his eldest son Lord Dunglass, Church-yards, and Town's Hospital.




Table of Rain which fell at Glasgow during the year 1786,

as measured by a Rain Gage that gives the thousandth part
of an inch, and is placed 53 feet high; and the Average
Height of the Thermometer at LONDON and EDINBURGH.

[blocks in formation]

N. B. From April to September inclusive, the heighth of the Thermo-
meter, both at EDINBURGH and LONDON, was taken at mid-may: Du-
ring the other six months, it was taken about sun-rise.

With respect to the Rain which fell near Edinburgh,, (at Dudding-
ftone) a necessary correction of the former registers has been made,
but still the imallness of the quantity is surprising. The Rain-gage, how.
ever, has been carefully examined, and no fault could be discovered.

We would be much obliged to any gentleman who has kept a register
cf the Rain near Edinburgh, for his observations on this subject.





474, 480





of the,



AMERICA, defeription of the in- Corrieraial treatine with France,

Asphäftam and fulphureous lakes Convention between Gr. Britain and
of Russia,


465, 472
America, discovery of, 400 years Commercial treaty with France,
before Columbns,

abstract of,

African llave-trade, fancied scene

Corn Laws,
in the,

183 Çinder business, new,
Adam's Latin Grammar,

197 Dowsing's curious journal of the de-
Amour, fatal termination of an,

molishing of church ornaments,
291 Dunollie Castle, account of,

Amber, observations on,

380 Deifts in Bohemia, declaration of
America, trading voyage to the their faith,

Weft coaft of,
464 Druses, memoir concerning the,

American Plenipotentiary, his re- Divine service, a profecution for the
quisition and answer,
455 disturbing of,

Amelia, the Princess, death of, 476 Doctors degree conferred on feve.
Beards, the opinion that the North ral gentlemen,

American Indians have noue, pro- Duelling, a Court of Honour to
ved to be erroneous,

9 prevent,
Bagpipe, concerning the antiquity Domingo declared a free port,

54 Deaths, 453, 461, 468, 475, 482, 487
Bergman, cloge on Sir Torbern, 140 Egyptian anecdote,
Burns, poems by Robert, 284, 364, 371 Elegy,

Beards, anecdotes of,

325 Egypt, on the different inhabitants
Baddeley, Mrs, her death, 453

Balloon, a gentleman at Newcastle Engraving, use and excellency of
I killed by one,

the 'art of,

Births, 453, 461, 468, 475, 482, 487 Elliot, memoirs of General,

Chinese, inquiry concerning the chać Electricity of vegetables, on the,
racter of the,

61 by Bertholon,
Calpepper, Lord, letter from, to Edinburgh, obfervations respecting
Lord Clarendon,


the castle of,
Cooke, life and character of the ce.

new Magistrates of, 476
lebrated Captain,

79 Eustatius, books and papers rela-
Cardonnel's Numismata Scotia, 109 ting to it,
Cowardice, anecdote of, in a brave Earthquake felt in different parts
113 of Scotland,

Gafpian Sea, new description of the, 137 Emperor's brother, the A. Duke of
Corregio, anecdotes of,

273 Austria, visits England,
prints engraved from, 274 Empress establishes a new bank, 469
Cameronians, declaration to the Emperor's letter to the inhabitants

people called, by the Son of James of Buda,
II. of England,

276 Ferdofi, á Persian poet, tranlla-
Colour of the inhabitants of differ-

tion from,
ent climates,

294 Flaherty, biographical traits of the
Country pains and pleasures of the, 314 real, In the West Indian,

Creole the Weft Indies, charac- Fahion, on the influence of,
ter efte,

319 Faculties of man and other ani-
Cartouche, a famous robber, anec- mals compared,

dotes of,

380 Fable, by R. Cumberland, 183
Claudius, 'famous emissary of the Forster's observation on Northern



3Q Surnace,







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German poetry, origin and progress


Furnace, new chemical,

377 James I. of Scotland, remarks on a
Fiheries, national, flourishing Itate print of,

276, 364
of the,

342 Kosacs, manners and customs of
Franklin, hiats and observations,


by Dr,

375 KING, Margaret Nicholson's attempt
France, incredible population of, 413 to assassinate the,

Fuel, plan for saving,

436 Lama of Tibet, account of, 15
Gmelin's account of the customs and Locke's letters on love and matri-
character of the Persians,
3 mony,

Glass, knowledge of the ancients Lavater, character of, by Profesor


Gillies, Dr, vindication of the stile

letter from, concerning a-
nimal magnetism,

Luxury, apology for,

92 Literary intelligence, 364, 437
Greenland, colonization of, 132 Marivaux, credulity of,

Gmelin, anecdotes of Dr,

163 Music of uncivilized nations, obser:
Golden fleece, a poem,
206 vations on the,

Generation, by Germs, on the doc- Modern Barrister, origin, educa-
trine of,
232 tion, and progress of a,

Greenland ships, list of the Scots, 452 Monguls, Pallas's account of the
Gordon, Ld. George, notice fent to, 480


Glasgow, rain which fell at, in 1786, 486 Milk, a spirit distilled from, used
Hastings, on the impeachment of Mr, 22 by the Monguls,

o's memoirs of India, 102 Man, Ife of, custom observed in the, 201
Holwell's curious hypothesis concern- Memorial of supper against dinner, 204
ing intelligent beings,

prefented to the States
Heraię ballade
127 General,

Hearing, cases of people brought to Ministers, the domestics of foreign,
215 not to be protected, &c.

Human happiness, essay on, 217 Magellan, new chart of the Straits
Hippopotamus, concerning the, 277

Hunsdon, letter from Lord, 377 Margaret Nicholson's attempt to
Holland, affairs of, 449, 4632 471, 472,

affallinate the KING,

Mercury, J. Davidson, lofs of,

Howard, the humane, letter from, 478 Mauritius, a free port to the Ame-
Hunter-Blair, letter from Sir James, ; ricans and Spaniards,

on the prices of provisions, 486 Marriages, 452, 461, 467, 475, 482,487
Indians of North America, account Naphtha, on the liquid bitumen of
of 'the, by R. M Causland,

9 1 that name, or the eternal fire of
Irish Bards, fome particulars con- the Persians,

cerning the,

51 Normans, on the navigation and dis-
India, memoirs of, by-Warren Haf. coveries of the ancient,

tings, Efq;

102 Nova Scotia, on the produce and
Iceland, colonization of,

commerce of,

Influence of the crown, apology for Neidpath Castle,


174 Persians, customs and character of
of physical capses op the

moral faculty,

176 pi&tures and ornaments of churches,
Indian astronomy, antiquity, and ac- accoụnt of the demolishing them, 12
curacy of,
269 Peter Pinder, Ode by,

Ingenhouss's ohfervations on the Potatoes, in praise of,

effects of light, heat, and elece Bortland, Duchess of, sale of the

397 museum bę onging to the late, 47
Indian chronology, on the probar Preservation of dead bodies, instances
bility of,
409 of extraordinary;

Jefuits fourishing in Kuffa, 463 Parmesan cheese, method of ma.
Johnftane and Sutton, their queftion, 478 king,

Johnson, observations on Erica's cha- Parody an Sly Old Hodge;

i racter of Dr,

'124 Pallas, anecdotes of Professor, 160
Jacoba of Haynault, history of, 164 Present times,




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