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RICHARDSON -The Practical Horseshoer:

Being a Collection of Articles on Horseshoeing in all its Branches which have appeared from time to time in the columns of The Blacksmith and Wheelwright,” etc. Compiled and edited by M. T. RICHARDSON. 174 illustrations.

$1.00 ROPER.-Instructions and Suggestions for Engineers and

Firemen : By STEPHEN ROPER, Engineer. 18mo. Morocco

$2.00 ROPER.–The Steam Boiler: Its Care and Management:

By STEPHEN RUPER, Engineer. 12mo., tuck, gilt edges. $2.00 ROPER.—The Young Engineer's Own Book:

Containing an Explanation of the Principle and Theories on which the Steam Engine as a Prime Mover is Based. By STEPHEN ROPER,

Engineer. 360 illustrations, 363 pages. 18mo., tuck $3.00 ROSE.-Modern Steam-Engines:

An Elementary Treatise upon the Steam-Engine, written in Plain language; for Use in the Workshop as well as in the Drawing Office. Giving Full Explanations of the Construction of Modern Steam. Engines : Including Diagrams showing their Actual operation. Together with Complete but Simple Explanations of the operations of Various kinds of Valves, Valve Motions, and Link Motions, etc., thereby Enabling the Ordinary Engineer to clearly Understand the Principles Involved in their Construction and Use, and to Plot out their Movements upon the Drawing Board. By Joshua Rose, M. E. Illustrated by 422 engravings. 40., 320 pages

$6.00 ROSE.-Steam Boilers:

A Practical Treatise on Boiler Construction and Examination, for the Use of Practical Boiler Makers, Boiler Users, and Inspectors; and embracing in plain figures all the calculations necessary in Designing or Classifying Steam Boilers. By Joshua Rose, M. É. Illustrated by 73 engravings. 250 pages. 8vo.

$2.50 SCHRIBER.--The Complete Carriage and Wagon Painter :

A Concise Compendium of the Art of Painting Carriages, Wagons, and Sleighs, embracing Full Directior:s in all the Various Branches, including Lettering, Scrolling, Ornamenting, Striping, Varnishing, and Coloring, with numerous Recipes for Mixing Colors. 73 Illustrations. 177 pp.

$1.00 VAN CLEVE.--The English and American Mechanic:

Comprising a Collection of Over Three Thousand Receipts, Rules, and Tables, designed for the Use of every Mechanic and Manufac

turer. By B. FRANK VAN CLEVE. Illustrated. 283 pp. 12mo. $1.50 WAHNSCHAFFE.-Guide for the Scientific Examination of

the Soil: By Dr. FELIX WAHNSCHAFFE. Translated from the German by William T. BRANNT. Illustrated by numerous Engravings. 8vo.

I 2mo.



DAVIS.-A Practical Treatise on the Manufacture of Bricks,

Tiles, Terra-Cotta, etc. : Including Hand-Made, Dry Clay, Tempered Clay, Soft-Mud, and Stiff-Clay Bricks, also Front, Hand-Pressed, Steam-Pressed, Repressed, Ornamentally Shaped and Enamelled Bricks, Drain Tiles, Straight and Curved Sewer and Water-Pipes, Fire-Clays, Fire-Bricks, Glass Pots, Terra-Cotta, Roofing Tiles, Flooring Tiles, Art Tiles, Mosaic Plates, and Imitation of Intarsia or Inlaid Surfaces, comprising every Important Product of Clay Employed in Architecture, Engineering, the Blast Furnace, for Retorts, etc., with a History and the Actual Processes in Handling, Disintegrating, Tempering and Moulding the Clay into the Shape, Drying Naturally and Artificially, Setting, Burning with Coal, Natural Gas and Crude Oil Fuels, Enamelling in Polychromic Colors, Composition and Application of Glazes, etc., including Full Detailed Descriptions of the Most Modern Machines, Tools, Kilns and Kiln

Roofs used. By CHARLES THOMAS Davis. Second Edition. Thoroughly Revised. Illustrated by 217 Engravings. 501 pp. 8vo.

$5.00 POSSELT.-Technology of Textile Design:

Being a Practical Treatise on the Construction and Application of Weaves for all Textile Fabrics, with minute reference to the latest Inventions for Weaving. Containing also an Appendix, showing the Analysis and giving the Calculations necessary for the Manufac. ture of the various Textile Fabrics. By E. A. POSSELT, Head Master Textile Department, Pennsylvania Museum and School of Industrial Art, Philadelphia, with over 1000 illustrations. 292 pages. 4to.

$5.00 POSSELT.-The Jacquard Machine Analysed and Explained:

With an Appendix on the Preparation of Jacquard Cards, and Practical Hints to Learners of Jacquard Designing. By E. A. POSSELT. With 230 illustrations and numerous diagrams. 127 pp. 4to.

$3.00 RICH.–Artistic Horse-Shoeing :

A Practical and Scientific Treatise, giving Improved Methods of Shoeing, with Special Directions for Shaping Shoes to Cure Different Diseases of the Foot, and for the Correction of Faulty Action in Trotters. By GEORGE E. Rich. 62 Illustrations. 153 pages. I 2mo.

$1.00 RICHARDSON.-Practical Blacksmithing :

A Collection of Articles Contributed at Different Times by Skilled Workmen to the columns of “The Blacksmith and Wheelwright,” and Covering nearly the Whole Range of Blacksmithing, from the Simplest Job of Work to some of the Most Complex Forgings. Compiled and Edited by M. T. RICHARDSON. Vol. I. 210 Illustrations. 224 pp.

$1.00 Vol. II. 230 Illustrations. 262 pages.

: :



I 2mo.



WOHLER.-A Hand-Book of Mineral Analysis :

By F. WÖHLER, Professor of Chemistry in the University of Göttingen. Edited by HENRY B. Nason, Professor of Chemistry in the Řenssalaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, New York. Illustrated.

$3.00 WORSSAM.-On Mechanical Saws :

From the Transactions of the Society of Engineers, 1869. By S. W. WORSSAM, JR. Illustrated by eighteen large plates. 8vo. $2.50

I 2mo.


I 2mo.



ANDERSON.-The Prospector's Hand-Book:

A Guide for the Prospector and Traveler in Search of Metal Bearing or other Valuable Minerals. By J. W. ANDERSON. 52 Illustrations.

$1.50 BEAUMONT.-Woollen and Worsted Cloth Manufacture :

Being a Practical Treatise for the use of all persons employed in the manipulation of Textile Fabrics. By Robert BEAUMONT, M. S. A. With over 200 illustrations, including Sketches of Machinery, Designs, Cloths, etc. 391 pp.

$2.50 BRANNT.-The Metallic Alloys :

A Practical Guide for the Manufacture of all kinds of Alloys, Amal. gams and Solders used by Metal Workers, especially by Bell Founders, Bronze Workers, Tinsmiths, Gold and Silver Workers, Dentists, etc., etc., as well as their Chemical and Physical Properties. Edited chiefly from the German of A. Krupp and Andreas Wildberger, with additions by Wm. T. BRANNT. Illustrated.

$2.50 BRANNT.-A Practical Treatise on the Manufacture of Vine.

gar and Acetates, Cider, and Fruit-Wines : Preservation of Fruits and Vegetables by Canning and Evaporation; Preparation of Fruit-Butters, Jellies, Marmalades, Catchups, Pickles, Mustards, etc. Edited from various sources. By WILLIAM T.

BRANNT. Illustrated by 79 Engravings. 479 pp. 8vo. $5.00 BRANNT.-The Metal Worker's Handy-Book of Receipts

and Processes: Being a Collection of Chemical Formulas and Practical Manipulations for the working of all Metals; including the Decoration and Beautifying of Articles Manufactured therefrom, as well as their Preseryation. Edited from various sources. By WILLIAM T.

I 2mo.



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I 2mo.

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with Workshop Management, Economy of Manufacture, the Steam. Engine, Boilers, Gears, Berling, etc., etc. By EGBERT P. WATSON. Illustrated by eighty-six engravings. 12mo.

$2.50 NATSON.–The Theory and Practice of the Art of Weaving

by Hand and Power : With Calculations and Tables for the Use of those connected with the Trade. By John WATSON, Manufacturer and Practical Machine. Maker. Illustrated by large Drawings of the best Power Looms. 8vo.

$7.50 WATT.-The Art of Soap Making:

A Practical Hand-book of the Manufacture of Hard and Sost Soaps, Toilet Soaps, etc., including many New Processes, and a Chapter on the Recovery of Glycerine from Waste Leys. By ALEXANDER WATT. III.

$3.00 WEATHERLY.–Treatise on the Art of Boiling Sugar, Crys.

tallizing, Lozenge-making, Comfits, Gun Goods, And other processes for Confectionery, etc., in which are explained, in an easy and familiar manner, the various Methods of Manufactur. ing every Description of Raw and Refined Sugar Goods, as sold by Confectioners and others.

$1.50 WIGHTWICK.-Hints to Young Architects:

Comprising Advice to those who, while yet at school, are destined to the Profession; to such as, having passed their pupılage, are about to travel; and to those who, having completed their education, are about to practise. Together with a Model Specification involvir.g a great variety of instructive and suggestive matter. By GEORGB W!GHTWICK, Architect. A new edition, revised and considerably enlarged; comprising Treatises on the Principles of Constructiva and Design. By G. HUSKISSON GUILLAUME, Architect. Numerous Uustrations. One vol. 12mo. .

$2.00 WILL.–Tables of Qualitative Chemical Analysis.

With an Introductory Chapter on the Course of Analysis. By Proessor HEINRICH Will, of Giessen, Germany. Third Americane from the eleventh German edition. Edited by CHARLES F. HIMES, Ph. D., Professor of Natural Science, Dickinson College, Carlisle, Pa. 8vo.

$1.50 WILLIAMS.-On Heat and Steam:

Embracing New Views of Vaporization, Condensation, and Explosion. By CHARLES WYE WILLIAMS, A. I. C. E. Illustrated 8vo.

$350 WILSON.-A Treatise on Steam Boilers :

Their Strength, Construction, and Economical Working. By ROBERT WILSON. Ilustrated 12mo.

$2.00 WILSON.–First Principles of Political Economy:

With Reference to Statesmanship and the Progress of Civilization. By Professor W. D. WILSON, of the Cornell University. A new and



WARE.-The Sugar Beet.
\ Including a History of the Beet Sugar Industry in Europe, Varietia

of the Sugar Beet, Examination, Soils, Tillage, Seeds and Sowing,
Yield and Cost of Cultivation, Harvesting, Transportation, Conserva.
tion, Feeding Qualities of the Beet and of the Pulp, etc. By LEWIS
S. Ware, C. E., M. E. Illustrated by ninety engravings. 8vo.

WARN.-The Sheet-Metal Worker's Instructor:

For Zinc, Sheet-Iron, Copper, and Tin-Plate Workers, etc. Contain.
ing a selection of Geometrical Problems; also, Practical and Simple
Rules for Describing the various Patterns required in the different
branches of the above Trades. By REUBEN H. Warn, Practicai
Tin-Plate Worker. To which is added an Appendix, containing
Instructions for Boiler- Making, Mensuration of Surfaces and Solids,
Rules for Calculating the Weights of different Figures of Iron and
Steel, Tables of the Weights of Iron, Steel, etc. Illustrated by thirty-

two Plates and thirty-seven Wood Engravings. 8vo. $3.00
WARNER.–New Theorems, Tables, and Diagrams, for the

Computation of Earth-work:
Designed for the use of Engineers in Preliminary and Final Estimates,
of Students in Engineering, and of Contractors and other non-profes.
sional Computers. In two parts, with an Appendix. Part I. A Prac.
tical Treatise; Part II. A Theoretical Treatise, and the Appendix.
Containing Notes to the Rules and Examples of Part I.; Explana-
tions of the Construction of Scales, Tables, and Diagrams, and a
Treatise upon Equivalent Square Bases and Equivalent Level Heights.
The whole illustrated by numerous original engravings, comprising
explanatory cuts for Definitions and Problems, Stereonietric Scales
and Diagrams, and a series of Lithographic Drawings from Models :
Showing all the Combinations of Solid Forms which occur in Railroad
Excavations and Embankments. By John WARNER, A. M., Mining
and Mechanical Engineer. Illustrated by 14 Plates. A new, revised
and improved edition. 8vo.

WATSON.-A Manual of the Hand-Lathe :

Comprising Concise Directions for Working Metals of all kinds,
ivory, Bone and Precious Woods; Dyeing, Coloring, and French
Polishing; Inlaying by Veneers, and various methods practised to
produce Elaborate work with Dispatch, and at Small Expense. By
EGBERT P. Watson, Author of “The Modern Practice of American

Machinists and Engineers.” Illustrated by 78 engravings. $1.50
WATSON.-The Modern Practice of American Machinists and

Engineers :
Including the Construction, Application, and Use of Drills, Lathe
Tools, Cutters for Boring Cylinders, and Hollow-work generally, with
the most Economical Speed for the same; the Results verified by
Actual Practice at the Lathe, the Vise, and on the Floor. Together

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