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Title 18—Conservation of Power and Water Resources Chap.

I Federal Power Commission (Parts 0_299)
II Tennessee Valley Authority (Parts 300—399)
III Delaware River Basin Commission (Parts 400-499)
IV Office of Water Resources Research, Department of the Interior

(Parts 500-599)
VI Water Resources Council (Parts 701-799)
VIII Susquehanna River Basin Commission (Parts 800-899)
X Administrator-Emergency Natural Gas Act of 1977

Title 19-Customs Duties
I United States Customs Service, Department of the Treasury

(Parts 0–199) II United States International Trade Commission (Parts 200-299)

Title 20Employees' Benefits I Office of Workers' Compensation Programs, Department of Labor

(Parts 0–199) II Railroad Retirement Board (Parts 200–399) III Social Security Administration, Department of Health, Educa

tion, and Welfare (Parts 400-499) IV Employees' Compensation Appeals Board, Department of Labor

(Parts 500-599) V Employment and Training Administration, wepartment of Labor

(Parts 600_699) VI Employment Standards Administration, Department of Labor

(Parts 700–799) VII Benefits Review Board, Department of Labor (Parts 800–899) VIII Joint Board for the Enrollment of Actuaries (Parts 900-999)

Title 21—Food and Drugs I Food and Drug Administration, Department of Health, Educa

tion, and Welfare (Parts O_1299) II Drug Enforcement Administration, Department of Justice (Parts

1300-1399) III Special Action Office for Drug Abuse Prevention (Parts 1400– 1499)

Title 22—Foreign Relations I Department of State (Parts 0–199) II Agency for International Development, Department of State

(Parts 200-299) III Peace Corps (Parts 300—399) IV International Joint Commission, United States and Canada (Parts

400-499) V United States Information Agency (Parts 500-599) VI United States Arms Control and Disarmament Agency (Parts 600

699) VII Overseas Private Investment Corporation (Parts 700-799) VIII Employee-Management Relations Commission (Parts 800–899) IX Foreign Service Grievance Board (Parts 901-999) х

Inter-American Foundation (Parts 1000–1099) XI International Boundary and Water Commission, United States

and Mexico, United States Section (Parts 1100-end)

I Federal Highway Administration, Department of Transportation

(Parts 0-899 II Highway Safety Program Standards, Department of Transporta

tion (Parts 1200-1299)

Title 24Housing and Urban Development
SUBTITLE A-Office of the Secretary, Department of Housing and

Urban Development (Parts 0–99)
SUBTITLE B-Regulations Relating to Housing and Urban Devel-

opment I Office of Assistant Secretary for Equal Opportunity, Department

of Housing and Urban Development (Parts 100–199) II Office of Assistant Secretary for Housing-Federal Housing Com

missioner, Department of Housing and Urban Development

(Parts 200-299) III Government National Mortgage Association, Department of Hous

ing and Urban Development (Parts 300–399) IV Office of Assistant Secretary for Housing Management, Depart

ment of Housing and Urban Development (Parts 400-499) V Office of Assistant Secretary for Community Planning and De

velopment, Department of Housing and Urban Development

(Parts 500-599) VI Office of Assistant Secretary for Community Planning and De

velopment, Department of Housing and Urban Development

(Parts 600-699) VII New Community Development Corporation, Department of Hous

ing and Urban Development (Parts 700-799) VIII Low-Income Housing, Department of Housing and Urban

Development (Parts 800-1299) IX Office of Interstate Land Sales Registration, Department of

Housing and Urban Development (Parts 1700–1799) X Federal Insurance Administration, Department of Housing and

Urban Development (Parts 1900-1999) XIII Federal Disaster Assistance Administration, Department of Hous

ing and Urban Development (Parts 2200-2299) XV Mortgage Insurance and Loan Programs Under the Emergency

Homeowners' Relief Act, Department of Housing and Urban

Development (Parts 2700-2799) XX Office of Assistant Secretary for Consumer Affairs and Regulatory

Functions, Department of Housing and Urban Development (Parts 3200-3299)

Title 25-Indians I Bureau of Indian Affairs, Department of the Interior (Parts o

299) II Indian Arts and Crafts Board, Department of the Interior (Parts

300-399) III Indian Claims Commission (Parts 500-599) IV Navajo and Hopi Indian Relocation Commission (Part 700-end)

I Internal Revenue Service, Department of the Treasury (Parts


Title 27—Alcohol, Tobacco Products and Firearms

I Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, Department of the

Treasury (Parts (-299)

Title 28-Judicial Administration

I Department of Justice (Parts 0–199) III Federal Prison Industries, Department of Justice (Parts 300-399)

Title 29—Labor

SUBTITLE A–Office of the Secretary of Labor (Parts 0-99)

SUBTITLE B—Regulations Relating to Labor
I National Labor Relations Board (Parts 100–199)
II Office of the Assistant Secretary for Labor-Management Rela-

tions, Department of Labor (Parts 200-299) III National Railroad Adjustment Board (Parts 300-399) IV Office of Labor-Management Standards Enforcement, Depart

ment of Labor (Parts 400-499) V Wage and Hour Division, Department of Labor (Parts 500–899) IX Construction Industry Collective Bargaining Commission (Parts

900-999) X National Mediation Board (Parts 1200-1299) XII Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service (Parts 1400–1499) XIV Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (Parts 1600–1699) XVI Automotive Agreement Adjustment Assistance Board (Parts 1800

1899) XVII Occupational Safety and Health Administration, Department of

Labor (Parts 1900-1999) XX Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission (Parts

2100-2300) XXV Pension and Welfare Benefit Programs, Department of Labor

(Parts 2500–2599) XXVI Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (Parts 2600-2699)

Title 30—Mineral Resources

I Mining Enforcement and Safety Administration, Department of

the Interior (Parts 0–199) II Geological Survey, Department of the Interior (Parts 200-299) III Board of Mine Operations Appeals, Department of the Interior

(Parts 300-399) VI Bureau of Mines, Department of the Interior (Parts 600-699)

SUBTITLE A-Office of the Secretary of the Treasury (Parts 0-50)

SUBTITLE B—Regulations Relating to Money and Finance Chap.

I Monetary Offices, Department of the Treasury (Parts 51–199) II Fiscal Service, Department of the Treasury (Parts 200-399) IV Secret Service, Department of the Treasury (Parts 400-499) V Office of Foreign Assets Control, Department of the Treasury

(Parts 500–599) Bureau of Engraving and Printing, Department of the Treasury

(Parts 600-699) VII Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, Department of the Treasury (Part 700-end)

Title 32-National Defense
SUBTITLE A-Department of Defense
I Office of the Secretary of Defense (Parts 0–499)
V Department of the Army (Parts 500-699)
VI Department of the Navy (Parts 700–799)
VII Department of the Air Force (Parts 800–1099)

SUBTITLE B-Other Regulations Relating to National Defense
XII Defense Logistics Agency (Parts 1200–1299)
XIV The Renegotiation Board (Parts 1400–1499)
XVI Selective Service System (Parts 1600-1699)
XVII Selective Service System (Clemency Program) (Parts 1700–1799)
XVIII Defense Civil Preparedness Agency (Parts 1800–1899)
XIX Central Intelligence Agency (Parts 1900-1999)

XX Interagency Classification Review Committee (Parts 2000–2099) XXI National Security Council (Parts 2100–2199) XXII National Security Agency, Central Security Service (Parts 2200


Title 32A-National Defense, Appendix I Federal Preparedness Agency, General Services Administration VI Domestic and International Business Administration, Depart.

ment of Commerce VII Department of Commerce and Department of Transportation VIII Transport Mobilization Staff, Interstate Commerce Commission

XV Federal Reserve System XVIII National Shipping Authority, Maritime Administration, Depart

ment of Commerce XIX Office of the Maritime Administrator, Department of Commerce

Title 33—Navigation and Navigable Waters I Coast Guard, Department of Transportation (Parts 0–199) II Corps of Engineers, Department of the Army (Parts 200–399) IV Saint Lawrence Seaway Development Corporation, Department

of Transportation (Parts 400-499)


I Office of Management and Budget (Parts 100–199)
II General Services Administration (Parts 200-299)

Title 35—Panama Canal
I Canal Zone Regulations (Parts 0–299)

Title 36 Parks, Forests, and Public Property
I National Park Service, Department of the Interior (Parts 0–199)
II Forest Service, Department of Agriculture (Parts 200-299)
III Corps of Engineers, Department of the Army (Parts 300-399)
IV American Battle Monuments Commission (Parts 400-499)

V Smithsonian Institution (Parts 500-599)
VI American Revolution Bicentennial Administration (Parts 600–

VII Library of Congress (Parts 700-799)
VIII Advisory Council on Historic Preservation (Parts 800-899)
IX Pennsylvania Avenue Development Corporation (Parts 900–999)

X Commission of Fine Arts (Parts 1000–1099)
XI Architectural and Transportation Barriers Compliance Board

Title 37—Patents, Trademarks, and copyrights
I Patent and Trademark Office, Department of Commerce (Parts

0–199) II Copyright Office, Library of Congress (Parts 200-299)

Title 38—Pensions, Bonuses, and Veterans' Relief I Veterans Administration (Parts 0–99)

Title 39—Postal Service United States Postal Service (Parts 0-999) III Postal Rate Commission (Parts 3000–3099)

Title 40—Protection of Environment Environmental Protection Agency (Parts 0-1399) IV Low-Emission Vehicle Certification Board (Parts 1400–1499) V Council on Environmental Quality (Parts 1500-1599) Title 41--Public Contracts and Property Management

SUBTITLE A-Federal Procurement Regulations System 1 Federal Procurement Regulations (Parts 1-1-1-30) 3 Department of Health, Education, and Welfare (Parts 3-1

3-75) 4 Department of Agriculture (Parts 4-1-4-50) 5A Federal Supply Service, General Services Administration (Parts

5A-1-5A-76) 5B Public Buildings Service, General Services Administration (Parts

5B-145B-63) 6 Department of State (Parts 6-1-6-60)

58-110 O. 77 - 75

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