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1.-1. TRANSACTIONS of the Institution of Civil Engineers,

1836 to 1842. 3 vols. 4to., Plates. 1842.

2. Minutes of Proceedings of the Institution of Civil

Engineers, 1837 to 1857. 8vo., Plates. Edited by

Charles Manby, F.R.S., C.E., Secretary of the Insti-


3. Account of the Formation of the Railway over Chat

Moss, 1826-30. By John Dixon, C.E. (MS.) . 1

II.—The Historic Peerage of England ; exhibiting under

Alphabetical Arrangement the Origin, Descent, and

Present State of every Title of Peerage which has

existed in this Country since the Conquest. Being

a New Edition of the Synopsis of the Peerage of

England,' by the late Sir Harris Nicolas, G.C.M.G.

Revised, corrected, and continued to the present time by

William Courthope, Esq., 'Somerset Herald.' London.


- 28

III.-1. The Miscellaneous Works of Tobias Smollett. Com-

plete in 1 vol. London, 1856.

2. Roderick Random, -Peregrine Pickle, -and Humphrey

Clinker. New Editions. London, 1857 -


IV.-1. Ancient Wiltshire. By Sir R, C. Hoare. London,

1812-19. Folio.

2. Modern Wiltshire, By Sir R. C. Hoare. London,


3. Aubrey's Collections for Wilts. London, 1821.

4. Magazine of the Wiltshire Archæological Society.

Nos. 1-12.

5. Handbook for Travellers in Wiltshire, Dorset, and

Somerset. 1856


1.-1. Report of the Committee of the Lower House of Con-

vocation on Home and Foreign Missions. July, 1857.

2. Report of the Committee of the Upper House of Con-

vocation appointed to consider and report on the most

desirable Modes of making fresh Exertions for sustaining

and extending the Missionary Efforts of the Church,

both at Home and Abroad.' July, 1857.

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3. The Duties of the Deacons and Priests of the Church

of England compared. By Wm. Hale Hale, Arch-

deacon of London. 1853.

4. Charge addressed to the Clergy of the Archdeaconry

of London. By W. H. Hale, Archdeacon of London.


5. On Religious Restoration in England: a Series of

Sermons. By Chr. Wordsworth, D.D. 1854 - 139

VI.-An Essay on the Beneficent Distribution of the Sense of

Pain. By G. A. Rowell, Honorary Member of the

Ashmolean Society and Assistant Underkeeper of the

Ashmolean Museum. Oxford, 1857 -

- 180

VII.-1. General Statement of the Past and Present Condition

of the several Manufacturing Branches of the War

Department, as called for by a Letter dated 8th May,

1856, presented to both Houses of Parliament by Her

Majesty's Command. By John Anderson, Inspector

of Machinery.

2. Fourth Report from the Select Committee on the

Army before Sebastopol, with the Minutes of Evidence

and Appendix. 1855.

3. Report from the Select Committee on Contracts for

Public Departments, together with the Proceedings of

the Committee, Minutes of Evidence, and Appendix

and Index. 1856.

4. The Handbook for Travellers in Kent, Surrey, Sussex,

and Hampshire, including the Isle of Wight. 1858.

5. On the Government Factory, Waltham Abbey. By

Major Baddeley, Royal Artillery. 1857 -

- 218

VIII.-1. The Sepoy Revolt: its Causes and Consequences.

By Henry Mead. London, 1857.

2. India and Europe compared. By Lieut.-General John

Briggs, E.I.C.S. London, 1857.


3. The Indian Mutinies: a Speech delivered at Wimborne,

Dorset. By the Earl of Shaftesbury. London, 1857.

4. The Rise of our Indian Empire. By Lord Mahon

(now Earl Stanhope). Being the History of British

India, from its origin till the Peace of 1783. London,


5. Sendschreiben an Lord W., über den Militair-Aufstand

in Indien, seine Ursachen, und seine Folge. [Epistle

to Lord W. on the Mutiny of India, its Causes and

Consequences.] By Leopold von Orlïch -


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1.-1. Letters of James Boswell, addressed to the Rev. W. J.

Temple. Now first published from the Original MSS.

With an Introduction and Notes. I vol., 8vo. London,


2. Boswelliana. Edited for the Philobiblon Society. By

Richard Monckton Milnes. 4to. London, 1856.

3. Boswell's Life of Johnson. Edited by the Right

Honourable John Wilson Croker. 1 vol., imperial

London, 1847

- 279

II.-1. Scènes de la Vie de Bohème. Par Henry Mürger.

Paris, 1854.

2. Les Buveurs d'Eau. Par Henry Mürger. Paris,


3. Les Aventures de Mademoiselle Mariette. Par Champ-

fleury. Paris, 1857.

4. Friends of Bohemia ; or Phases of London Life. 2 vols.

By E. M. Whitty. London, 1857 -


III.-Six Months in Italy. By George Stillman Hillard.

London, 1853


IV.-1. Journal of the Royal Agricultural Society of England.

Vols. I. to XVIII.

2. Gisborne's Essays on Agriculture. London, 1854.

3. Journal d'Agriculture Pratique. Paris, 1857.

4. The Smithfield Club: a Condensed History of its Origin

and Progress. By B. T. Brandreth Gibbs, Honorary

Secretary of the Club. London, 1857.

5. Journal of the Society of Arts, Vol. VI., No. 264:

On the Progress of the Agricultural Implement

Trade,' by S. Sidney.

6. Report on the Metropolitan Market, for the French

Minister of Agriculture. By Mr. Robert Morgan.



V.-1. The Life of Michael Angelo Buonarroti, with Trans-

lations of many of his Poems and Letters. By John

S. Harford, Esq., D.C.L., F.R.S. In 2 vols. London,


2. Illustrations, Architectural and Pictorial, of the Genius

of Michael Angelo Buonarroti. With Descriptions of

the Plates by the Commendatore Canina, C. R. Cock-

erell, Esq., R.A., and John S. Harford, Esq., F.R.S. 436

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