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THE MERCANTILE LIBRARY ASSOCIATION of New York was formed in 1820,-the first public meeting of merchants' clerks, for the purpose of considering the expediency of establishing a Library and Reading Room, having been held on the ninth of November in that year. The Library was opened in February, 1821, at a room in Fulton street, and contained, at that time, 700 volumes. It remained there till February, 1826, when, having increased to 3300 volumes, it was removed to a larger room, in Cliff street.

In February, 1828, at a meeting of prominent merchants, interested in the success of the Institution, it was agreed to raise, by subscription, a sum sufficient for the erection of a building for the permanent accommodation of the Library. Between thirty and forty thousand dollars was subscribed, and the building called CLINTON HALL, on the corner of Beekman and Nassau streets, was erected. The Association took possession of the rooms provided for their use by the CLINTON HALL ASSOCIATION, in November, 1830, at which time the Library contained about 6000 volumes. Since then it has steadily increased, and now numbers 21,200 volumes.

The present Catalogue is divided into three parts. In the first, works are arranged in alphabetical order, under their authors' names, or, if anonymous, under the leading word in the title. In the second, they are classified under general heads, which are themselves arranged alphabetically. The Classified Catalogue forms an index to the Alphabetical Catalogue, and reference can readily be made from the former to the latter, as the first word in the title of every book is the same in both. Biographies, only, stand, in the body of the Catalogue, under their authors' names, and, in the index, under the names of their subjects. The third part, or Appendix, comprises Novels, which are not inserted in the other divisions of the Catalogue.

Books which are strictly Works of Reference, and which cannot be taken from the Library, are marked in the Catalogue with an asterisk (*). Other books are from time to time designated by the Board of Direction, which cannot be taken out except by special permission of a member of the Board.

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Abailard. Lettres d' Abailard et d' Héloïse. Edition d' E. Oddoul. Avec un Essai Historique par M. et Mme. Guizot. 2 v. 8°. Paris. 1839. History of the lives of Abeillard and Heloisa. 8°. [Title wanting.] Abbott, Charles. Treatise on the Law relative to Merchant Ships and

Seamen. 8°.

Abbott, Jacob.

12°. N. Y.

12°. N. Y.

Abdy, E. S.

Exeter. 1822.

The Corner Stone; an Illustration of Christian Truth. 1834.

The Young Christian; an illustration of Christian Duty. 1834.

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Journal of a Residence and Tour in the United States, in

1833-34. 3 v. 12°. Lond. 1835.

Abeel, David. Journal of a Residence in China and the neighboring Countries, in 1829-33. 12°. N. Y. 1834.

Abelard. See Abailard.

Abercrombie, John. Inquiries concerning the Intellectual Powers. See Harper's Family Library.

Philosophy of the Moral Feelings. See the same. The Harmony of Christian Character and Mental Culture. 18°. N. Y. 1839. Ablesimoff, A. Komicheskaya Opera. Melnik, Koldun, Obmanshchik, i Svat. [The Miller, Rogue, Wizard, and Go-between. A Comic Opera.] 8°. St. Petersburg. 1792.

Abrantes. See D'Abrantès.

Abu Taleb Khan, (Mirza.)

Travels in Asia, Africa and Europe. the Persian, by Charles Stewart. 2 v. 8°. Lond. 1810. Academia Real das Scientias de Lisboa, Memorias e Historia da. 4°. Lisboa. 1797-1831.


10 v.

Accum, Frederic. On the Adulterations of Food, and Culinary Poisons.

18°. Phil. 1820.

Acerbi, Joseph. Travels through Sweden, Finland and Lapland. 4°. Lond.


Adam, Alexander. Roman Antiquities. 8°. N. Y. 1814.

2 v.

The same. Edited by J. Boyd. 12°. Glasgow. 1836. Adam, Robert. The Religious World Displayed; a view of the various existing Sects. 3 v. 8°. Phil. 1818.

Adams, George. Lectures on Natural and Experimental Philosophy.

5 v. 8°. Lond.


Adams, Hannah. Memoirs, written by herself. 12°. Bost. 1822.
Adams, John. Flowers of Modern Travels. 2 v. 12°. Bost. 1816.
Adams, John. Analysis of Horsemanship. 3 v. 8°. Lond. 1805.
Adams, John. (Pres.) Defence of the Constitutions of the United States
against Turgot. 3 v. [Vol. 3 wanting.] 8°. Phil. 1797.
Letters, addressed to his wife.
12°. Bost. 1841.
Adams, John Quincy.
Camb. 1810.

Edited by C. F. Adams.

Lectures on Rhetoric and Oratory. 2 v.

8°. The Duplicate Letters, the Fisheries, &c.; Documents relating to the Treaty of Ghent. 8°. Washington. 1822.


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Report upon Weights and Measures. 8°. Phil.

Dermot MacMorrogh. A Poem. 8°. Bost.

The Jubilee of the Constitution. An Oration. 8°.

Adams, Mrs. [Wife of Pres. J. Adams.] Letters; with a Memoir by C. F. Adams. 2 v. 12°. Bost. 1840.

Adams, Miss. [Daughter of Pres. J. Adams.] Journal and Correspondence, written in France and England, in 1785. 2 v. 12°. N. Y.


Adams, Robert. Narrative of his Shipwreck on the Western Coast of
Africa, in 1810. 8°. Bost. 1817.
Addison, Charles G.

Damascus and Palmyra. 2 v. 12°. Phil. 1838. The Temple Church. 8°. Lond. 1843. Punctuation upon Fixed Principles. 12°. Lond. 1826. Addison, Joseph. Works, except the Spectator. 6 v. 12°. N. Y. 1811. Complete Works. 3 v. 8°. N. Y. 1837.

Addison, Charles J.

Addisoniana. 2 v.

See Spectator, the.

18°. Lond. 1803.

Addresses of the Philadelphia Society for the Promotion of National Industry. 12°. Phil. 1820.

Adelung, J. C. Historical Sketch of Sanscrit Literature. From the German, by D. A. Talboys. 8°. Oxford. 1832.

Adlerfeld, Gustavus. Military History of Charles XII., of Sweden. 3 v. 8°. Lond. 1740.

Adventurer, the. By John Hawkesworth and others. 8°. Lond. 1825.
See British Essayists, vols. 23–25.
Adventures of a Gentleman in Search of a Horse.


18°. Lond. [Title

Adventures of a Young Rifleman, during the War in Spain and Portugal.

12°. Phil. 1826.

Adventures of British Seamen. See Constable's Miscellany, vol. 4.
Eschylus. Tragœdiæ. [Græcè.] 12°. Lipsia. 1817.

- Tragedies. Translated by R. Potter. See Family Classical
Æsop. Fables. Translated by S. Croxall. 12°. Phil. 1836.
Æsop, Junior, in America. A Series of Fables. 12°. N. Y. 1834.
Agassiz, Louis. Recherches sur les Poissons Fossiles.

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5 v. de Planches. 4°. Neuchatel. 1833-43.

5 v. de Texte, et

Agassiz, L.

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