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Vaccination, 76, 221
- discovery of, 218
– value of, 216–218
Vaccine virus, 36
Violet light, germicidal action of, 49

Tuberculosis, prevention of, 170
- susceptibility to, 164
- treatment of, 167
Typhoid bacillus, discovery of, 136
- description of, 136
– destruction of, 138
- in urine, 135
Typhoid fever, 126
- bacillus of, 138
– mortality from, 126-134
- preventive inoculations, 139
- second attacks of, 74
Typhus fever, 154
– causes of, 157
- epidemics of, 154-156
- in United States, 156
- mortality from, 158

Water-born diseases, 15
Water supply, infection of, 133
Whitewash as a disinfectant, 59
Whooping-cough, 211
— mortality from, 212
- prevention of, 213
Wound infections, 19, 264

Yellow fever, 252
- board to investigate, 255
- epidemics in United States, 253–

— geographic range, 252–254
– prevention of, 258–265
- transmission of, 255

Uncinaria Americana, 142
United States Army, mortality in, 143
Urine, typhoid bacilli in, 135

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Edited by Professor J. McKeen Cattell, Columbia University, with the coöperation of Frank Evers Bedi)ARD, F.R.S., in Great Britain.

Each volume of the series will treat some department of science with reference to the most recent advances, and will be contributed by an author of acknowledged authority. Every effort will be made to maintain the standard set by the first volumes, until the series shall represent the more important aspects of contemporary science. The advance of science has been so rapid, and its place in modern life has become so dominant, that it is needful to revise continually the statement of its results, and to put these in a form that is intelligible and attractive. The man of science can himself be a specialist in one department only, yet it is necessary for him to keep abreast of scientific progress in many directions. The results of modern science are of use in nearly every profession and calling, and are an essential part of modern education and culture. A series of scientific books, such as has been planned, should be assured of a wide circulation, and should contribute greatly to the advance and diffusion oi scientific knowledge.

The volumes will be in octavo form, and will be fully illustrated in so far as the subject matter calls for illustrations.


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1.–The Study of Man. By Professor A. C. HADDON, M.A., D.Sc.,

M.R.I.A. Fully illustrated. 8°, $2.00.

“A timely and useful volume. ... The author wields a pleasing pen and knows how to make the subject attractive. ... The work is calculated to spread among its readers an attraction to the science of anthropology. The author's observations are exceedingly genuine and his descriptions are vivid.”—London Atheneum. 2.—The Groundwork of Science. A Study of Epistemology. By

St. George MIVART, F.R.S. $1.75.

“The book is cleverly written and is one of the best works of its kind ever put before the public. It will be interesting to all readers, and especially to those interested in the study of science.”-New Haven Leader. 3.-Rivers of North America. A Reading Lesson for Students of Geo

graphy and Geology. By ISRAEL C. RUSSELL, Professor of Geology, University of Michigan, author of “Lakes of North America," “ Glaciers of North America,” “ Volcanoes of North America," etc. Fully illustrated. 8°, $2.00.

"There has not been in the last few years until the present book any authoritative, broad résumé on the subject, modified and deepened as it has been by modern research and reflection, which is couched in language suitable for the multitude.... The text is as entertaining as it is instructive."Boston Transcript. 4.-Earth Sculpture; or, The Origin of Land-Forms. By JAMES

GEIKIE, LL.D., D.C.L., F.R.S., etc., Murchison Professor of Geology and Mineralogy in the University of Edinburgh ; author of “ The Great Ice Age,” etc. Fully illustrated. 8°, $2.00.

“This volume is the best popular and yet scientific treatment we know of of the origin and development of land-forms, and we immediately adopted it as the best available text-book for a college course in physiography. ... The book is full of life and vigor, and shows the sympathetic touch of a man deeply in love with nature."-Science. 5.-Volcanoes. By T. G. BONNEY, F.R.S., University College, London.

Fully illustrated. 8°, $2.00.

"It is not only a fine piece of work from a scientific point of view, but it is uncommonly attractive to the general reader, and is likely to have a larger sale than most books of its class."--Springfield Republican. 6.-Bacteria: Especially as they are related to the economy of nature, to

industrial processes, and to the public health. By GEORGE NEWMAN, M.D., F.R.S. (Edin.), D.P.H. (Camb.), etc., Demonstrator of Bacteriology in King's College, London. With 24 micro-photographs of actual organisms and over 70 other illustrations. 8°, $2.00.

“Dr. Newman's discussions of bacteria and disease, of immunity, of antitoxins, and of methods of disinfection, are illuminating, and are to be commended to all seeking information on these points. Any discussion of bacteria will seem technical to the uninitiated, but all such will find in this book popular treatment and scientific accuracy happily combined."- The Dial.

7.- A Book of Whales. By F. E. BEDDARD, M.A., F.R.S. Illustrated,

8°, $2.00.

“Mr. Beddard has done well to devote a whole volume to whales. They are worthy of the biographer who has now well grouped and described these creatures. The general reader will not find the volume too technical, nor has the author failed in his attempt to produce a book that shall be acceptable to the zoologist and the naturalist."-N. Y. Times.

8.-Comparative Physiology of the Brain and Comparative Psy

chology. With special reference to the Invertebrates. By JACQUES LOEB, M.D., Professor of Physiology in the University of Chicago. Illustrated. 8°, $1.75.

"No student of this most interesting phase of the problems of life can afford to remain in ignorance of the wide range of facts and the suggestive series of interpretations which Professor Loeb has brought together in this volume."-JOSEPH Jastrow, in the Chicago Dial. 9.-The Stars. By Professor SIMON NEWCOMB, U.S.N., Nautical Al.

manac Office, and Johns Hopkins University. 8°. Illustrated. Net,

$2.00. (By mail, $2.20.) 10.-The Basis of Social Relations. A Study in Ethnic Psychology. By

DANIEL G. BRINTON, A.M., M.D., LL.D., Sc.D., Late Professor of American Archäology and Linguistics in the University of Pennsylvania; Author of “ History of Primitive Religions," “ Races and Peoples," “ The American Race,” etc. Edited by LIVINGSTON FAR.

RAND, Columbia University. 8°. (By mail, $1.60.) Net, $1.50. 11.-Experiments on Animals. By Stephen Paget. With an Intro

duction by Lord Lister. Illustrated. 8°, net, $2.00. (By mail, $2.20.) 12.-Infection and Immunity. With Special Reference to the Prevention

of Infectious Diseases. By GEORGE M. STERNBERG, M.D., LL.D., Surgeon-General U. S. Army (Retired). Illustrated. 8o.

The following volumes are in preparation : Meteors and Comets. By Professor C. A. YOUNG, Princeton University. The Measurement of the Earth. By Professor C. T. MENDENHALL,

Worcester Polytechnic Institute, formerly Superintendent of the U. S.

Coast and Geodetic Survey. Earthquakes. By Major C. E. DUTTON, U.S.A. The History of Science. By C. S. PEIRCE Recent Theories of Evolution. By J. MARK BALDWIN, Princeton

University. The Reproduction of Living Beings. By Professor Marcus HARTOG,

Queen's College, Cork. Man and the Higher Apes. By Dr. A. KEITH, F.R.C.S. Heredity. By J. ARTHUR THOMPSON, School of Medicine, Edinburgh. Life Areas of North America: A Study in the Distribution of

Animals and Plants. By Dr. C. Hart MERRIAM, Chief of the

Biological Survey, U. S. Department of Agriculture. Age, Growth, Sex, and Death. By Professor CHARLES S. Minot,

Harvard Medical School. History of Botany. By Professor A. H. GREEN. Planetary Motion. By G. W. Hul. Infection and Immunity. By GEORCE M. STERNBERG, Surgeon-General,


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