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James Home, Ero; }Grand Wardens.

Office Bearers elected by different Societies. 481 other, the Western part of the island. and three from the Chamber of ComSir John Clark, Sir Philip Anstie, Mr merce) to prepare and lav before anoSolicitor Dundas, and several other ther general meeting, to be summoned Gentlemen, liaving given their opinion, when the Convener of the comunittee a Committee was appointed to take the faw proper, such a plan as they fall corn-laws into consideration, and to after mature deliberation deem expemeet with the other Counties, or de- dient for the good of Scotland at large, legates chofen by them, so as to bring which they will then take fully into this important business to a defirable itsue. consideration.

- 15. The Magiftrates and Council 33. . This day being St Andrew's appointed Mr James Finlayson Joint Day, the tutelary Saint of Scotland, Professor of Logic in the University of the Grand Officers of the Ancient and Edinburgi with Mr Bruce, with the Honourable Fraternity of Free and AcSurvivancy,

cepted Masons, attended by the difier. - 15. Last night, between twelve ent Lodges of this city and neighbourand one o'clock, a tradesinan was at- 'hood, and by Representatives froin those tacked in the Grassmarket by three situated in diftant parts, assembled in people, who robbed him of what mo- the. New Church. Ayle about twelve ney he had upon him; and, betwixt o'clock, where they made choice oł the three and four o'clock this morning, a following Gentlemen : carter was attacked, on the Easter road The Hon. FRANCIS CHARTERIS, between Leith and Edinburgh, by three younger of Amisfield, Grand Master. 'men, who robbed him of his watch. One Lord Torphichen, Depute Grand Mast. of them made a stroke at his throat

Thomas Hay, Efq; Substitute Grand with a knife, which cut his upper lip. Maiter. 16. This day Thomas Ryder,

, Miles Holland, and Daniel Davoren, three soldiers belonging to the 56th Re- John Hay, Esq; Grand Treasurer. giment, at present in the Castle, were Mr William Mafon, Grand Secretary. apprehended and examined by the She- Mr Robert Meikle, Grand Clerk. , ritt

, and thereafter iinprisoned on suspi- Mr John M'Clure, Grand Chaplain. 'cion of having been guilty of the above 30. At the annual meeting of the robberies.

Royal College of Physicians this day, 18. The Chemical Society of this for electing of their office-bearers, the city chose their annual Presidents, when following gentlemen were chosen into the following Gentlemen were elected office for the ensuing year, iz. to that office :

Dr James Hay, President.
Mr John Haslam,

Sir Stuart Threipland, Vice President.
Theobald M-Kenna,

Dr John Stedman,
William Lecky,

Dr John Black,
James Carinichael.

Dr Daniel Rutherford, Secretary.
Since Martinmas 1785 to Martinmas

Dr Nathaniel Spence, Treasurer: 1786 inclusive, there have arrived at

Dr James Hamilton, Librarian. Leith 18.44 vetiels; by which it appears Dr Thomas Gillespie, Fiscal; and that there is an increase of 159 arrivals Mr Robt. Boswell, wrimore than the preceding year. The lize of the vessels and the number have also greatly exceeded any former years. ing of the Physical Society, in their hali.

At a numerous and respe table meet- 27. Mr Palmer's plan for, conveying the mails, by poit-coaches, took

on Mond. the 27th, the following gentle

men were elected Presidents for the enplace at Edinburgh. 28. There was a meeting of many

Tuing year : of the Landed Gentlemen of Scotland,

Mr Francis Morrison of the Royal held in the Goldfinith's Hall, for the

Infirmary, purpose of a conversation with a Com

Mr Thomas Renwick of Liverpool, mittee of the Chamber of Commerce

Mr Andrew Carrick of Perthshire, and Manufactures, on the subject of the

George Buchanan, M. B. from BaltiCorn-laws, when Sir James Hunter

more in Maryland; Blair,Bart. was chosen Preses, The meet

Mr Fyfe re-elected Treasurer. ing unanimously agreed to fubcommit, Robert Cragie, Efq; Advocate, is apand accordingly appointed fix or their pointed Sherif-depute of Orkney, in the number, (three consisting of landholders, rooin of Patrick Græme, Efq; deceased. APPENDIX to Vol. IV.



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MARRIAGES.- Nov. 9. Sir James 18. At Glasg. Mr J. Trokes mercht. Hall of Dunglass, Baronet, to Lady 23. Hugo Arnot of Balcormro, Efq; Helen Douglas, daughter to the Earl Advocate ; author of the History of Eof Selkirk.

dinburgh, and other works. 13. At Kerse, Gabriel Gray, Efq; of 23. At Kirkgunzeon, the Rev. Mr Scotston, to Mrs Weir, widow of George William Clarke, minister of that parish. Weir, Esq; of Kirkwood.

23. At Glasgow, Mrs Anne Bucha27. At Port-Glasgow, Mr Humphry nat, relict of Hugh-Sproule Crawford Colquhoun merchant in Glasgow, to of Cowdenhill. Miss Ann Lamont, daughter of the de- 25. At Alva, the seat of Jolin Johnceased Alexander Lamont of Knock- stone, Esq; Dr Ebenezer Macfait, whose dow, Esq.

eminence as a mathematician, and worth 33. At Glasgow, Mr Alexander Bon- as a man, were universally known; his nar banker, to Miss Sarah Maccall, philofophic behaviour throughout lite, daughter of John Maccall Efq; of Bel- and to his last breath, bearing testividere.

mony how deeply he had studied, and BIRTHS. --Nov. 1. Mrs Forbes of how well he imitated his favourité moBlackford, of a son.

del, Plato. 9. The Lady of Henry Drummond, 25. At Glasgow, Mrs Helen WedderEsq; banker in London, of a son. burn, wife of James Finlay of Bog

24 Mrs Macleod of Cadboll, of a son. side, Esq.

DEATHS.- Nov. 2. Thomas Glen, : 26. Mrs Ifobel Davidfon, daughter of Efq; physician in Edinburgh.

the deceased Mr James Davidson of Miss Jean Nisbet, daughter of Sir Haltree. John Nisbet of Dean, Baronet.

26. At Kilmaurs, the Rev. Alex. Gil5. At the Manse of Belhelvie, Mrs dies, minister of that parish. Isabella Syme, spouse to the Rev. Mr 27. At Port Patrick, George CampForsyth.

bell of Airies, Esq. 6. Lieutenant Archibald Rainsay, late At Edinburgh, Mrs Eliz. Scott, in the fervice of the Hon. East India Chefsels's Court. Company

27. Mrs - Helen Monteith, widow of At Écclefmachen, the Rev. Mr John Kennedy, Esq; of Kilkenzie. Charles Wilkie, minister of that parish. 28. At Cumbernauld-Houle, the Right

8. At Kennoway, the Rev. Mr Wil- Hon. Lady Anne Stewart, Dowager of liam Arnot.

Ruthven. 10. Mr Gavin Elliot, mercht. Lond. 28. At Balbairdie, Mrs Magdalen

At Dundee, David Sandieman Marjoribanks, daughter of the deceamerchant.

fed Andrew Marjorivanks, of Marjori12. Thomas Pate, Efq; of Greenbank, banks, late one of the Commissaries of in the county of Renfrew.

Edinburgh. 15. At Kelso, Col. James Dawson, 28. William Wallace, Efq; Advocate, late of the 58th Regiment.

Sheriff-depute of Ayr-shire, and Pro 16. John Home, Efq; of Ninewells. feffor of Scots Latv in the University

Sir James Colquhoun of Lufs, Bart. of Edinburgh.

At Glasgow, Mr J. Young, mercht. 29. At his house in Rothesay, Inc of 16. At Balfron, the Rev. Mr James Buté, in the goth year uf his age, Mitchell


James Bannatyne of Kames, Esq. 17. Dr John Hope, President of the Royal College of Physicians, Professor of Medicine and Botany in the Univer

DECEMBER. sity of Edinburgh, Senior Physician of the Royal Infirmary, and Fellow of the FOREIG N. Conftantinople, Oct. 12. Royal Societies of London and Edin- « The Divan perfifts more and more in burgh..Dr Hope's merit as a Botanist the design they have formed of encouwas eminently conspicuous. Before his raging generously the afts and sciences. filling this chair, the botanical garden They have given orders for a translation of Edinburgh scarce deserved that name. of the Encyclopédia into the Turkih It is now one of the best in Europe, be- language, which is to be let about iming well stocked with curious, rare trees mediately; and, in order to facilitate and plants, which have been raised and this undertaking, for the benefit and brought to maturity under the fofteri instruction of fuch Muffulinen as are ing care of this echinent Professor. lovers of the Belles Lettres, all the



plates in the Paris edition are to be co- my dominions; and the very apprepied. In consequence, all the plates hension of it would be sufficient to dethat could be procured in France and Itroy the pleafure which otherwise I Italy have been bought up. This re- ! fhould derive from an aeroftatic exfolution 'has met with very great diffi- !periment, conducted by the most enculties ; the Mufti has opposed it with lightened mind. For these reasons, I all his might; but, for all that, the ( inust decline the offer you make me ; project of civilizing and enlightening the ! at the same time praying sincerely to nation is vigorously pursued.”

• God, that he may take you under his The Emperor of Germany, who ! protection leaves nothing unattempted to promote

(Signed). WILLIAM.' the commerce of his subjects, has obtained a Settlement on the Black Sea, have fod all the wardrobe of their de

The pages of the late King of Prussia with 'free navigation of the Canal of ceased master for 40ɔ rix-dollars ; but Constantinople into the Mediterranean, the Jews, who purchased it, sold it aa privilege on the success of which the gain for 'four thousand; not owing to greatest advantages are expected. Some ihips have already passed that way, and of the people, who discovered fuch ea

the value, but merely to the enthusiasm a communication between Conftantinople and Vienna, by means of the Da- gerness to possess a relic of that monube, is likewise in contemplation.

narch, that an old lady gave two hun

dred rix-dollars for a pair of breeches. The following is a translation of two His Majesty had but eleven shirts, at letters, the one from the Emperor, the least no greater number was found aother from the King of Pruffia, to Mr mong his linen. Planchard, who had folicited permission Paris, Nov. 9. Great hopes are enof those Sovereigns to make aeroftatic tertained that the diffentions in Holland experiments in their dominions : will subside of themselves, that each

I received your letter, Mr Blan- party having gone too far, as is conchard. By various experiments made ftantly the case, will give way; and in different places, you have fo fully that the attempt will succeed of congratified the curiosity of all those who ciliating the rights of the sovereign with were your spectators, that there re- the prerogatives of the Stadtholdership, mains no doubt of your success. But notwithstanding the pretensions set up it is not until, by your scientific ac- by the Provinces of governing themquirements and repeated experiments, selyes as they lift, and fedtling all difs you shall have found out a method by ferences in their own way, and the poinwhich you can render those travels, pous declarations of some of them on

which you denominate aerostatic, use this subject. This consummation will . ful, that you can afford me any plea- be the work of the negociations and • sure in coming to Vienna to instruct influence of the French and Prussian

me on the subject. In the mean time, courts. • I remain yours affectionately,

The French court tave gone into (Signed) JOSEPH mourning for eleven days, in compliVienna, Nov. 2. 1786

ment to the British court, for the

Princess Amelia. Letter from the King of PRUSSIA.

"I am obliged to you, Mr Blanchard, ENGLAND. London, Nov. 13. The ' for the offer which you make me in following account, by a gentleman

your letter of the 23d of October ; lately arrived from the East Indies, con• and if I decline accepting it, it is ra

tains a fuller relation of the loss of the 'ther on account of the interest I feel Cato, than those which have already

in your preservation, than for any o- appeared in the Calcutta and Madras • ther cause. Notwithstanding all the papers :-" In the beginning of the pre' confidence which might be reposed in fent year, fome rumours that had been

your expertness and genius, the at- for some time in circulation concerning

tempts which you make are so peri- the Cato, were confirmed by the arri'lous, as by no means to secure you val of a French pacquet boat at Cey! entirely from the fear of possible dif- lon; the crew of which related, that a ' after. I should be most sensibly affer- Maldive * boat put off to them to bar(ted if such an event should happen in ter cocoa nuts for brandy; and that

The Maldi via islands are a cluster of low isands in the Indian ocean, about 500 miles on this side the island of Ceylon.

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one of the officers perceiving a pistol in fhal of the Court of King's Bench, unthe hand of the chief of the Maldive til sufficient and proper securities could vesel, desired to examine it. Percei- be found. ving it to be uncominonly well mount- A brilliant and high-finihed picture ed, he inquired how they came by it; of the French King, fet in diamonds, when they informed him by means of a has been presented by Mr Eden to his Moorith interpreter, who spoke toler- Majesty at St James's. He received it able Englihh ; that an English man of from the French King himself, in order Tar had some time before been cast a- to deliver it in person to the British way on one of the islands named Santa Sovereign, as a commemoration of the Maria, and that the faitors wanted to promised 'amity between both potentake their wives and their daughters tates, in consequence of the ligning of from then ; whereupon the king re- the commercial treaty. bolved that they should die, and accord- The Bishop of Osnaburgh's trustees, ingly he artfully prevailed on them to during his minority, niade a faving out remove to another jlland, pretending of the revenues of his bishopric in Gerthat he was uneasy at having so many many, of 194,000). sterling, which sum Strangers near him. This propoal met has been fince transferred over to him. the approbation of the Cato's officers The Duke of Bedford's trustees, during and crew, and particularly as they der his minority, have increased the rental pended upon being furnished with a of his estates in Middlesex upwards-of Maldive vellel, of burtica sufficient to , 70901. per annum; and those in Bedfordcarry them to one of the nearest Enge' Mire, &c. about 40001.. per annum ; lith fectiements. Upon the cretv's be- the personal favings are also rated at ing arrived on this island, a number of 390,000 1, natives from the diferent islands, who - 29. At a general meeting of the fuba had been treacheroudly concealed in a

foribers to the design of paying a public large cave, rushed upon the unhappy grateful tribute to the character of Mr English, armed with European and 6- Howard, held at the Crown and Anther weapons ; and having overpowered chor tavern in the Strand, Mr Alderthem, threw them from a rocky pre

man Boydell in the chair, Resolved, cipice into a deep cavern; and those That as there is a great difference bewho were not killed by the fall, were

tween the request of an individual and erushed by heavy stones thrown on them. that of a community, there is room to The account further stated, that moft hope Mr Howard may, upon due conof the Cato's company were drownod fideration, overcome the repugnance, when the ship was wrecked; as the testified in letters to several of his number who escaped did not amount to friends (and by them communicated to more than 140.--It is fuppofed that this the ineeting) to the objects proposed by unhappy event took place in February this fubfcription, and confent that a 1783.

grateful coinmurity may, by erecting 21. At the Bank 471,000 1. 3 per a batue to him, do itself the honour of cent. lock has been transferred on acu mewing that it is not unwortlıy of such count of tie Landgrave .of Heffe ; fa a member. much being due on Heft:an foldiers loit The following is the total ordinary in the American war, at 30 1. a man. of the navy, as made up to the 39th

5 28. Andrew Robinson Bowes, E!g; of November, and delivered into the was brought, in custody of Mr Ridge- Admiralty. way the tipstaff, and two other oficers, At Plymouth.Thirty-eight hips of into the Court of King's Bench, which the line from 110 guns to 64 guns, two from curiosity, was extremely crouded. of 50 grins, twelve frigates froni 44 As foon as Mr Bowes was seated, the to 24 guns, and four floop'. articles of peace exhibited a few days At Portf1970:1th.--Forty-fix hips of the hack by Lady Strathmore were again line from 54 to 108 guns, one of 50 read. Mr Claimbre, Counsel for Mr guns, twenty-nine frigates from 26 to Bowes, declared, he was apprised of the 44 guns each, and eight loops. rocognizances in which Mr Bowes was At Chatham.--Thirty-five fhips of the to enter for a breach of the peace, but line from 90 to 64 guns, eight of so guns, as he had been in town but a very few twenty-one frigates from 44 to 26 guns, hours it was impossible he could be pre- and eleven loops or cụtters. pared with such security. Bowes Ai Sheeriiefs.-Seven ships of the line tras taken into the custody of the War of 14 and 64 guns, twelve frigates frora



one cutter.

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Experiments on Lord Dundonald's Coal Tar.

485 38 to 28 guns, five floops and four cut- communicating to that noble pile of,

building, which fortunately was effects At Woolwich.-One ship of 74 guns, ed. ene of 50 guns, twenty frigates from Miles Halhead and Daniel Davoren, 44 to 24 guns, twelve floops and two soldiers in the 56th regiment, were, cutters.

tried before the Court of Justiciary for At Deptford.-Nineteen frigates from street and highway robbery.. The jury. 26 to 44 guns each, thirteen sloops and returned a verdic, finding Daniel Da

voren guilty.; but finding the libel not In all, at the several ordinaries, one proven against Miles Halhead. The hundred and twenty-seven ships of the former was condemned to be hanged on line, twelve of 5) guns, one hundred and the 17th of January, and the latter was, thirteen frigates, and 60 noops. afloilzied, and dismissed from the bar..

SCOTLAND. Edinburgh, Dec. 4. Thomas Rider, an accomplice, was adCame on before the Court of Justiciary, mitted as an evidence. the trial of an eminent Distiller, for

The Royal Medical Society have e.. the crime of bribing, or attempting to lected, as their Coinmitee for publicabribe the Solicitor of Excise, by thruf- tion, the following gentlemen :--From ting into his pocket a paper parcel con

the Royal College of Physicians, Drs taining five hundred pounds in Bank- black, Rutherford, and Henry Cullen;

from the College of Surgeons, Mes., notes, with the following words wrote on the inside of the cover, “ This to be Bell, Hay, and Russel; from their or

repeated once a year." Next day the dinary members, Mel: M‘Kenna, Tay. Jury, which consisted partly of country wife made choice of Dr John Brown and

lor, Gerard, and M‘Laurin; and likegentlemen, and partly of citizens of Edinburgh, returned their verdict in Mr Fife for their Secretaries. the following words, “ They all in one

By a letter from Holland, we are in* voice find the delivery of L. 500 pro- formed of the fuccefs of fome experi

ven; but do not find the intention ments made to ascertain the efficacy of " of seducing and corrupting proven.”

Lord Dundonald's Coal-tar against the

Early in The pannel was therefore affoilzieď ravages of the sea worm. fimpliciter, and dismifled from the bar: the Summer 1785, piles of wood cover- 2. Came on the election of the into the sea at such places as are known

ed with this tar made hot, were driven Annual Presidents of the Royal Medical to be remarkable for abounding with Society, when the following gentlemen

In September last, they were, were chosen :

taken up, and not the loaft appearance Dr Edmund Goodwyn,

of the worm could be traced; while Mr William Alexander,

other piles that had been covered with Mr James Mackintosh, Mr John Haslam.

cominon tar, and with white lead and

oil, were found very foul with veeds 7. The Natural History Society and barnacles, and inuch affected by made choice of the following gentle- the worm. The valuable discovery of men as officers for the ensuing year : Prof. John Walker, Honorary Presid. be a great advantage to this country.

extracting tar from coals promises to Meff. John Heath,

Mr Whitworth has given in two plans
James Mackintosh,
John Haslam,

Presidents, to the Magistrates for enlarging the
Thomas Smith,

harbour of Leith, which for some years,

paft has been found inadequate to conJames Cunningham, Treasurer, Charles Stewart, Secretary.

tain the shipping. The first is, to make

a wet bafon in the low grounds to the 12. A fire broke out in Bess-wynd south of Leith Mills, between the Boat the back of the Parliament House. nington road and the river, which wonld Before it was got under, it entirely conveniently hold one hundred and consumed three teneinents, and dama- twenty fail of shipping; the expence of ged several others. Being so near the this, with deepening the bed of the ris Parliament house, where the principal ver, purchasing the grounds, erecting a records of the kingdom are deposited, lock, &c. Mr Whitworth estimates at and where also the invaluable library 14,134 1. 45. 5 d. The second plan is, belonging to the Faculty of Advocates to make either a wet or dry bafon upon is kept; every precaution was natu- the sands of North Leith, the expence rally used to prevent the fames from of wrich he estimates at 19, 9871. 75.


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