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c Whosoever will save his Life shall lose it: but whosoever will lose his Life for Christ's Sake and the Gospel's, the same shall fave it. For what is a Man advantaged if he gain the whole World, and lose himself, or be cast away?

{ There is no Man that hath left House, or Parents, or Brethren, or Wife, or Children, for the Kingdom of God's Sake, who shall not receive manifold more in this present Time, and in the World to come Life everlasting.


8: Build up yourselves on your most Iu general.

holy Faith. Take heed, Brethren, left there be in any of you an evil Heart of Unbelief in departing from the living God.

Wherefore do ye spend your Labour for that which fatisfieth not? Ye are careful and troubled about many Things, but one Thing is needful; therefore take. Care of that good Part which shall not be taken away from you.

k Labour not for the Meat which perisheth; but for that Meat which endureth unto everlasting Life.

Be not righteous over-much; neither make thyself over-wile; why shouldest thou destroy thyself?

in Sorrow is better than Laughter; for by the Sadness of the Countenance the Heart is made better.

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* As new-born Babes desire the fincere Milk of the Word, that ye

By Knowledge. may grow thereby.

• Be ye not unwise, but understanding what the Will of the Lord is ; that ye may be ready always to give an Answer to every Man that asketh you a Reason of the Hope that is in you.

p Take fast hold of Instruction ; attend to the Words of Wisdom : keep them in the midst of thine Heart: Then shalt thou understand Righteousness, and Judgment, and Equity; yea, every good Path.

9 Apply thine Heart to know, and to search, and to seek out Wifdom and the Reafon of Things ; and to know the Wickedness of Folly, even of Foolishnefs and Madness. So shalt thou behave thyself wisely in all thy Ways.

Inquire, I pray thee, of the former Age, and prepare thyself to the Search of their Fathers: Shall not they teach thee, and tell thee, and utter Words out of their Heart?

Acquaint now thyself with the Almighty. Then thalt thou have thy Delight in him; and the Light shall shine upon thy Ways.

+ The Works of the Lord are great, found out of all them that have Pleasure therein.

u Be wise unto that which is Good, and simple concerning Evil. Be ye wise as Serpents, and harmless as Doves.


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w Give Attendance to Reading, to Exhortation, to Doctrine. If any Man have Ears to hear, let him hear.

* Take heed what ye hear. Unto you that hear thall more be given: For he that hath, to him Thall be given; and him that hath not, from him thall be taken away even that which he hath.

y Believe not every Spirit; but try the Spirits, whether they are of God: because many false Prophets are gone out into the World.

Prove all Things; choose the Way of Truth; hold fast that which is good.

· Be not carried about with divers and strange Doctrines; for it is a good Thing that the Heart be established with Grace.

• Be not foon fhaken in Mind or troubled, neither by Spirit nor by Word, as that the Day of Christ is at hand. It is not for you' to know the Times or the Seasons, which the Father hath put in his own Power.

cDo not exercise thyself in great Matters, or in Things too high for thee.

d That the Soul be without Knowledge, it is not good; for Wisdom is profitable to direct.

• The Simple believeth every Word; but the prudent Man looketh well to his Going.

* When Wisdom entereth into thine Heart, and Knowledge is pleasant unto thy Soul; Discretion shall preserve thee, Understanding shall keep thee.

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& If, thou be wise, thou shalt be wise for thyself.

h Wisdom is a Defence, and Money is a Defence; but the Excellency of Knowledge is, that Wisdoin giveth Life to them that have it.

i The Way of Life is above to the Wife; that he may depart from Hell beneath.

k Thy Word, O Lord, is a Lamp unto my Feet, and a Light unto my Path; the Entrance of thy Words giveth Light.

| Fools make a Mock at Sin; but a Man of Understanding walketh uprightly.

m-The Foolishness of Man perverteth his Way, and his Heart fretteth against the Lord.

* He that refuseth Instruction, despiseth his own Soul; but he is in the Way of Life that keepeth Instruction.

• He that believeth not in the Name of the only begotten Son of God, is condemned already. And this is the Condemnation, that Light is come into the World, and Men love Darknefs rather than Light, because their Deeds are evil.

P Wo unto thein that call Evil Good, and Good Evil ; that put Darkness for Light, and Light for Darkness; that put Bitter for Sweet, and Sweet for Bitter.

9 Happy is he that condemneth not himself in that Thing which he alloweth. For whatfuever is not of Faith iś Sin.

The Children of this World are in their Gem



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neration wiser than the Children of Light. But the Wisdom of this World cometh to nought.

• They are wise to do Evil, but to do Good they have no Knowledge. Lo! they have rejected the Word of the Lord; and what Wisdom is in them?

· Take heed unto thyself and unto Meditation.

thy Doctrine ; continue in them; meditate upon these Things ; give thyself wholly to them ; that thy profiting may appear unto all.

u Consider thy Ways ; ponder the Path of thy Feet; and let thy Ways be established.

* We ought to give earnest heed to the Things which we have heard, lest at any Time we should let them flip

* Remember now thy Creator in the Days of ihy Youth; while the evil Days come not, nor the Years draw nigh, when thou shalt say, I have no Pleasure in them.

y Know this Day, and consider it in thine Heart, that the Lord he is God. Stand still and regard the wondrous Works of God, and the Operations of his Hands; and wisely consider of his Doing.

z Look unto the Heavens, and fee and behold the Clouds, which are higher than thou. Lift up thine Eyes on high, and behold who hath created these Things.

a Remember the marvellous Works, which the Lord hath done, his Wonders, and the Judgments

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