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By EDMUND GOSSE, Hon. M. A. of Trinity By BEATRICE WHITBY, author of
College, Cambridge. Literatures of the
World Series. Uniform with "Ancient
Greek Literature," by GILBERT MURRAY, and
"French Literature," by Edward Dowden.
12mo, cloth, $1.50.

44 The Awakening of Mary Fenwick," "Mary Fenwick's Daughter," etc. No. 232, Town and Country Library. 12mo, cloth, $1.00; paper, 50

The aim of this informing and well-balanced volume is to show the movement of English literature, and to give the reader a feeling of its evolution, the slow unwinding of the threads of literary expression down succeeding generations. The author has retained the character of a historical survey with the introduction of the obvious names, but he has kept before him expression, form, and technique as the central interest. It has been found convenient for practical purposes to begin with the age of Chaucer, omitting the archaic periods, and continuing a carefully considered survey, in which the poets are properly prominent, down to the age of Tennyson, without including living writers. The author's knowledge, training, and experience have equipped him with singular completeness for the preparation of this valuable and important work.


"The world of novel-readers will be pleased to see Beatrice Whitby's name on the title-page of a new story. 'Sunset' will fully meet the expectations of her many admirers, while for those (if such there be) who may not know her former books it will form a very appetizing introduction to these justly popular stories."—London Globe.

Sweethearts and Friends.

A Novel. By MAXWELL GRAY, Author of "The
Silence of Dean Maitland," In the Heart of
the Storm," etc. No. 231, Town and Country
Library. 12mo, cloth, $1.00; paper, 50


A Treatise on Surveying. Memory and its Cultivation.

By WILLIAM M. Gillespie, LL.D. Edited by
CADY STALEY, Ph.D., President of the Case
School of Applied Science, Cleveland, Ohio.
New edition, in Two Parts. Part II., Higher
Surveying. 8vo, cloth, $2.00.

The volume, completing the work, includes triangular surveying, geodesy, trigonometric leveling, barometric leveling, and precise leveling, topography, field astronomy, hydrographical surveying, mining surveying, city surveying, and other special topics. The best authorities have been consulted in order to render the work as reliable as possible.

By F. W. EDRIDGE-GREEN, M.D., F.R.C.S., Author of "Colour Blindness and Colour Perception," etc. Vol. 78, International Scientific Series. 12mo, cloth, $1.50.


With Chapters on Hyphenization, Capitaliza-
tion, Spelling, etc. By F. HORACE TEALL,
Author of English Compound Words and
Phrases," etc. 16mo, cloth, $1.00.

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D. APPLETON & COMPANY, 72 Fifth Avenue, New York.

The Publishers' Weekly.

JANUARY 1, 1898.


One page..

Half page..

Quarter page..

Eighth page.


12 00

6 00


They also express their intention to protect their customers to any extent which may be necessary to maintain their published prices.

MCLOUGHLIN BROTHERS have now ready their usual great supply of valentines, and have succeeded in getting many new inventions and ingenious combinations to add to their vast stock of salable love missives. This year they have made specialties of lace valentines and comics, besides shaped valentines of entirely new design. The comic valentines include The above prices do not include insertions in the "An- hits at all the latest fads and follies of the day nual Summary Number," the "Summer Number," the The "Educational Number," and show much spirit and effectiveness. nor the " Christmas Bookshelf," for which higher rates are charged. ornaments and lithographic work of the lace Special positions $5 a page extra. Applications for valentines are of the best. An extensive line special pages will be honored in the order of their receipt. Special rates for yearly or other contracts.

Per line..


All matter for our advertising pages should reach this office not later than Wednesday noon, to insure insertion in the same week's issue.


One year, postage prepaid in the United States.... $3 00
One year, postage prepaid to foreign countries.....
Single copies, 8 cents; postpaid, 10 cents

Address P. O. Box 943, N. Y.


Abbott (William)..

Appleton (D.) & Co

Baker & Taylor Co...
Books for Sale...
Books Wanted..

Copyright Notices.

4 00







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of sachet valentines, put up in envelopes of new designs, will also prove very taking. It is claimed valentines have gone out," but judging from McLoughlin Brothers' show this is certainly a false report.

FREDERICK A. STOKES COMPANY will publish in February John Oliver Hobbes' (Mrs. Craigie's) Some Emotions and a Moral," "The Sinners' Comedy," "A Study in Temptation," and "A Bundle of Life" in one large volume, uniform with the recently published volume "The School for Saints," under the title of

The Tales of John Oliver Hobbes." Mrs. Craigie is among the few authors who is always sure of a waiting public, yet holds her art so high that she never produces a story until it has passed muster with her own quiet criticism. Also in February will be issued Lieutenant Peary's descriptions under one cover of his seven expeditions to the Arctic 18 regions. New books of fiction announced inIclude Robert Barr's "Mediæval Tales"; "Bladys of the Stewpony," by Baring-Gould, an historical romance of the close of the last century.




Dodd, Mead & Co..

Fowler & Wells Co.....

Harison (W. B.)...

Harley (F. M.) Publishing Co.


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LITTLE, BROWN & Co. have just ready, in their uniform edition of the Dumas romances, "The Horoscope, a romance of the reign of 17 François II.," and "Monsieur de Chauvelin's Will and The Woman with the Velvet Necklace." None of these romances has hitherto been translated. The chronological order of "The Horoscope," the principal characters in which are the young King François II., Catherine de Medicis, Admiral Coligny, and Prince de Condé, is between "The Page of the Duke of 18 Savoy" and "Marguerite de Valois." It is referred to by Dumas in the first-named work, and its issue in this edition of the Dumas romances seemed necessary to fill an historical gap in the reigns of the Valois kings as treated by the great novelist. He says: "In another romance, 'The Horoscope,' we have tried to bring before our readers the events of this short reign, which lasted only four months and twenty-five days, during which period so many noteworthy incidents occurred." sieur de Chauvelin's Will," (Le Testament de M. de Chauvelin,) deals with the last days of the reign of Louis xv. The scenes of "The Woman with the Velvet Necklace" are laid in Paris during the Reign of Terror, the principal character being Ernst Theodor Wilhelm [or Amadeus] Hoffmann, "chiefly celebrated," says Dr. Hedge, "for his successful use of the magic and demoniac elements in fiction." One of the chief historical incidents is the execution of Madame du Barry. Both volumes contain portraits.

WILLIAM BEVERLEY HARISON has just ready a work on the "Treatment of Disease by Electric Current," by Dr. S. H. Monell. The volume contains a number of illustrations.


WILLIAM ABBOTT, 31 Nassau Street, New York, will publish early in February a volume entitled How to Become a Trained Nurse," edited by. Miss Jane Hodson, graduate of the New York Hospital. The volume will contain 35 illustrations.

WILLIAM WOOD & Co. announce that after this date all of their publications will be issued at a net price to the public. The terms upon which they will be sold to the trade will not permit of any discounts whatever to the public.



The abbreviations are usually self-explanatory. c. after the date indicates that the book is copyrighted; if the copyright date differs from the imprint date, the year of copyright is added. Books of foreign origin of which the edition (annotated, illus.rated, etc. is entered as copyright, are marked c. ed.; translations, c. tr.; n. p., in place of price, indicates that the publisher makes no price, either net or retail, and quotes prices to the trade only upon application.

A colon after initial designates the most usual given name, as: A: Augustus; B: Benjamin; C: Charles: D: David; E: Edward: F: Frederic; G: George; H: Henry; I: Isaac; J: John; L: Louis; N: Nicholas; PPeter; R: Richard; S. Samuel; T: Thomas: W: William.

zes are designated as follows: F. (folio: over 30 centimeters high); Q. (4to: under 30 cm.); O. (8vo : 25 cm.), D. (12mo: 20 cm.); S. (16m0:171⁄2 cm.); T. (24m0: 15 cm.); Tt. (32mo: 121⁄2 cm.); Fe. 48mo: 10 cm.). Sq., obl.. nar, designate square, oblong, narrow books of these heights.

Balfour, Andrew. By stroke of sword: a romance, taken from the chronicles of Sir Jeremy Clephane, King's justice and Knight of the Shire of Fife, overlooked by Master Judas Fraser, Dominie of the Parish of Kirktoun, and rendered into a modern English by Andrew Balfour. N. Y., Truslove & Comba, 1897. 8+326 p. il. D. cl., $1.25; pap., 50 c.


[1 A story of adventure on sea and land during the reign of Queen Elizabeth. The scene opens in Kirktoun, Scotland, the hero's early life filling several chapters. Force of circumstance makes a pirate of him, and he narrowly escapes hanging. He sails with Sir Francis Drake's fleet, and finds life under his command rich in excitement-love and fighting playing equal parts in it.

Biddle, Anthony J. Drexel. The flowers of
life. Phil., Drexel Biddle, 1897. C. 5-
88 p. D. cl., 90 c.
Articles in prose and verse on: The flowers of life;
A forest idyl; On the death of the only child; The
book; The newspaper, etc.

Biddle, Anthony J. Drexel. The second
froggy fairy-book; il. by Anne Pennock.
Phil., Drexel Biddle, 1898 [1897.] c.
90 p. D. cl., 75 c.



The further adventures of Elsie Lee in Frogland and Fairyland, among the frogs, fairies, and gnomes. Biddle, Anthony J. Drexel.



sketches. Phil., Drexel Biddle, 1897. 7-73 p. D cl., 35 c.


A collection of short, humorous tales in Irish, negro, and German dialects.

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smoking concert; An auto-da-fe; Michael's fairy; The
eternal feminine; Two boys and a robin; In search of
adventure; Illusion.

Hocking, Jos. And shall Trelawney die?
and The mist on the moors: being romances
of the Parish of Altarnun in the County of
Cornwall; il. by Lancelot Speed. N. Y.,
M. F. Mansfield, [Agt. for Ja. Bowden,]
1897. 3-345 p. D. cl., $1.25.

Hugh Trelawney was descended from an old Cornish family, whose deeds were described in local tradition and verse for generations before the existence of the hero of the present story. Hugh is chiefly remarkable for nobility of character and for having rejected his inheritance for the reasons revealed in a novel of romantic issues. For notice of " Mist on the moors," see "Weekly Record," P. W., October 17, 1896, [1290.]

Humphry, Mrs. C. E., ["Madge," pseud.]
Manners for women. N. Y., M. F. Mans-
field, [Agt. for Ja. Bowden,] 1897. 5+155 p.
nar. Ó. cl., 50 c.

A companion volume to "Manners for men." Contents: The girl in society; Decadence of the curtsey: Learning to laugh; In the street; Bicycling: Cards and calls; The engaged girl; Wedding receptions; Ethics of dress; Dress at fashionable restaurants; Dress on the river; Travelling dress; Seaside and country dress; Bicycling costume; Dinners and dinner parties; The invitations; The menu and wines; Up-to date entertaining; At homes; Children's parties; At a restaurant; At the club; Present giving; Country-house life, etc. Keeler, Mary Adelaide. Just a summer affair. N. Y. and Chic., F. Tennyson Neely, [1897.] c 2-261 p. nar. S. (Prismatic lib.) cl., 50 c.


Howell Bronson, a fashionable New Yorker, had devoted himself for seven summers to the beautiful Miss Brompton without coming to the point and proposing. To avoid meeting him another summer the girl refuses to go to Newport, but arranges to spend her season at Greenwich with her grandfather. Howell Bronson follows her to this place, and another suitor appears upon the scene-the question being for Lucas, E: Verrall. A book of verses for children. N. Y., H: Holt & Co., 1898 [1897.] 9+348 p. col. il. D. cl., $2.

a win.

De Leon. T: Cooper. A novelette trilogy:
A bachelor's box, how he got in and how
he was gotten out; A jealous God: the
story of hereditaments; The Christus
sonata: a romance of the Rhine and the
Hudson. N. Y. and Chic., F. Tennyson
Neely, 1897. 234 p. nar. S. (Prismatic
lib.) cl., 50 c.
Farrand, S. A. The other side: a review of
the trial of the Rev. Charles A. Briggs,
D.D. N. Y., A. D. F. Randolph Co., [1897.]
47 p. O. pap., 15 c.



Gould, E. Sherman. High masonry dams. N. Y., D. Van Nostrand Co., 1897. C. 2+ 88 p. S. (Van Nostrand's science ser., no. 22.) bds., 50 c.


The present volume replaces the original No. 22 of Van Nostrand's Science Series, bearing the same title, by J: B. McMaster. It treats the subject from a more modern standpoint.

Hickson, Mrs. Murray. Concerning Teddy. N. Y., M. F. Mansfield, [Agt. for Ja. Bowden,] 1897. 5-304 p. D. cl, $1.25.

[9 Ten amusing stories for children, in which Teddy, the school boy, is the central figure. They are entitled: A visitor: The cistern-room; Love and sport: A

ers too.


Browning, Burns, Coleridge, Marjorie Fleming, the Howitts, Longfellow, J. W. Riley, Scott, Shakespeare, Stevenson, Ann and Jane Taylor, and Elizabeth Turner are among the numerous poets represented. Some of the quaint conceits of Lewis Carroll," "Anstey," and "Lear" are also included. While primarily intended for the young, the book will please older read. McGuire, Rev. U. M. The church as an educational institution. Phil., American Baptist Publication Soc., 1897. 32 p. S. pap., 10 c. [14 Miller, F: The training of a craftsman; il. by many workers in the art crafts. N. Y., Truslove & Comba, 1898 [1897.] c. 249 pil. D. cl., $2.

10+ [15

Contents: 1. The craftsman and nature: 2. Design and craftsmanship: 3. Metal work, Repoussé, and Fine metal work, Wrought iron: 4. Jewellery: 5. Enamelling on metal; 6. Potters and painters; 7. Glass painters; 8. Wood-carvers; 9. Bookbinders; 10. Women workers in the art crafts: 11. Surface decorati n; 12. Decoration in relief; 13. Wall-papers and texti'es; 14. The craftsman up to date and his outlook.

* In this list, the titles generally are verbatim transcriptions (according to the rule of the American Library Association) from books received. Books not received are indicated by a prefixed asterisk and this office cannot be held responsible for the correctness of their record.

Nietzsche, F: W: Works; ed. by Alex. Tille.
V. 10, A genealogy of morals; tr. by W: A.
Hausemann; poems tr. by J: Gray. N. Y.,
The Macmillan Co., 1897. c. 19+289 p. D.
cl., $2.

Three essays: Good and evil, good and bad; Guilt, bad conscience, and the like; What do ascetic ideals mean? Also poems from 1871-1877; maxims 1882-1885; poems 1882-1888. "A genealogy of morals," we learn from the introduction, "seeks to bring into the foreground the gentleman morality which in scientific investigation has been absolutely neglected hitherto. The author contrasts it with what he terms slave morality, and seeks for the origin of both moralities in certain primitive conditions of society in remote past."

Norris, W: E: The despotic lady.

spect and reverence, telling the truth, fair play to
others, moral courage, etc.
Thayer, Mrs. Emma Homan. Petronilla,
the sister; il. by the author and Reming-
ton W. Lane. N. Y. and Chic., F. Tenny-
son Neely, [1897.] c. 408 p. il. D. e,

The heroine was reared at Reynolds' Sugar Stop, in the White Mountains, until a wealthy aunt sent her to an exclusive Boston school. When she returns to New Hampshire a young lawyer belonging to the Knickerbocker set of New York marries her. The story tells how a difference of religion and other vexed questions led to a separation, and to the young wife's entering a sisterhood, where she took the name of Sister Petronilla.

Phil., J. Vincent, G: Edgar. The social mind and education. N. Y., The Macmillan Co., 1897. c. 2-155 p. D. cl., $1.25.

B. Lippincott Co., 1898. c. '94. 172 p. D.
(Lippincott's select novels, no. 200.) cl., $1;
pap., 50 c.
See notice, Weekly Record," P. W., Dec. 15, 1894,


The argument of this essay, in its main outlines, is as follows: In the process of social evolution men's ideas, judgments, and desires have been combined into

[1194.] Rands, W: Brighty. Lazy lessons and essays products which, transmitted from generation to genon conduct; ed. with a preface by R. Brim-eration, react upon individuals, and are in turn modified by them. These "capitalizations of experience" ley Johnson. N. Y.. M. F. Mansfield, [Agt. and their unceasing reactions form what may be defor Ja. Bowden,] 1897. 3-341 p. S. buck- scribed as the social mind. The task which the essay undertakes is "one of organization, rather than of ram, $1.25. [18 investigation, the putting together in relations of Short articles designed to interest children in facts interdependence, or mutual reinforcement, of ideas and ideas to the fullest extent of their perceptions. which have been worked out in connection with several Each presents plain, terse, but attractive views of more or less isolated pursuits.' things as they are, in a pleasant, natural style, as a series of personal or confidential talks rather than as a discourse given from a desk. Some of the topics under "Lazy lessons are: Telling the clock, about numbers, geometry, bad writing, spelling, reading, music, history, etc. Essays on conduct treat of re

[ocr errors]

Yañez, Juan Boedo. Correspondencia co-
mercial: cartas escogidas. [N. Y., Hirsch-
feld Bros.,] 1897. 3-120 p. Tt. (Manuales
de bolsillo de Hossfeld.) cl., 60 c.

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Janssen, V. Frz. Shakspere Studien. I. Die Prosa
in Shaksperes Drama. 1. Tl.: Anwendung. 8°. 85c.
Strassburg. K. J. Trübner, Verl
Klein, Wilh. Praxiteles. With numerous illustr. 8°.
......Leipzig, Veit & Co
Kraus, Frz. Xav. Dante. Sein Leben u. sein Werk,
sein Verhältniss zur Kunst u. zur Politik. 8°. Illustr.
Berlin, G. Grote
Riehl, W. H. Ein ganzer Mann. Roman. 8°. $2;
cloth, $2.35
.Stuttgart, J. G. Cetta Nachf
Rosegger, Pet Waldjugend. Geschichten f. junge
Leute von 15 bis 70 Jahren. Illustr. 8°. Cloth, $2.
Leipzig, L. Staackmann
Schlenther, Paul. Gerhart Hauptmann. Sein Lebens-
gang u seine Dichtg. 8°. With portrait. $1.20; cloth,
Berlin, S. Fischer, Verl
Schubin, Ossip. Die Heimkehr. Roman. 8°. Cloth,
..Stuttgart, J. Engelhorn

Seidlitz, W. v. Geschichte der japanischen Farben-
holzschnitts. Illustr. 8°. $6; bound, $6.60.

Dresden, G. Kühtmann Tiefe Wasser. Fünf ErBerlin, Freund & Jeckel Parzival. Neu bearb. v. $2.20..Stuttgart, J. G. Cotta Nachf

Wildenbruch, Ernst v.
zählgn. 8°. $1.35...
Wolfram v. Eschenbach.
Wilh. Hertz. 8°

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