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TABLE XVII. - Summary of cost of money computation on facilities capital (cost of money included in total cost input-regular


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TABLE XVIII.–Summary of cost of money computation on facilities capital (cost of money included in total cost input-alternative


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Sec. 1-4.000 Scope and applicability of part.

Subparts 1-4.1–1-4.3 (Reserved)

Sec. 1-4.901 General. 1-4.901 General. 1-4.902 Policy. 1-4.903 Agency program direction and op

eration. 1-4.904 Definitions. 1-4.905 Advance guidance. 1-4.906 Content of unsolicited proposals. 1-4.907 Time of submission. 1-4.908 Agency point of contact. 1-4.909 Receipt, review, and evaluation. 1-4.910 Method of procurement. 1-4.911 Prohibitions. 1-4.912 Interagency coordination. 1-4.913 Limited use of data.

Subpart 1-4.4—Public Utilities 1-4.400 Scope

of subpart. 1-4.401 Definition. 1-4.402 Applicability. 1-4.403 Utility bills rendered to executive

agencies. 1-4.404 GSA assistance. 1-4.405 Submission of information. 1-4.406 Procurement policy and regula

tions. 1-4.406-1 Policy. 1-4.406-2 Agency supply arrangements. 1-4.407 GSA areawide contracts. 1-4.408 GSA long-term contracts. 1-4.409 Consolidated purchase, joint use,

or cross-service. 1-4.410 Independent procurement by ex.

ecutive agencies. 1-4.410-1 General. 1-4.410-2 Documentation of procurements

from regulated utility suppliers. 1-4.410-3 Documentation of procurements

from unregulated utility suppliers. 1-4.410-4 Negotiations with utility suppli

li. ers. 1-4.410-5 Uniform clauses for utility serv

ice contracts. 1-4.410-6 Post review or periodic reporting. 1-4.411 Prior review of certain proposed

procurements. 1-4.411-1 General. 1-4.411-2 Prior review by GSA. 1-4.411-3 Alternative prior review by the

procuring agency. 1-4.411-4 Guidelines for prior review. 1-4.412 Capital credits from REA-financed


Subpart 1-4.10—Architect-Engineer Services 1-4.1000 Scope of subpart. 1-4.1001 General policy. 1-4.1002 Definitions. 1-4.1003 Public announcements. 1-4.1004 Selection. 1-4.1004-1 Establishment of architect-engi

neer evaluation boards. 1-4.1004-2 Functions of the evaluation

boards. 1-4.1004-3 Evaluation criteria. 1-4.1004-4 Action by agency head or his

authorized representative. 1-4.1004-5 Procedures for procurements es

timated not to exceed $10,000. 1-4.1005 Negotiation procedures. 1-4.1005-1 General. 1-4.1005-2 Conduct of negotiations. 1-4.1005-3 Independent Government esti

mate. 1-4.1005-4 Architect-engineer's proposal. 1-4.1005-5 Contract price. 1-4.1005-6 Record of negotiation. 1-4.1006 Limitation on contracting with ar

chitect-engineer firms for construction

work. 1-4.1006-1 Policy. 1-4.1006-2 Procedure. 1-4.1007 Small business.

Subpart 1-4.11-Procurement and Contracting

for Government-wide Automated Data Processing Equipment, Software, Maintenance Services, and Supplies

Subpart 1-4.5 (Reserved)

Subpart 1-4.6—Livestock Products 1-4.600 Scope. 1-4.601 General. 1-4.602 Definition of livestock products. 1-4.603 Exception. 1-4.604 Procedures. 1-4.605 Statement of eligibility clause. 1-4.606 Humane method of livestock

slaughter clause. 1-4.607 Reporting violations.

1-4.1100 Scope of subpart. 1-4.1100-1 Relationship to the Federal

Property Management Regulations. 1-4.1101 Applicability. 1-4.1101-1 Relationship to other procure

ment regulations. 1-4.1102 Definitions. 1-4.1102-1 Automatic data processing

equipment. 1-4.1102-2 Software. 1-4.1102-3 Maintenance services. 1-4.1102-4 Supplies. 1-4.1102-5 Procurement. 1-4.1102-6 Agency procurement request.

Subparts 1-4.7—1-4.8 [Reserved)

Subpart 1-4.9–Unsolicited Proposals 1-4.900 Scope of subpart.

[blocks in formation]

Sec. 1-4.1102-7 Data systems specifications. 1-4.1102-8 Equipment performance re

quirements. 1-4.1102-9 Federal agency. 1-4.1102-10 Selection plan. 1-4.1102-11 Systems or items life. 1-4.1102-12 Mandatory requirements. 1-4.1102-13 Desirable features. 1-4.1102-14 Lowest overall cost. 1-4.1102-15 (Reserved) 1-4.1102-16 Competitive procurement. 1-4.1102-17 (Reserved) 1-4.1102-18 Noncompetitive (sole source)

procurement. 1-4.1103 Procurement authority. 1-4.1103-1 Automatic data processing

equipment. 1-4.1103-2 Software. 1-4.1103-3 Maintenance services. 1-4.1103-4 Automatic data processing fund. 1-4.1103-5 (Reserved) 1-4.1104 Request for procurement action. 1-4.1105 GSA action on procurement re

quests. 1-4.1105-1 Agency responsibilities when

GSA procures ADPE or related items

for that agency. 1-4.1105-2 GSA responsibilities when GSA

procures ADPE or related items for an

other agency. 1-4.1106 Federal agency responsibility

when procurement authority is delegat

ed by GSA. 1-4.1107 Procurement guidance. 1-4.1107-1 Procurement related directives. 1-4.1107-2 Competition. 1-4.1107-3 Publicizing procurement ac

tions. 1-4.1107-4 (Reserved] 1-4.1107-5 Restrictions on the use of simu

lation in the ADPE procurement proc

ess. 1-4.1107-6 Use of schedule contracts. 1-4.1107-7 Use of requirements contracts. 1-4.1107-8 Industry review of ADP specifi

cations. 1-4.1107-9 Handling of late bids, proposals,

modifications, and withdrawals. 1-4.1107-10 Use of data systems specifica

tions. 1-4.1107-11 Use of other types of specifica

tions or purchase descriptions. 1-4.1107-12 (Reserved] 1-4.1107-13 Evaluation factors. 1-4.1107-14 Use of standard clauses. 1-4.1107-15 Conversion rental credits. 1-4.1107-16 Software procurements. 1-4.1107-17 Procurement of supplies. 1-4.1107-18 Contractor leased ADPE. 1-4.1107-19 Assistance by GSA. 1-4.1107-20 Sole source procurement docu

mentation. 1-4.1108 Standard clauses. 1-4.1108-1 Late bids, proposals, modifica

tions, and withdrawals. 1-4.1108-2 Limitation of Liability.

§ 1-4.400 Scope of subpart.

This subpart prescribes policies and procedures for economical and efficient procurement of public utility services by executive agencies. $ 1-4.401 Definition.

As used in this Subpart 1-4.4, "utility services" include all utility services (except telecommunications services), such as electricity, gas, steam, water, and sewerage, including facilities on both sides of the delivery point for the supply of such services. 81-4.402 Applicability.

(a) The provisions of this Subpart 14.4 apply to the procurement of utility services by executive agencies within the United States and its possessions and the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico.

(b) The Statement of Areas of Understanding between the Department of Defense and General Services Administration in the Matter of Procurement of Utility Services, as amended (15 FR 8227, 22 FR 871), shall govern the procurement of utility services by the Department of Defense.

(c) The provisions of this Subpart 14.4 do not apply to: (1) Utility services sistance from the Federal Supply Service of GSA in Washington, D.C., at the address listed below in § 1-4.405, or in the nearest of the ten GSA regional offices through the Federal Supply Service Regional Commission


(31 FR 16417, Dec. 23, 1966, as amended at 40 FR 44139, Sept. 25, 1975)

produced, distributed, or sold by a Federal agency (other than consolidated purchase, joint use, or crossservice by one agency for another agency); or (2) utility services (other than those required for administrative purposes) obtained by purchase, exchange, or otherwise by Federal power or water marketing agencies as a direct incident to such agency's marketing or distribution program.

(d) GSA will, upon request, furnish the services provided for in this Subpart 1-4.4 to any other Federal agency, mixed-ownership Government corporation the District of Columbia, the Senate, the House of Representatives, or the Architect of the Capitol and any activity under his direction. § 1-4.403 Utility bills rendered to execu

tive agencies. Executive agencies shall notify the utility suppliers with which they do business to provide GSA from time to time, upon the request of GSA to the supplier, with duplicate copies of bills rendered to the individual agencies for utility services. The particular billing period will be mutually agreed upon between GSA and the supplier.

§ 1-4.405 Submission of information.

All information required by GSA under this Subpart 1-4.4, except where otherwise specified, shall be addressed to the General Services Administration, Federal Supply Service, Public Utilities Management Division, Washington, D.C. 20406. (40 FR 44139, Sept. 25, 1975) § 1-4.406 Procurement policy and regula

tions. § 1-4.406-1 Policy.

It shall be the policy of executive agencies to obtain required utility services from sources of supply which are most advantageous to the Government in terms of economy, efficiency, or service, after investigating all appropriate sources. The supplier of a utility service is usually the sole source thereof. When more than one source of supply is available, the service may also be procured by negotiation since formal advertising is usually not feasible and practicable (see $ $ 13.101 (a), (d); 1-3.202; 1-3.203; 1-3.210; and Subpart 1-3.3 of this chapter). § 1-4.406-2 Agency supply arrangements.

In implementing the policy state § 1-4.406-1, use shall be made by agencies of: (a) GSA areawide contracts (§ 1-4.407); (b) GSA long-term contracts (§ 1-4.408); and (c) consolidated purchase, joint use, or cross-service by one agency for another agency (§ 14.409).

§ 1-4.404 GSA assistance.

(a) The Congress and the President, in the declaration of policy in the Federal Property and Administrative Services Act of 1949, stated an intent to provide for the Government an economical and efficient system for, among other things, the procurement of nonpersonal services, including contracting for and management of public utility services (40 U.S.C. 471). In order to implement this policy, GSA has established an experienced staff of utilities technical specialists and engi. neers, available to all agencies, to provide the necessary capabilities to facilitate more economical and efficient procurement and management of public utility services by Federal agencies.

(b) Agencies not having personnel technically qualified to deal with spe cialized utilities problems and requiring GSA technical assistance, and other agencies having technically qualified personnel but desiring GSA consulting assistance should obtain as

§ 1-4.407 GSA areawide contracts.

(a) GSA enters into areawide contracts with various utility suppliers for the furnishing of utility services to Federal agencies located within the service areas of such suppliers. GSA areawide contracts provide that the utility supplier, upon execution of a

Government order in the form of an (a) Where lower rates, larger disauthorization prescribed by the con- counts, or more favorable conditions tract, will furnish, without further ne- of service can be obtained. gotiation, the services involved in ac- (b) Where a proposed connection cordance with such of the supplier's charge, termination liability or any rate schedules as are applicable to other facilities charge to be paid by such services and subject to all the the Government would be eliminated provisions of the areawide contract.

or reduced. (b) Unless it is determined that more

(c) Where the utility supplier readvantageous competing services are

fuses to render the desired service available, each executive agency in the

except under a long-term contract. srea covered by a GSA areawide con

§ 1-4.409 Consolidated purchase, joint use, tract shall procure utility services

or cross-service. thereunder: Provided, however, That when it is in the best interest of the

Consolidated purchase, joint use, or

cross-service by one agency for anGovernment, an agency may negotiate

other agency shall be used to procure special rates or special services under

utility services or facilities when adan areawide contract or under a sepa

vantageous to the Government in rate contract.

terms of economy, efficiency, or serv(e) When procuring utility services

ice. (Such methods of procurement do inder a GSA areawide contract, each

not include cases where utility services Executive agency shall furnish or ar

are furnished without charge by anrange to furnish to GSA an executed

other Government agency as an incicounterpart or conformed copy of the

dent to space procurement.) A memo

dent to space o order authorizing service connection, randum of understanding. specifving disconnection, or change, as set forth the services or facilities to be supplied in the particular contract.

and the estimated costs and other con(d) Upon request, GSA will furnish ditions under which they will be proto Federal agencies a list of GSA cured, shall be used in cases of consoliareawide public utility contracts, dated purchase, joint use, or crossshowing in each case the kind of util- service. A copy of each memorandum ity service, the serving utility, and the shall be retained in the procuring area served. GSA also will make avail- agency's file until the end of the reable to Federal agencies, upon request, tention period specified in § 1-4.410-6. a copy of any areawide contract. Each These memorandums shall be subject contract includes the specimen order to such on-site postreview or periodic form authorizing service connection, reporting as may be required by GSA. disconnection, or change.

§ 1-4.410 Independent procurement by ex$1-4.408 GSA long-term contracts.

ecutive agencies. Executive agencies ordinarily cannot $ 1-4.410-1 General. obligate the Government for utility

(a) In the absence of available GSA services beyond the current fiscal

areawide contracts (§ 1-4.407), GSA year. Therefore, affirmative action or

long-term contracts (§ 1-4.408), or condinarily is required in order to renew a

solidated purchase, joint use, or crosscontract beyond the current fiscal

service ($ 1-4.409), executive agencies year, GSA, however, has special statu

may procure utility services and facilitory authority to enter into long-term ties, within the scope of their authori. contracts for utility services for peri ty, by independent procurement for ods not exceeding 10 years (40 U.S.C. their own accounts, subject to the 481). GSA, either on its own initiative policy provisions of § 1-4.406, the proor upon request by an agency, will ne cedural provisions of § 1-4.410, and the gotiate or assist in the negotiation of a review provisions of § 1-4.411. long-term contract for the use and (b) Such procurement may be effectbenefit of the agency, if a long-term ed by formal bilateral written contract contract is justified by one or more of or by simple procurement documents, the following circumstances:

such as Government purchase orders



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