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eory of the address to the Courtney Mr. bis speech in re. fkine's motion for an ad.
King ibid. his Majelly's ply to · Mr. Flood on the dress not to diffolve Par.
answer 337. expeltion of third reading of the India liament

Mr. Atkinson ibid. Mr. bill 455. on the ordnance Duisb Minifters, their report
Fox's India bill 338. re- eftimates

465 to their High Mightineifes
ceipt fax 409, 419. navy c. Courts Martial, crials betore, previou's to their figning
ft mates and smuggling ibid. Lieut. Col. Cockburne for the Preliminary Treaty 164
first reading of

the firtt the loss of St. Evitatius 2. Durcb Navy, refoluijon of the
India bill 410. Imuggling his defence 'and witnesses States respecting it 106
414, 416. Mr. Aikinson's 112. his Majesty's approba. Durcb, Preliminary Treaty
expulsion 415. Eait India sion of the sentence 119. with

Director's petition 416. se- twelve feamen on board the Dulcb thips of war, lift of those
cond India bill 417. fepa- Raisonable for mutiny 72. taken by Great Britanga,
ration of the English and Lievt. Col. Wall on sundry 368. dettroyed

Irisb port offices 418. 443. charges against him toi.

debate on the motion for

King of France's order for E Arthquake, account of one
commitment of first lodia holding one on the Count felt in Cornwall and
Sill 419, 43;. in the com- de Graite

179 Devon 183. terrible one at
mittee 441. Mr. Atkinfon Coventry Earl of, his speech the hand of Formosa in
expelled 443. . receipt tax

on the india bill


China 184. Sir William
toid. réport of the com-


Hamilton's account of those
micrec on the India bill 444: Dallas Mr. his speech in in Calabria, Scilly, &c.
third reading of India bill the India House on the 296. violent one at Salonica
445. army estimates 461. motion of thanks to Gover-

Volunteers of Ireland 462.. nor Hastings 379 East India bill, propofed by
ordoance estimates 464. Mr. Darimouth Eaft Indiaman, aca Mr. Fox, substance of it
Baker's two motion 477. count of her lofs

74 376. division on the propo-
Mr. Erskine's morion 480. Davenpuri Sir Thomas, his fition' in the House of Com-
change of Ministry 481. motion for the proceedings mons 399. debate on the
question of adjournment of the Court of King's firit reading of the bill for
ibid. Earl Temple's relig. Bench against Mr. Aikin- appointing commitñoners
nation 483. land tax bill fon 337. further motion refa 410. second bill brought in
ibid. ftate of the nation, peeting it

415 417. debate on the commit-
484. addrels against diffolv- Dempfler Mr. bis opinion rrr. ment of the firtt bull 419.
ing the Parliament 493. bis peating the ladia buliness divitions in botis Houses on
Majesty's answer 494. In.

434 it 403. Prers who voted for
dia directors not to be per- Derby Lord, his speeches on and again it it 404. blanks
mitted to accept bills 496. Lord Shelburne's motions in the firit filled up by the

Duchy of Lancarter 496. on the loan 145, 147. on Committee 44 5. regulations
Commons House of, alterations the India bill

475 refpecting the conduct of
in fince the general election Derry Bishop of, anecdote of the Directors 442. thrown
366. members fitting by de. him

out by the Lords

cifions of Committees 367 Deveaux Col. retakes the Ba- Eeft India Company, state of
Conftantinople, plague there 71, hamas 11. account of him Their debts and credirs laid
159, 160, 289, 313. fitua-

107 before the House of Com.
tion of

258 Dolben Sir William, proposes mons 419. authentic paper
Contracts and Inventories, new salaries for the India com. thewing the means used by
tax on



them for the recovery of
Conway Gen. difTents from Sir Drake Admiral Sir F. s. his their debts in India

G. Howard's opinion res- letter of 'thanks to the Eaf India Dire&ors, their
pecting heavy cavalry 225

Mavor of Poole on being petition to Parliament a.
Cooper Sir Grey, his speech on presented with the freedom gainst Mr. Fox's bill 416

the Prince of Wales's elta- of the corporation 95 East Indies, advices from 71,
blishment 278. on the hug. Duncombe Mr. feconds Mr. 73. homeward bound thips
gling trade 414. on the East Pitt's motion for a reform there 73. liatives attack the
India bili

in Parliament


Damith fettlement of Tran.
Coole Sir Eyre, communicates Dundas Mr. Henry,(lare Lord quebar 74. loss of the Dart-

the King's thanks to his Advocate of Scotland) moves mouth on the Inand of Car
army 75. his arrival at Ma-

his bill for the better regu. Nicabar 74. Sir Eyre Coote
dras and death

383 lation of the government of communicates the King's
Corfe Castle in Dorsettire, India 56. moves the exten- thanks to the army there
description of

16 fion of Sir Thomas Rum. 75. motions of the French
Corke, exports from 110 bold's reftraining bill 216, fleet and Admiral Hughes's
Cotton and linen manufacture, 22). speech on the India bili ibid. manæuvres and escape

resolutions in the House of 439. defends his India bill of of the Hawke 76. defeat of
Commons respecting them Jait year 453. motion of ad. Tippo Saib 232. state of the
277 journment 485. on Mr. Er. fleet there ibid. Dutch 54




gun nip taken 23;. success Exeter, address of the inhabi- forty four millions 293. Oft
of Gen. Maithews'ibid. in. cants of, to the King 395 the address ou the hing's
furrection on Hyder Ally's


speech 330. spe ch and me-
death 2 34. thips to fail from F4vette Marquis de la, bis tion on India affairs 3:8.
before Chritmas 344. ad- letter to Gen. Clinton 97 urges the necefiity of his lo-
vices from communicated to Ferguson Sir Adam, his speech dia bills being expedired 413.
The Court of Proprietors 381. on the Loyalilis petition brings in his second India
advices from published by 276. moves for money to bill 417. pledges nimself to
the Committee 383. Lon- Committee Clerks

291 make objections to the East
don Gazette intelligence of Firewilliam Eailot, his speech India Company's ftatement
the operations in 384. news on the India bi!!

471 of their accounts 419. bis obe
of peace arrives there 339 Fierchen Sir Henry, his speech jeétions to arsicles in them
East India House, Court of on Mr. Dundas's bill for re- to the amount of twelve mil. :

Proprietors vore thanks to gulating the government of lious 421. his reasons for
Governor Hartings 377. de- India 58. his motion for a propofing and i upporting his
bate there on Mr. Fox's 19. bill of indemnity to the India bills 426. an Rwers ob-
dia bill 381. Their petition East IndiaCompany 64. his jections agaidit them 43$.
to the House of Commons Speech in the India Honle his fevere reprimand to Mr.
againit the bill 382. tv the on the motion for thaoks 10

Pitt 440. names the India
Houte of Lords 461 . Governor Hastings 379. in Commissioners 441. answers
Eden Mr. his speeches on the

the House of Commous on Mr. Huflry's objections to
American trade-bull 51, 61, Mr. Fox's lodia bill 412 the India Commitioners be-

62 Flood Mr. brand dispute be- ing Members of Parliament
Klingbam Lord, his fpeech on tueen, him and Mr. Grattan ibid. proposes that such of
the India bili

469 in the Irish House of Com- the Directors as are at pre-
Eliott Gen, his lerter on being mons 347. bis defence of fent Members may remain
invetted with the Order of himself to the House 355.

444. replies to the observa-
the Bath 1. to the town

account of his being appre- tions of Mr. Powys 450.
clerk of Southampton on

hended ibid. anedores of him his speech on the rumours
being presented with the ibid. his motion for reduce refpe&ting secret intluence
trecuum of the Corporation ing the army 358. bis speech 479. on Mr. Duodas's mo-
96. to the Secretary of the in the British House of tion for the House meeting
Society of Arts on being, Commons on the third read. on a Saturday 482, on Mr.
elected a Vice President ibid. ing the India bill 454. bis Temple's relignarion 483.
penfion voted him by Par- Iprech on the army eitimates, on the land tax bill ibid. on
liament 286. anecdotes of and attempt to introduce a Mr. Erfkine's motion for an


debite on the Irish Volun. address not to diffolve Par.
Emprejs of Ruflia's full powers teci's

462 liament 483, 489. on Sis
to her Ambassadors for me. Formosa Iland of, in China Majesty's answer to that ad.
diating a peace between account of the dreadful dir- dress

France and Great Britain

after at

184 France and Bourbon Itles of in
252 Fox Mr. Secretary, his speech the Eatt Indies, their proa
Emperor of Germany's full on the American trade bill duce

powers to his Ambasador 48, 50, 65, 66. Answers France, Definitive Treaty with
jor mediating a peace be- Com. Johnstone's queries 244. feparate articles 248.
tween France and Great 51. fpeech on the loan 64. declaration of respecting


on Melirs. Powelland Bem- commerce annexed to the
England, Lord Sheffield's ac- . bridge 143. on Mr. Pitt's

treaty 249. full powers of
covut of the goods exported, plau of refurin 156. his let. to their Minifter 241
from and imported into from ters to the Lord Mavor on Frazer Mr. his speech on the
1778 to 1780

the signing the Definitive book of forty four millions
Erfkınc Col. recompence pro-
Treaties 163. his manage-

pored in the Houfe of Com. ment of the negotiation French Bank, failure of 318
mons to the Swiss ofiicers with the Dutch 167. pre- Fronch fieet in the Eait Indies,

lents the American Trade list of their killed and
Erskine Mr. his speeches on bill to the House of Lords wounded in the dation off
Mr. Fox's India bill 413, 185. (peech on the bill for. Trincamale

430. moves a resolution a.

prevening expences at elec. French Ships of war, lift of
gainit diffolving the Par. tions 22 3. on the army es. thote taken by Great Bri-
Jiament 480. his speech on timates 225. on Mr. Pitt's tain 99, 367. dettroyed 91
the fate of the nation and reform in the Treasury, &c. French Treasury at Wil.
for an address to the King 269, 287. on the Loyalists - mington, account oi the rob.
jot to diffolve the Parlia. petition 276. on the Prince bing it

of Wales's eltablishment

Zjwick Mr. complains of Mr. 278. on the Tellership pro- G 1lves General, his letter
Burke's altering the Pay mited to Lord Thurlow to Prince William Henry
Office scíorm bili
283, 289. on the book of 105.



in his corps

286, 294




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Ga:ettes, London, fire at Pe. Gordyn Lord Adarn, his (peech ference of heavy to light

teriburgh 70. letter from on the half pay to Provina cavalry, and proposal for a
Gen. Eliott 71. plague at

cial Corps


further provifion for fer-
Conftantinople ibid.° 159, Gorver Earl of, his speech on jeants 224. 1peech on the
160, 239, 313. renewal of the India bill

471. Loyalitts petition 276. on
treaties with the Emperor Gruniley Lord, his speich on the half pay to Provincial
of Morocco ibid. advices the India bili


from the East Indies ibid. Gratian Mr. grand dispute Hulley Mr. his speech on the
violent thunder storm in btween him and Mr. Flood navy estimates 409. his car-
Germany ibid. plague in the in the Irish House of Com. did lintiments on the India
Crimea ibid. recapture of

mons 347. account of his bills 430. obiects to the lo-
the Bahamas 158. procla. being apprehended 355.

dia Commillioners being
mation for diffolving the l. Graves Capt. Thomas, ac-

Members of Parliament
rith Parliament and calling
count of him

441. infifts on bringing up
a new one 159. delivery of Grenville Mr. W. his fpeech

a claur. for that purpose
the Queen ibid. provilional on che hali pay to provine 414. Ipeech on the ordoance
treaty with America ratie cial corp's 282. on the book eftimates

fied 160. preliminarirs with of forty four millions 293.

the Dutch and definitive

treaties ligned 163. Russian 410. on the rumours of le- the conduct of Sir R. Bic.
Manifefto againft the Turks crer influence 479. announ- kerton

234. new itland rofe out of ces Lord Temple’s retigna- Iceland, account of a new ii.
the fea near Iceland 237,

land formed iâ the neigh-
240. prorogation of Parlia-


bourhood of 237, 240
ment 2 37. embargo on pro- H.Anilton Mr. a new Mem. Indians, in America, their 'o-
vifions iaken off ibid. order ber, his speech in oppofi- pinion of the peace 13.
of Council respecting trade tion to the third reading of Inverness, addrets of the coun-
to America ibid. proclama- the India bill

4+5 ty o., to the King 396
tion for proroguing the Irish Humilton Sir William, his ac- Johnstone Commodore, his quee
Parliament 238. City ad- count of the earthquakes in ries respecting the tranfmita
dress on the Queen's delive- Calabria, communicated to ting the news of peace la
ry ibid. his Majesty's an- the Roval Sowety 296. India 51. speech on M.
Twer ibid. confirmation of Hampden Visc. his Ipeech on Dundas's bill for regulating
the Mahratta peace 239.

the motion for an address the government of India
young Princess christened on the King's treech 324. 57, on the East India in-
ibid. proclamation of peace Hastings Governor, thanks of demnity bill 64, 69. moves
ibid. farther prorogation of ine Court of Proprietors for the minutes of the felect
Parliament 240. coronation of the India Company move India committee 191. speech
day at Dublin 313. Lord ed and voted to him 377. in reply to Mr. Burke's do-

Lieutenant's speech to the extracts from his letter to fence of Powell aud Ben-
· Irith Parliament 314. ad- the Court of Directors in bridge 195. on the City pe-

dress of the Irish House of reply to their charges a. tition against the receipt
Lords to the King 315. of

gamit him 389. his fervices tax 223. on the addiefs old
the Commons 316. of the ftated 391. obfervations on the King's sprech 334. com-
Houfe of Lords to the Lord his letter to the Directors, pliments Mr. Fox on ius
Lieutenant ibid. of the interspersed with authentic candour in the India bus
Commons 317. Proclama. documents


finefs 341. his feech and
tion of peace at Dublin 318. Hawke Indiaman, ber ma- motion 101 the India llovie
operations in India 334. neuvres and escape from a for thanks to Govenor Hai-
news of the peace received superior force

76. tings 377. in the House of
there 389. anniversary of Herries Sir Robert, his speech Commons on the Itate of
the Irish rebellion 394. an-

on the American trade bill the Company's attairs 351.
niversary of the Empress of

6 on Mr. Fox's India bill 411,
Ruffia's coronation 395. ad- Heracy Lord, his letters to 427. on Mr. Erikine's mo-
dress of the county of lover- Lord Howe


tion for an addrets not to
ness to the King'ibid. Lord Hill Sir Richard, his speech diffolve Parliament 454.
Mayor's day ibid. address of on taking away the righe Irish House of Commons, their
the inbabitants of Exeter of compounding for milt address to the King 316. t.
395. order for Baronets 271. humourous one on Mr. the Lord Lieutenant 317.
proving their titles 407. Fox's India bills 428. on debate in on the American
new Ministry

the third reading the bill commercial treaty 34. ou
Gioucester Bishop of, his speech

450. prisoners and fees 346. on
on general refignation bonds Hood Lord, his letter of thanks retrenchment ibid. 363. dir

to the Mayor of Poole on pute between Mr. Flood and
Gordon Col. Cosmo, account receiving the freedom of Mr. Grattan 347. debate no
of his duel with Lt. Col. the corporation


the Portugal trade 313. 01
229. Howard Gen. Sir G. his pre- the Grand Canal 354. oa







the mifapplication of the Kingdoms of Europe, their from Paris respecting the
money voted for raising sea- present annual revenue 108. commercial treaty

men for the navy 354, 363. posulation and revenue of America 181, from Phila.
cotton manufacture at Bal. those united against Britain delphia on the m le: able fi-
briggan 353. Mr. Flood's in the late war

ibid. tuation of the Irish ein-
defence ibid. debate on Mr.


grants 223. from Madras on
Flood's motion for reducing Letters, from D. Wheeler the taking a Dutch 54 gun
the arıny 358. grand com- on the tecapture of the thip 2 33. from Lord Her-
mittee of tupply 36;. great Bahamas st. from Colonel vey at St. Lucia to Lord
majorities in favour of go- Deveaux on the same ibid. Howe 258. from Lord Her-

ibid. from Sir J. Wallace in an- vey in London to the same
Irish House of Lords, their Iwwer to an anonymous para-

ibid. Lord Hervey's expla-
address to the King 315. 10
graph 37. Lieut. Bourne in

patory letter ibid. from the
the Lord Lieutenant 316. answer to Sir James ibid. Duke of Richmond to the
refolve their thanks to the from Moni. Detaudronios Irish Volunteer Committee
Volunteer Corps 317. de- giving an account of the 259. froin Sir Guy Carles
bate in, on annual parlia-

lofs of the La Burgogne of ton to Congress 313. from
ments 354. motion for an- 74 guns 41. from the go- New York, on the ftaic
noal Parliaments,

vernor of St. Helena on the of affairs at Philadelphia
Irish Parliament, speech of Jols of the Grotvenor ludia.

The Lord Lieutenant at the man ibid. from Gen. Eliott Lewis Mr. debate in the Heute
meeting of,

214. at Gibraltar 71. from Ver- of Lords on his divorce birl
Irish Volunteers, refolutionis Tailles on the situation of

of the Delegates of 171. ad. affair's between Rullia, the Land of Bishop of, his speech
dress of the Delegates of to Porie, and France bid. on general bonds of refig.
the Volunteers of Leinster, from a seaman giving an

Muntter, and Connaught account of the buis of the Lloyd Mr. Maurice, speech re-
173. Duke of Richmond's Dartmouth East Indianan specting the dividends une
Letter to the Coinmittee of 74. from Admiral Sir F. claimed at the Baok 1953
259. thanks of the lith S.' Drake and Lord Hood Lordin, City of, their reve-
House of Peers to them 317.

to the Mayor of Poole 9;. pues 76. their addrefs on
Ireland, trial before the from the Town Clerk of the delivery of the Queen

court of oyer and terminer Southampton to Gen. Eliott 238. their petition againit
there for counterfeiting 96. Gen. Eliott's antwer the India Bills 420.


ibid. from Gen. Eliott to London Bishop of, his honoura
Judges, the twelve, give their the Secretary of the Society able conduct to Mr. Flyrche

opinion on the questions of Arts ibid. from the Mar. on carrying his appeal re-
put to them by the House quis La Fayette 1o Sir Hen. speeting general relignation
of Lords respecting bonds of ry Clinton 97. Sır H. Clin. bonds

geacral refignation

ton's answeribid. froin Gen. Lords, House of, debates in,

Galvez to Prince William Baynton's divorce bill 43,
KEnyon Mr. explains to the Henry 105. the Prince's 47, 58, 62, 216. Irish ju-

House his conduct respect- answer ibid. from New York risdiction bill 53, 52. Ame-
ing Powell and Bembridge on the peace and the Itate rican trade bill 142. loan

143. of the Loyalitis 123. circu- 144. Lewis's divorce bill
Keppel Lord, his speech on lar from Gen. Wathington 149. resignation boods re-

Lord Shelburne's motions to the American Governors specting church livings 185,
on the loan

on his resignation 12 5. from 196, 203. opinion of the
King's Bench, Court of, trials Philadelphia on the present Judges on a clause in Bays-
before them, of Mr. Bem- ftate of goveroment there

run's divorce bill 188. put-
bridge for conniving at a 132. from Cok Deveaux to ting the Great Seal in com-
concealment 13. of Lieut. Sir Guy Carleron on the mission, and independence
Bourne for a libel and af. recapture of the Bahamas

of the judges 216. Petitions
fault on Sir James Wallace 138. from Mr. Fox to the againt the receipt tax 270
36. of Chriftopher Atkin- Lord Mayor on the signing duty on bills of exchange
fon for perjury 72. netý

the definitive treaties 163. and receipts 271. Prince of
trial moved for by Mr. from the King to their Wales's establishment 273.
Bembridge 372. rejected by High Mightineffis the bribery and expence at elec-
the Court 374. bis fentence States General on the deli. tions 277. penfion to Lord
ibid. Counsel for Mr. Are very of the Queen 167. Rodney and General Sir G.
kinfoo ask farther time to from Wilmington, giving Eliott 283. Mr. Pitt's re-
move for a new trial ibid.

an account of the robbing form in the Treasury, Ad-
refused by the Court, and the French treasury there miralty, Ordnance, Excise,
bis default of non-appear. 176. from Paris on the air and Stamp Offices 284. in-
ance recorded 375. proceed- ballons 177. from Paris on solvent debtor's bill 288.*
ungs before respecting Mr. Mr. Maddison's death 280. Speaker of the H. of Com-
Wooldridge 398.

mons addrefses the King at





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reform 1550


the close of the selfions 295. Martin Mr. bis speech on the Messrs. Powell and Bem.
his Majesty's (prech 296. third reading the India bill bridge's examination 142.
ceremonial of the introduc- 448. on the motion for ao Nerunbam Mr. Lord Mayor,
tion of the Prince of Wales address againlt diffolving the objects to the Custom-house
323. King's fpecch at the Parliameot

492. retorm bill
opening the ichons 243. de: Marylund, resolves of the in- New York, letters from te
bate on the addreis in an- habitants of Baltimore a- fpcétrag the peace and the
swer ibid. copy of the ad- gainst the Loyalists 173.

· Hace of the Loyalists 123.
dress 325. his Majesty's au) - act of the General Affembly buhaviour of cho Americans
swer ibid. coalition print oi, respecting the entry and admitted into

4.10. first reading of India ciearing of thips to end from New York, State of, their act
bill 456. second reading In- the British duminions 175. of forfeiture againft certain
dia bill

460, 471. Maflacbufetes Stule, pruteit in perfons therein named 121.
Loughborough Lord, his ipeech their General Court in fa- Nieboli Mr. his speech on the

on the Irish jurisdiction bill vour of the Loyalitts 131. third reading the India bin
53, 55. on the loan 147, act of impoting duties 225;

on the Duke of Richmond's Marsbews General, account of Norfolk, county of, average
monion respecting the Great his operations in India 384. price of land in

Seal being putio Commil- Aluwbiy Sir Joseph, his fpecch Norola Lord, his fpeech on Min.
fion 216. on the reform in on the address to the King Dundas's bill for regulating
the Treasury, &c. 284. on 328. ou the Ordnance etti- the government of India ;8.
the India bill
458,467. mates

464. on the loan 67. his answer
Loyalijis, letters from New Mediacorial Powers, their at- to Mr. Pice's question re-

York respecting their dila Teilatings to the definitive (pecting his being called to
treffed fituation 12 3. pro-

treaty with France

2go. the other House 15o. fpeech
test in the General Court of Mostueirunean Sea, exclusive on Mr. Pile's parliamentary
the Mailachufetts State in
property op it claimed by

on the new
their favour 131. refolves France and Spain

taxes 200. moves the effio
of the inhabitants of Baltic Mincban Mi. proposes the Ord- mates of the colony civil
more in Maryland agaioft nance estimates

464. cftablishments 222. speech
them 173. abftract of the Miniftry, change of, 403. para on the Quaker's petition ro-
act appointing Commission- siculars respecting the dir. fpecting negroes 266. on
ers to enquire into their mithon of the old one 403. Mr. Pitt's bitt for a reform
losses 175. their petition to lid of the old and new ones in the Treasury, &c. 268.

406. on the Layalists petition
Lullrell Capi. his speech on Moraeco Emperor of, treaties 276. the Prince of
Mr. Pite's reform

with him renewed


Wales's establithmont 278.
Luttrell Gen. his remarks on Mulgrave Lord, his speech on on the half pay for provin-
Mr. Flood's fperch refpect-

Mr. Pitt's reform bill 155. cial corps 279. on the Tel-
ing the Irish Volunteers proposes to augment the beribip promiled to Lord

462. provifion for widows of na- Thurlow, and the Exche:

val officers 189. fupports quer reform 290. on the
MAcdonald Mr. his speech Mr. Dundas's motion for book of forty-four millions
ca Mr. Fox's India bill the House meeting on a Sa. 292. proposés a bill for re-


turday 482. against restraine gulating the English and I.
Maddifun Mr. Secretary to our iog the Treasury from pere rish pott offices 418. fpeech
Ambassador in France, par-

mitting East India Direc- on Mr. Fox's India bills
ticulars of his death 180. tors ts accept bulls 496. 427. his reply to Mr. Flood
Mabon Lord, his speech on Mutiny, account of a desperate on the army efimates 462.

the new taxes 199. on the one on board the Railonable on the rumors of fecret in-
rumours of fecret influence

72. furnce 478. supports Mr.

Erfkine's motion against a
Maitland Lord, supports the National peace expenditure, ditolution 480. Immourous

India bill 430. feconds Mr. as stated by Lord Stair Ipeech on the change of Mi.
Baker's resolutions against 17. as itated by Me. Sin. niftry 482. and on Mr. Er-
secret influence
477. claire

skine's motion for an address
Mancbefier Duke of, his speech Navy, Britith, list of those in againit diffolving the Par-
on the India bill 467, 473.

North America and the W. liament 490. fupports Lord
Mansfield Lord, his speech on Indies at the conclufion of Beauchamp's mocion for te.

Baynton's divorce bill 59. the war 368. in the Eart firicting the Treasury's per.
on Lewis's divorce bill 1.49. Indies, Africa, Gibraltar, mitting the Eaft India Di.
on general refignation boods and Neu toundland 370. at rectors to accept bills 496.

213. on the India bill 469. bome ibid. out of commis. Nugent Lord, his fpecch on
Maraltabs, copy of the creaty ha


Mr. Baker's motions re-
of peace with them 168. ac Newhaven Lord, his motinn fpecting secret infuence
count of the peace confirm. for discharging the order 478. on the land tax bill

for the Treasury minute of




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