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Redesignation Table

The following table shows the effect of redesignation and reorganization on the regulations contained in this volume. The Armed Services Procurement Regulations were republished in their entirety with no changes in numbering at 25 F.R. 14077, Dec. 31, 1960.

Subchapter A-Armed Services Procurement Regulations (as reorganized and

redesignated at 19 F.R. 8778, Dec. 22, 1954)

New Part No.

Old Part No. 7 Contract clauses and forms..

406 8 Termination of contracts.

407 9 Patents and copyrights.

408 10 Bonds and insurance

11 Federal, State and local taxes.. 410
12 Labor

Government property-

14 Inspection and acceptance.

413 15 Contract cost principles.

414 16 Procurement forms.


List of CFR Sections Affected

Note: The LSA of Title 32, Parts 1–39 has been removed from this book, since the acceptance of the ASPR numbering system has made it impractical to create a LSA based on the CFR system. For historical research for the years between 1964– 1973 refer to the July, 1974 volumes for Parts 1–39. For the period before 1964, see the "List of Sections Affected, 1949–1963,” which is published as a separate volume. For a more detailed explanation of the CFR and ASPR as the LSA relates to them, see the explanatory note in the front of this volume.

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