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Ratified at the Election held on the second day of November, 1875.

CONCURRENT RESOLUTION to insert in the Constitution, three several Amendments thereto, adopted by the People, at a general election held on the 2d day of November, 1875.

WHEREAS, It appears by the report of a Joint Select. Committee of the Legislature, appointed at the present session, that the three several Amendments of the Constitution, submitted in pursuance of Article XII. of the Constitution, were adopted at the general election held on the (2d) second day of November, in the year of our Lord eighteen hundred and seventy-five: Therefore,

Be it Resolved by the House of Representatives (the Senate concurring,) That the said several Amendments be, and the same hereby are inserted in, and henceforth form a part of the Constitution of this State, adopted in Convention, the fifteenth day of May, Anno Domini, eighteen hundred and sixty-eight, and ratified by the people the first day of December, Anno Domini, eighteen hundred and sixty-nine.


Add to Section five, Article twelve the following: Nor shall the State assume, redeem, secure, or pay any [any] indebtedness or pretended indebtedness claimed to be due by the State of Mississippi, to any person, association or corporation whatsoever, claiming the same



as owners, holders, or assignees of any bond or bonds, now generally known as. Union Bank Bonds, or Planters' Bank Bonds.


Section S Article eight, amended as follows: All proceeds of lands now, or hereafter vested in this State by escheat or purchase for forfeiture for taxes, and the clear proceeds of all fines collected in the several counties for any breach of the penal laws, and all moneys received for licenses granted under the laws of the State, for the sale of intoxicating liquors or keeping of dram shops, shall be collected in legal currency of the United States, and to be paid into the Treasury, to be distributed pro rata among the educable children of the State, in the manner provided for by law.


As a substitute for the Seventeenth Section of the Sixth Article of the Constitution, read the following, to-wit: The Legislature shall divide the State into a convenient number of Chancery Districts. Chancellors shall be appointed in the same manner as the Judges of the Circuit Courts. Their qualifications shall be regulated by law, and they shall hold their office for the term of four years. They shall hold a Court in each County, at least twice in each year, and shall receive such compensation as may be provided by law.

Be it further Resolved, That this resolution take effect and be in force from and after its passage.


Passed the House of Representatives, January 11th, H. M. STREET, Speaker of the House.

Passed the Senate, January 18, 1876.

J. M. STONE, President of the Senate.

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AN ACT for the relief of the Tax-Payers of the State, and for other purposes.

SECTION 1. Be it enacted by the Legislature Time extendof the State of Mississippi, That Tax Collec. ed. tors are hereby authorized and required to continue to collect and receive the taxes for the fiscal year 1875, without costs or damages, until the second Monday in February, 1876; and no damages for failure to pay such taxes within the time prescribed by law, shall be required of any tax-payer; and if any such damages shall have been collected by any Tax Collector, he shall refund the same to the tax-payer upon demand; Provided, Such damages have not, before demand, been paid into the State or County Treasury.

SEC. 2. Be it further enacted, That after the How adversecond Monday in February, 1876, the Tax Col- tised. lector shall advertise all lands delinquent for taxes for the fiscal year 1875, as required in Section 1697, of the Revised Code of 1871, with the following exceptions, viz: That two insertions of such advertisement in a newspaper, or two weeks notice by posting, shall be legal notice, and only the total tax due shall be spe

How lands


cified, and not the State and County tax separ ately. And on the second Monday in March, 1876, if the taxes shall remain unpaid, and no sufficient personal property can be found on which to levy the same, the Collector shall proceed to sell the said land in the manner prescribed in the Section of the Code aforesaid; Provided, That lands that have been heretofore advertised and sold according to law for the taxes delinquent for 1875, shall not again be sold under the provisions of this Act, unless specially directed by law.

SEC. 3. Be it further enacted, That the owner may be re- or any person interested in said lands, sold under the provisions of this Act, or which have been heretofore sold for taxes of 1875, may redeem the same at any time before the first Monday in January, 1877, by paying the amount for which such lands were sold, with interest, at the rate of twenty-five per cent. per annum from the first Monday in January, 1876, and all costs and charges thereon, and by complying with any additional requirements hereafter enacted by the Legislature; Provided, That where lands shall have been sold to the State for taxes on the first Monday in January, 1876, and days following, the owner or any person interested in said lands may redeem the same at any time before the second Monday in March, 1876, by paying the amount of taxes due on said lands, and all costs and charges without interest.

Where no fees allowed.

Lists to be sworn to.

SEC. 4. Be it further enacted, That Tax Collectors shall receive the fees now allowed by law, for all tax deeds executed to individual purchasers at tax sales, but no fee shall be allowed for deeds made to the State for the year 1875, or any future year; nor for advertising lands forfeited to the State; nor shall any allowance be made to any Tax Collector for taxes on State lands, except upon such as the taxes have not been paid, a list of which shall be made out and sworn to before the Chancery Clerk of the county in which said lands lie; and the Auditor of Public Accounts is prohib

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