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No. 452, page 1937.-To authorize an exchange of land between the Waianae

Co. and the Navy Department (H. R. 9999).

453, page 1939.-For the relief of Mrs. Ollie Myers (H. R. 8884).

Na 454, page 1941.- For the relief of Ned Williams (H. R. 8909).

No. 455, page 1943.-For the relief of Kenneth A. Bixler (H. R. 8908).

No. 456, page 1945.–For the relief of Louis George Kovacs (H. R. 9019)

No. 457, page 1947.-To appoint L. Z. Phillips a second lieutenant in the Marine

Corps (H. R. 9129).

Na. 458, page 1949.-For the relief of Louis Columbus de Perini (H. R. 9047).

459. page 1951.- For the relief of Marion Wesley Ott (H. R. 9221).

460, page 1953.-To amend section 22 of the act approved March 4, 1925,

entitled "An act providing for sundry matters affecting the naval

service, and for other purposes" (H. R. 10636).

No. 461, page 1955.- To aid the national defense by fostering shipbuilding on

the Pacific coast in order to more perfectly provide the necessary

shore support for the maintenance and operation of the Pacific Fleet

by encouraging shipbuilding on the Pacific coast (H. R. 9652).

No. 462 page 1957

page 1957.-For the relief of Clyde W. Snell (H. R. 9683).

463, page 1959.-To authorize the construction of a model basin estab-

lishment, and for other purposes (H. R. 10135).

S. 464, page 1961.–To amend section 6 of the naval appropriation act approved

March 3, 1931, to regulate the distribution and promotion of com-

missioned officers of the line of the Navy, and for other purposes

(H. R. 6647).

465, page 1963.-For the relief of Edward R. Daum (H. R. 10054).

466, page 1965. For the relief of M. C. Carnicle (H. R. 9727).

467, page 1967.- For the relief of Howard Emmett Tallmadge (H. R. 9877).

No. 468, page 1969.-To correct the naval record of Paul Harold Erickson (H. R.


No. 469. page 1971.- For the relief of Leo Stellwagen (H. R. 9792).

No. 470, page 1973.-Calling upon the Secretary of the Navy for information

concerning the failure of the marine band to fulfill its engagement to

render a musical program at a meeting of the Women's Patriotic

Conference on National Defense (H. Res. 407).

No. 671. page 1975.--Hearings before a subcommittee of the Committee on Naval

Affairs on a new basic law for the Naval and Marine Corps Reserve.

No. 472. page 2247.-To amend section 10 of the act entitled "An act to regulate

the distribution, promotion, retirement, and discharge of commis-

sioned officers of the Marine Corps, and for other purposes”, approved

May 29, 1934 (48 Stat. 811) (H. R. 10126).

€73, page 2249.–To authorize the President of the United States to dispose

of certain public vessels, and for other purposes (H. R. 10979).

a 74. page 2251.--To authorize the construction of certain auxiliary vessels for

the Navy (H. R. 10978).

page 2253. --To authorize alterations and repairs to certain naval vessels

H. R. 10976).

676. page 2255.-To authorize alterations and repairs to certain naval

vessels, and for other purposes (H. R. 10977).

Ke 77page 2257.-For the relief of John Randolph McCann (H. R. 10032).

078, page 2259.-To provide for the construction of a metal-clad airship for

the United States Navy (H. R. 7715).

79, page 2261.–To amend section 5 of Public Law No. 264, Seventy-third

Congress, approved May 29, 1934, relative to the appointment of

Naval Academy graduates as ensigns in the Navy (H. R. 10100).

le eso, page 2263.–For the relief of Joseph Nicholas Lusson (H. R. 10290).
la 41, page 2265. For the relief of Walter William Meyer (H. R. 10223).


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