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Narent Mr. his frial" before Speech 328. on Mr. Fox's Rain, table of the depth of
ibe Court of Oyer and Tere
India bills 427, 439, 450.

what fell in France the first
miner at Dublin for coun. on Mr. Baker's motions rel- fix months of this year III
terfeiting tamps 136. pecting secret influence 478 Rawdon Lord, his speech on
Pontefrati, petition from the the India buil

O!! Bailey, trials at, of electors of

46 Receipts, duties on 10.
Daniel Hickman and Jacob Portland Duke of, his speech mount of them fated to the
P. Arkins for robberies 77. on the Irish Jurisdiction House 198. new regulations
Antonio da Cofta and Ema- bill 82. on the loan 146. on proposed 409. repeal moved
nuel Pinto for murder 78. the bill for a reform in the for

Mr. Ryland for forgery ibid. Trearwy, , &c. 283. men- Register of births, marriages,
David Shelbane for a rob- tions a romour of secret and deaths, new tax on 199
bery 396. John Austin for


469 Richmond Cattle in Yorkshire,
robbery and cruelty ibid Powell Mr. of the Pay Office, description of

Oftend, the balon at the port how he came to be rein. Richmond Duke of, his speech

of, opened for the reception Itated 191. value of his on the Irish Jurifdi&tion
of ihips

160 place as cashier ibid. parti. bill 52, 55. his inotion rer.

culars of bis death 194 peeting the Great Srolbeing
pEace, Ministerial mistakes Powys Mr. his speech in op- por in committion 216. re-

in the treaty of, respecting pulition to Mr. Pitt's re- ply to Lord Loughborough's
Atrica 42. definitive trea- form 153. on the ineffage speech on thar motion 220.
ries of, wich France, Spain relpecting the Prince of his letter to the Belfast
and, America figned 163. Wales's establishment 274. Committee of Irib volun-
ceremony of the proclama-

on the India bill 435. on its teers 29. speech on the
tion of 243. Detinitive

third reading


India bill 460, 467, 474.
Treaty of wish France 241. Price Dr. his tate of the pub- on the Duke of Portland's
with 5, ain 253. with A- lie debts, and finances 23, mention of a rumour and
merica 309. proclamation his plan for future loans reads a newspaper paragraph
of ar Dublin

and paying off the national

469, 470
Puers Briuth and Irish, lint of debt

25 Rigby Mr. his speech on Mr.
new ones created lince the Priefly Dr. his lectures on Pitt's reform bill 157. on
general election 365. dead oratory and criticilm

29 the Tellership promised to
fince that time 356 Prince William Henry, his Lord Thurlow 288, 289,
Peers, names of those who

answer to General Galvez's 290. on the third reading
voted for and against the letter

of the India bill

India bill

404 Probates of wills and legacies, Rolle Mr. demands of Mr.
Petersburgo, terrible fire at 70

198 Burke whether he intends
Philadelphia, present face of Proclamations, by Lord Nor-

keeping Meffrs. Powell and
the government there 133. thington for diffolving the Bembridge in their offees
mutiny at

Irish Parliament and cal.

Pigot Admiral, moves the ling a new one 159. for Ross General, his speech on

navy eftimates 409. men- proroguing it 238. by the the report on the army ef.
tions what thips of war are King of the peace 239. for rimates and for dibanding
mott serviceable in prevent. the meeting of Parliameot the Manchester regiment in
ing smuggling 410

240 that town

Pire Mr. T. his ipeech on Mr. Protest in the House of Peers Ruffa, fituation and extent of

W. Pitt's reform bill 754. against the bill for a reform 170. manifesto of the Em.
on the address on the King's in the Treasury, Admiral- press of against the Turks
speech 334. on Lord Tem. ty, &c. 285. on rejecting the

ple's refignation 483 Insolvent Dehtor's bill 283 Ryland William Wynne, his
Pitt Mr. William, his speech Provincial Corps, debates in trial at the Old Bailey for

on the American Trade bill the House of Commons ref. forgery 78. account of bim
49. on the loan 63. on peeting half pay to the of-
Powell and Bembridge 143. ficers of 277, 279. their

his queftion to Lord North memorial to Sir Guy Carie- Salisbury Bishop of his speech
previous to his moving his

279 on the India bili

reform bill 150. his speech Provisions, embargo on thein Sandwich Lord, his speech on
and motion for a reform in taken off

237 Baynton's Divorce bill 59:
Parliament ibid. his reply

on the India bill

bill 18. moves bis Custom

199 on it 188. their resolution
Higure reform bill 215. Queen, delivered of a Princess

speech on his bill for a re- 159 form of prayer ordered Sacile Sir George, supports
form in the Treasury, &c. on that occasion

ibid Mr. Pite's reform bill 155
26", on the book of forry


Scott Mr. his speech on the
four millions 292, 293. on R 4drar Lord, his speech on third reading the India bill
che address 'on the King's Daynton's Divorce bill 62

new taxon


· ton

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on the new taxes 201, on

Sciliy Ilands, caution to those Council of, elect Lord Surlan Capt. of the Ifis, charge

who tail ro the westward of Howe, Lord Rodney, and againtt him and liit of his
them refpecting the lights Gen. Eliott, Burgelles 96.


174 the Town Clerk's letter to Sydney Lord, his speech on
Secretary at War moves the Gen. Eliott on the occasion Lewis's Divorce bill 149.
army eitimates 2 2 3. and for

ibid on the Duke of Richmond's
extending the bounty on Sprin, extent and dimensions motion respecting tbe Great
ditbanderi (erjeants
271 of, 9. 11 ate of the gross re-


$beeling of Jura and the Paps venue of, for cight yea:s


411 109. expedition againft Ai- TAX on wheels proposed by
Sheffield Lord, his speech on giers 231. Deinit ve Treaty Lord Shelburne, calcula-

the Amcricao trade bill 6). with 253. declarations rela tion of the amount of it ito
his obfervations on the com- pecting commerce annexed Taxes, great produce of the

merce of America 83 to the treaty 257. full pow.. old oues 19. produce of the
Sbelburne Earl of, his speech ers to their amballador ibid existing ones 21. deficiences
and motions on the boan Spanith thips of war, lidt of of thule laid during the war

145, 147, 148 thote taken by Great Bri- 188. new ones for paying the
Sheridan Mr. his reply to Mr. tain 91. destroyed 92

interett of the present loan
Pirt on the atfair of Powell Speaker of the Houte of Com. 197. refolutions on them.
and Bembridge 143. [peach mons, exulains the method

of creating the Lord's a: Tellership of the Exchequer,
the report of the resolutions mendments to the American Itate of the quelltion reso
00 them 204. on the Tel- trade bill 135. the altera- recting that promised to
Jerihip promised t Lord tions in the Pay- thice bill

Lord Thurlow 289
Thurlow 238. on the book 221. proposes to the House Temple Earl of, his sptech on
of torty four millions 292. to reject with disdain the al. the bill for a reforin in the
on the third reading the terations of the Lords :o a Treafury, &c. 284. on the
India bill


money hiil 291. his address mation for an address on
Ships in Ordinary, Admiralty to the King at the close of the tpeech 323. on the India
regularions refpeeting them

the lesions 295, explains a bill 457, 458. prelents a
97: method of prelerving point of order refpeéting petition again it 460. ou
them and plan for retaining the bringing in bills 415.

the mention of a rumour
the ihipwrights 182 respecting the reading of respecting secret induence
Ships of war British, list of papers delivered to the

inore taken 89. dettroyed. House in evidence 430 Thomas Lieut. Col. account of
90. French, list of those Speech from the King at the his duel with Col. Gordon
taken ibid, 367. dettroyed clole of the setions 296. 229. coroners verdict on his
91. Spanish, list of thoti: from the Lord Lieutenant death ibid. copy of his will
taken ibid. destroyed 92.
to the Irish Parliament 314.

Dutcb, list of thofe taken from the King on the openi- Tbxi lawu Lord, bis speech on
ibid 368. destroyed 92. A- ing the session

324 Baynton's Divorce bill 47,
merican, list of those taken Stage coaches and diligences, 58, 59. on the Irish Jurira
62 363. destroyed 93, 368.

198 diction bill 55. on the Ame-
Bririh, list of those recaken Stair Earl ot, his ftate of the rican trade bill 142. on the
93 368. loft by accident national income and expen- loan 143, 146, 147. objects
93. building January 1783, diture

17 to the evidence on Lewis's
94 Socrmont Lord, his specches on Divorce bill 149. speech on
Sincluir Mr. his hints on the Lord Shelburac's motions bonds of general resignation

ale of our finances 18 on the loan 145, 146. on the and questions respecting
Smilt Gen. moves for money

Duke of Richmond's mo. them put to the Judges 186.
to Committee Clerks 292. tion respecting the Great [perch on the opinion given
his speech on Mi. Fox's Seal 216. on the bill for a by the Judges 212. Itate of

India bill 412. respecting a reform in the Treasury, &c. the quellion respecting the
present made him by the

284, 285 Telleribip promised him
father of Aloph ul Dowlah Sullivan Mr. his speech in the 289. 1peech on the India

India House on the motion bill being presented 457. in
Smuggling, a Committee of for thanks to Governor reply 10 Lord Loughbo-
the Commons proposed to Hastings

380 rough on the same 459, 468
confider of the best means Surrey Lord, h's speech on Tobacco, produce of it for nine
to check it 410. the Com- Mr. Pitt's plan of reform years

mittee moved for 414. list 157. on the motion for an Townshend Mr. his speech on
of the Members cholen on address against diffolving the navy eftimates


416 the Parliament 492. moves Townshend Viscount, his
Society for the encourage•

that the Chancellorship of speech on the Irish jurisdic.
meor of Arts, extraås from the Duchy of Lancalier be tion bill 53. on the India

the transactions of 182 only granted during plea- bill
Southampton, the Common fure

496 Tranquebar in the East Indies,
POL. Mac. Vol. V,



new tax on



Danith settlements there ar- Upper Ofory Earl of, his Washington Gen. his circular
tacked by the Indians


fpech and motion for an Karer to the American Go-
Treaty, provisional one with address on , the King's vernors on the refignation
America ratitird 160. defi. fpecch

326 of the command of the army
vitive one with France,

Spain and America Vigned Wdles Prince of, bis elta. Whale fishery, ttate and foc-
163. copy of the prel mina- blishment, meflage ref- cets of it this pretent year
ry one with the Dutch 165. p-éting it to the Lords 273.

copy of that with the Mah. to the Houle of Commons Wilks Mr. his speech on Sir
rattas 168. copy of the de- 274. debate in the House of T. Davenport's motion rel.
finitive one with France Commons on it 277. cere- peting Mr. Atkinson 416
244. feparate aricles 248. mony of his introduction Wilmington in Virginia, ac-
with Spain 253. with Amc. to ihe Hov.e of Lords 323. count of the robbing the

309 bis dref on that occalion French Treasury there 167
Turkey in Europe, its exteot ibid. his behaviour to the Woods, reports of the Sor-
and boundaries

88 King after voting for the . veyor General of; of theftate
Turki, Rufian manifefto a. India bill

406 of the enclofures

gainst 234. fubliance of Wall Lieut. Col. sentence of Wooldridge Mr. obtains a man-
their answer

236 the Court Marrial on the dainus from the Court of
Turnpike roads and inclosure several charges preferred a. King,s Bench for his being
bilis, new tax on 199
gainsi him

reiottated in his office or
Wallace Sir James, his fuit a- Alderman

V Ineyards, progress of, in gainst Lieut. Bourne 36. Wray Sir Cecil, objects to i he

109 letters that passed between lúdia Indemoiry bill 68
Volunteers of Ireland, resolu- him and Licut. Bourne 37. Writs of Right, bill for alter-

vions of the Delegates of arguments of the Council ing the law refpecting them
171. address of, lo Leinster, 38. sentence of the Court

Muotter and Conaught 173. against Lieut. Pourne


Duke of Richmond's letter Welding bam Lord, his speech junge Sir George, moves for
to the Committee of 259. on the Eait India Company the plans given in to Mi.
thanks of the Irish Houle Indemnity bill 141. on Mr. niftry for the suppression of
of Peers to them 317

Fox's Eall India bill
474 fmuggling





N A M E S.



A 31,

A Baird, John 80 Brabazon, Edw.80 Campbell, W. 160, Cooper, Nath.400

400 Corbet, And. So
Abercrom- Bannerman, J.399 Brehm, D. 319 Campbell, A. 400 Cofta, T. da 80
by, Geo.

319 Barclay, John 80 Braithwaite, G399 Cathcart,Cha.320 Craig, Henry 320
Acklom, John 80 Barker, Wm. 399 Brereton, Tho.4.0 Champagne, 1.400 Crawford, E.of 320
Adie, S. Payne 319 Barley Henry 79 Brett, Charles 4c6 Chandos, Duke of Crawford, G. 407,
Adlam, J. E. 80 Barnes, John 79 Browne, John 320 406, 408

Ainfie, Geo. 80 Barrett, Edw. 79 Brownwix, J. 400 Chapman, R. 79 Comire, Arch 400
Aldridge,407,408 Barrow, Cha. 407 Buckeridge, T. 80 Charlemont, E. of Cult, Richard 399
Amherst, Jeff
. 320 Barry, Rich. 400 Buckeridge, B.320

Ancjam, W'm. 80 Bartler, Benj. 399 Bull, Joho 80 Charleton,T.R.79 D
Anderfon, Ev. 80 Bathurst, E. 407 Buller, J.406,408 Chaser, Geo. 400 ALRymple,
Anderson, Gco 319 Beever, Tho. 408 Burllow, Wm. 79 Clarke, Al. 399 W. 80
Anker, Peter 100 Berrard, Geo. 80 Byam, W.A.319 Clarke, Tho. 399 Dalrymple, Sir H.
Apsley, Lord 406 Bentinck, Ld. 319

Clements, Rob319

Arabin, J. D. 399 Belham, T. Fr. 399 с Cockburn, J. 79 Dancey, Wm. 320
Arden, Ř. P. 406 Black, John 400 ARmarthen, Cochran, J. 319 D'Aubant, A.319
Aubrey,J 406,408 Blomfield, T. 319 M. 406, 408 Coffin, J. A. 319 Davenport, T. 160
Averne, Tho. 80 Blundell, B. 80 Cameron, 399 Collins, John 165 Davis, Tho.

B Boifrond, T. 319 Campbell, A. 79 Colquhoun, L.400 Davys, Sam. 319

79 De Burgh, Hon. j.
Balie, Z.400 Borthwick, W.79 Campbell, John Congreve, Wm.80 T. 320
Baillie, J. W.319 Botet, Antho. 320 80, 319, 320 Conway,Ed.S. 240 De Ferrars, Ld.106
Baillie, T.407,408 Bowes, Fred. 319 Campbell, þ. 319 Conper, David 319 Delaval, Sir J. 319

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, Ér. M. 19 Gordon, P:X:39 KR1R3.99 Moblefon, W. 16. Ritchie, John ?


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Dennie, Rob. 400 Garlin, Rob. 79 Johoftor, Wm.79 M.Phazden, J.246 Ratzer, Bernard 88
Derby, E. of 420 Godfrey, John 79 Jonniton, John 80 Melburne, Vi1.399 Rawdon, Geo. 80
Delbarras, J. F.80 Godwin, Wm. 80 Johntton, Dav.319 Mercier,Alex.319 Remington, S. 79
Dick, Sir John 169 Gooday, Wm. 320 Irwin, Fred. 79 Middleton, Cr. 80 Reynell, R. L. 320
Dickson, W. 79 Goll, J. D. 369 K Minchin, Paul319 Riichardson, A 320

Keating, 339 ,Duke
Dorset, D. of 407, Gow, James 399 Kerin, F. M. 79 Moore, Thos. 319 406, 408

408 Gower, Earl 406 Krnoicot, Dr. 240 Morihed, John407 Robertson, A. 320
Douglas, B.

80 Gower, Hon.L 406 Kenyon, 407, 408 Moyle, Copp. 326 Rochlord, Gco. 86
Douglas,R.80,320 Graham,M.of 406 Keppel, Wm. 79 Murray, John 80 Rodney, Geo. 80
Downes,Rich. 320 Grant, J. 80 Kerr, Henry 399 Murray, James240 Rote, Mr. 407
Downiog, Jono 79 Granc, Jas. M.400 Kinglinill, W.319 Murray, Hen. 319 Rols, Robert 319
Downing, H. 319 Grant, Alex. 400

10x, John 79 Myers, Chrilt. 79 Rouberam, W. 8.
Dow aman, Fr. 80 Grantley, Lord407 Kutcher, G. F.79 N. Rowe, Pierce 400
Drummond, D.79 Grattan, Hen. 16) L
Dotte, Alex. 80 Grattar, John 320


Laurie, j-399 Naylor, W.P.400 Rycroft,Richia
Dunlap, H. 80 Green, Charles 309 Lec, john 399 Needham, F.79,80
Dunlap, Geo. 400 Grenville, Hon. W Leche, ). 319 North, Hon.F.319 S
Dundas, F.319,320

W. 406 Legge, Cha. G. 86 o
Dundas, Hen. 407 Grenville, Hon. J. Legse, Tho. 400

Alisbury, E.of,
Durant, Tho. 407
408 Leigh, Cha. 399


406, 408
Durnford, El. 319 Grey, Edward 399 Lemoine, John 80 Ogilvy, David 319 Sandys, Miles 80
Duval, Tho. 80 Grove, George 79 Leith, Alex. 80 Ogle, William 79 Sayer, John 319
Duveraet, H. 79 Groves, Tho. 80 Lewis, Gco. 79 Ogle, George 160 Scott, Walter So
Dyer, Sir John 399 Guise, John 40% Lewis, W'm. 80 Ohius,Hamler 400 Scoil, David 80


Lewis, John 319 Oldie, Thos. 320 Scout, Edward 399
320 407, 408 Lincoln, Edm.240 Ormiby, A. 319 Seffington, H. 320
Edmonfton, W320 Mairiday, J. D. 80 Lindíay,Colin320 P Selwyn, G. A. 407
Edwards, Tho. 80 Hamilton, John 80 Little, Wm. 319


Age, Thos. H. Shee, Joha 320
Edwards, Edw.319 Hamilton, G. 240 Lodge, James 319

160 Shetheld, Lord 240
Edwards, Benj.399 Hamilton, R. 319 Lotius,Cha.T.160 Parr, Peter 8o Sheperd, J. 319
Eliott, E.J406,408 Hamilton, $. 399 Lombe, Joha 407 Parry, Simon 79 Shewbridge,). 399
Elphinftone, J. 80 Hamilton, R. 399 Lomm, 80 Paterson, Thos. 80 Shuttleworth, A79
Elwes, Henry 80 Hammond, Sir A. Lucas, Wm. 319 Pattison, Mark 79 Skelly, Francis 80
Erskine, Hen. 160 S.



Payne, Geo. 399 Skene, Robert 80
Erskine, Sir Ja. 320 Handeock, Jn. 320 Achell, C Pelham, Thomas Sladen, Geo. 80
Eliwick, Samn. 4-7 Hare, Thomas 79


160, 240 Slater, Bevan 79
Etherington, T. 8. Harringion, E. of Ickenzie, fa.320 Pell, Claus 399 Smith, John 80
Eyre, Joseph 79

80 Majendie, J. J. 24Pennaat, Rich. 319 Smith, ). 319
Halle, Philip 80 Mansfield, 11.399 Penningtop, Jo319 Smyth, Sylv. 407
Fane, Hon. T. Hatfield, John 80 Mars, Juho 319 Percival,c. 6.406 Spens, John 80

319 Henderson, G. 80 Marth, Chas. 319 Philips, C. F..400 Stanhope, H.F.320
Farquhar, W.319 Herbert, Geo. 80 Martin, Win. 79 Phipps, Hon. H. St. Clair, D. 319
Farrington, A0.79 Hobart, Rob. 320 Martin, Phillip 79

320 St. Clair, Jas. 400
Fead, George 86 Howard, SirG.406 Marshall, John4co Pigot, John 80 St. Clair, Jo. 400
Fitzgerald, Ld. 80 Howe, Stephen 400 Matthew,Fra. 319 Pigoti, Henry 320 Steele, Mr. 407
Fitzgerald, Jn.400 Huwe, Visc. 406 Matthew, Ed. 320 Pilor, Henry 80 Stehelin, Benj. 79
Fitzgerald, W.408 Hood, Lord 406 Matthew, Hen.160 Pitt, Hon. Wm. Stephens, Edw.79
Fitzherberi, A 160 Hooks, G. Ph. 80 Maxwell,WM.86 -406,408 Stephens, Edw. 79
Fitzroy, Geo. 407 Hormer, Tho. 80 Maxwell, Hor.320 Pitcairne, Thos. 80 Sterling, M.P. -9
Fletcher, Henry8o Huddleston, W.80 M-Bean, Forbes 79 Pomroy, Arth. 319 Stewart, A. 80
Flini, James 320 Hutebinson, J.80 M.Donald, A. 8. Potrs, 'Wm. 86 Stewart, Jas. 320
Ford, B. B. 400 Hutchinson, C.319 M‘Donald, Donald Poulet, Hon.V.320 Storer, A.319,407
Fox, Hon. H.E. 80

400 Pratt, Hon.}.1.406 Slovin, Geo. 399
Frances, John 319 Acob, Pat. 319 M‘Dougal, H. 400 Preston, Geo. 80 Serangeways,S. D.

Frazer, And. 319 jardine, A. 319 M'Intoth,Don400 Price, John 400 Stratheven, Ld. 79
Frazer, Simon 320 lbbat, Henry 79 M'Kenzie, Geo.79 Putnam, James319 Straubenzie, T.79
Froit, James 79 Jeffries,Hump 400 M'Kenzie, K. F. Pugh, Wm. 400 Stretch, John 319
G Jevers, G. A. 80


R Stuart, John 79

Gardiner, W Johnson, Henry 79 M.Lean, Chas. 80


79, 80 Johnson, Jam. 319 M'Leod, Norm.79 Randolph, Jo. 246 Sturrock, Jas. 86


. .



Sockling, R.G. 9 Thurlow, Ld.406, Uniacke, Rob. 319 Wemyss, P. 80 Wiseman, J. So Suffolk, E. of 320


Wemyss, Jas. 323 Wood, Jas. 8o Swiney, B. T. 79 Tonson, Wm. 319 W White, John 399 Wood, Chas. So

408 Towry, Geo.P. 319

, Abra 79 , Fr. т

Trail, Peter 79 Walker, Ellis 79 Whitworth,Fr.79 Wrench, Om. 399 Aylor,P.319 Tryon, W121,320 Wallace, Sir J. 80 Whitworth, C. So Y

Onge, Sir G. 407 U Wallis, Tho. Williams, Grit. 76

4?7 Thompson, W.320 Erner, T.400 Walpole, Hor. 319 Williams,Edw.80 Yorke, John So Thompson, W.399 Thornhill, R. 399

319 Walton, Jor. 79 Willon, Geo.79 Young, Mart. 399

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{ Females 833?



[ocr errors]



From DECEMBER 10, 1782, to DECEMBER 16, 1783.
In the 97 Parishes within the Walls


14 DI la the 17 Parishes without the Walls

Cbriftened 4751 Buried

. In the 23 Out-Parishes in Middlesex and Surry

7421 In the jo Parishes in the City & Liberties of Westminster


114 S Males Cbriftened

Males 9730? Increased in the Boriais

this Year !!!!
Toral Males and females Christened 17091.- Total Males and Females Furied 19929.
Died Under Two Years 6632 Fifty and Sixty 1551 | A Hundred and are
Between Two and Five 1873 Sixty and Seventy 1332 | A Hundred and Two
Fire and Ten


Seventy and Eighty 926 | A Hundred and Three Ten and Twenty 676 Eighty and Ninety 420 | A Hundred and Four Twenty and Thirty 1421 Ninetya

yanda Hundred 51

A Hundred and Five
Thirty and Forty 1701 A Hundred

A Hundred and Six
- Forty and Fifty 1757

7/ Miscarriage

CASUALTIES. Bortive and Stil- Fever,malignant Pever Mortification

IT by dog born 636) Scarlet Fever, Spotced Pally


Broken Limbs I Aged 1239 Fever& Purples 2313 Plurify

17 Bruired
11 Fistula

13 .Apoplety&Sudden 219 Flux


Althma&Puthifick 199 French Pox 49 Rheumarilin

3 Drowned Bedridden

47/ Rickets

Exceflive Drinking 4 Bleeding 3 Gravel, Stone and Rising of the Lights Executid

15 Bloody Flux 5 Strangury 43 Scald Head

Found Dead

4 Burstenand Rupture 3 Grief

4/ Scurvy

5 Frighted Cancer 67 Head-Ach

1 Small Pox

1550 Killed by Falls and reCanker Headmouldshot, Hor. Sore Throat

veral other AcciChicken Pox Mochead, and Water Sores and Ulcers 8 dents

75 Childbed


in the Head 19 St. Anthony's Fire 1 Killed themselves 26 Cholick, Gripes, twint Jaundies 75 Stoppage in the Sun- Murdered

4 ing of the Guts 37 Imposthume 6 mach

6 Overlaid

3 Cold

308 Surfeit

3 Poisoned Consumption



3 Convulfons 4770 Leprosy

532 Smothered Cough, and Hooping Lethargy

2) Thrush

85 Starved Cough 268 Livergrown 1 Tympany,

I Lonatick

53. Vomiri& Looseness 14
864 ) Mealies
185 Worms

Total 269

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7) Burnt





4575 Itch

[blocks in formation]
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DIRECTIONS for placing the PLATES.

AP of Spain


6 View of Conftantinople MA View of Corfe Castle

7 View of the Road cor by the Romans 3 Map of Turkey 88 in the Rock of Pierre Pertheius

309 4 Sheelings and Paps of Jura

131 8 General Sir Geo. Augustus Eliott 394 s Map of Rushia

170 9 Map of the Route by Land to India 403

[blocks in formation]
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