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Title 41--Public Contracts and Property Management-Continued

6 Department of State (Parts 6-1—6-99)
7 Agency for International Development, International Develop-

ment Cooperation Agency (Parts 7-1-7-99)
8 Veterans Administration (Parts 8-1—8-99)
9 Department of Energy (Parts 9-1-9-99)
10 Department of the Treasury (Parts 10-1—10-99)
12 Department of Transportation (Parts 12-1–12-99)
13 Department of Commerce (Parts 13-1-13-99)

14 Department of the Interior (Parts 14-1—14-99) 14H Bureau of Indian Affairs, Department of the Interior (Parts

14H-1-14H-99) 14R Office of Water Research and Technology, Department of the

Interior (Parts 14R-1-14R-99) 15 Environmental Protection Agency (Parts 15-1-15-99) 16 Office of Personnel Management (Parts 16-1-16-26) 18 National Aeronautics and Space Administration (Parts 18-1

18-99) 19 International Communication Agency (Parts 19-1-19-99) 20 Nuclear Regulatory Commission (Parts 20-1-20-99) 22 Community Services Administration (Parts 22-1-22-99) 23. United States Arms Control and Disarmament Agency (Parts

23-1-23-99) 24 Department of Housing and Urban Development (Parts 24-1


National Science Foundation (Parts 25-1—25-99) 28 Department of Justice (Parts 28-1-28-99)

Department of Labor (Parts 29-1-29-99) 34 Department of Education (Parts 34-1-34-99) 44 Federal Emergency Management Agency (Parts 44-1—44-99)

SUBTITLE B-Other Provisions Relating to Public Contracts 50 Public Contracts, Department of Labor (Parts 50-1-50-999) 51 Committee for Purchase from the Blind and Other Severely

Handicapped (Parts 51-1-51-99) 60 Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs, Equal Em

ployment Opportunity, Department of Labor (Parts 60-1

60-99) SUBTITLE C-Federal Property Management Regulations

System 101 Federal Property Management Regulations (Parts 101-1–101

99) 105 General Services Administration (Parts 105-1—105-999) 109 Department of Energy, Property Management Regulations

(Parts 109-1-109-99) 114 Department of the Interior (Parts 114-1-114-99) 115 Environmental Protection Agency (Parts 115-1-115-99) 128 Department of Justice (Parts 128-1–128-99)


Title 41—Public Contracts and Property Management-Continued


SUBTITLE D-Other Provisions Relating to Property Manage

ment (Reserved)

Title 42—Public Health

I Public Health Service, Department of Health and Human Serv

ices (Parts 1-199) III Saint Elizabeths Hospital, Department of Health and Human

Services (Parts 300-399) IV Health Care Financing Administration, Department of Health

and Human Services (Parts 400-499)

Title 43—Public Lands: Interior

SUBTITLE A-Office of the Secretary of the Interior (Parts 1

199) SUBTITLE B-Regulations Relating to Public Lands I Bureau of Reclamation, Department of the Interior (Parts 200

499) II Bureau of Land Management, Department of the Interior

(Parts 1000-9999)

Title 44—Emergency Management and Assistance

I Federal Emergency Management Agency (Parts 0-399)
IV Department of Commerce and Department of Transportation

(Parts 400-499)

Title 45- Public Welfare

SUBTITLE A-Department of Health and Human Services, Gen

eral Administration (Parts 1-199)

SUBTITLE B-Regulations Relating to Public Welfare
II Office of Family Assistance (Assistance Programs), Department

of Health and Human Services (Parts 200-299) III Office of Child Support Enforcement (Child Support Enforce

ment Program), Department of Health and Human Services

(Parts 300-399) Office of Refugee Resettlement, Social Security Administra

tion, Department of Health and Human Services (Parts 400

V Foreign Claims Settlement Commission of the United States,

Department of Justice (Parts 500-599)
VI National Science Foundation (Parts 600-699)
VII Commission on Civil Rights (Parts 700-799)
VIII Office of Personnel Management (Parts 800-899)

X Community Services Administration (Parts 1000-1099)
XI National Foundation on the Arts and the Humanities (Parts

1100-1199) XII ACTION (Parts 1200-1299)

XIII Office of Human Development Services, Department of Health

and Human Services (Parts 1300-1399) XVI Legal Services Corporation (Parts 1600-1699) XVII National Commission on Libraries and Information Science

(Parts 1700-1799) XVIII Harry S Truman Scholarship Foundation (Parts 1800-1899) XIX National Commission on the Observance of International

Women's Year (Parts 1900-1999)
XXI Commission of Fine Arts (Parts 2100-2199)

Titlo 46—Shipping

I Coast Guard, Department of Transportation (Parts 1-199)
II Maritime Administration, Department of Transportation (Parts

III Coast Guard (Great Lakes Pilotage), Department of Transpor-

tation (Parts 400-499)
IV Federal Maritime Commission (Parts 500-599)

Title 47—Telecommunication

I Federal Communications Commission (Parts 0–199)
II Office of Science and Technology Policy and National Security

Council (Parts 200-299)

Title 48—[Reserved)

Title 49—Transportation

SUBTITLE A-Office of the Secretary of Transportation (Parts

SUBTITLE B–Other Regulations Relating to Transportation
Research and Special Programs Administration, Department of

Transportation (Parts 100-199)
II Federal Railroad Administration, Department of Transporta-

tion (Parts 200-299) III Federal Highway Administration, Department of Transporta

tion (Parts 300-399) IV Coast Guard, Department of Transportation (Parts 400-499) V National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Department

of Transportation (Parts 500-599) VI Urban Mass Transportation Administration, Department of

Transportation (Parts 600-699)
VII National Railroad Passenger Corporation (AMTRAK) (Parts

VIII National Transportation Safety Board (Parts 800-899)
IX United States Railway Association (Parts 900-999)
X Interstate Commerce Commission (Parts 1000-1399)

I United States Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the In-

terior (Parts 1-199) II National Marine Fisheries Service, National Oceanic and At

mospheric Administration, Department of Commerce (Parts

200-299) III International Regulatory Agencies (Fishing and Whaling)

(Parts 300-399) IV Joint Regulations (United States Fish and Wildlife Service, De

partment of the Interior and National Marine Fisheries Seryice, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce); Endangered Species Committee

Regulations (Parts 400-499) V Marine Mammal Commission (Parts 500-599) VI Fishery Conservation and Management, National Oceanic and

Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce (Parts 600-699)

CFR Index and Finding Aids

Subject/Agency Index
List of CFR Titles, Chapters, Subchapters, and Parts
Parallel Tables of Statutory Authorities and Rules
Acts Requiring Publication in the Federal Register

Alphabetical List of Agencies Appearing in the CFR

(As of June 18, 1982)

[blocks in formation]

Acquisition Policy, Office of
Administrative Committee of the Federal Register
Administrative Conference of the United States
Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations
Advisory Committee on Federal Pay
Advisory Council on Historic Preservation
Agency for International Development
Agricultural Marketing Service
Agricultural Research Service
Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Service
Agriculture Department

Agricultural Marketing Service
Agricultural Research Service
Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Service
Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service
Commodity Credit Corporation
Contract Appeals, Board of
Energy, Office of
Environmental Quality, Office of
Farmers Home Administration
Federal Crop Insurance Corporation
Federal Grain Inspection Service
Federal Procurement Regulations System
Food and Nutrition Service
Food Safety and Inspection Service
Foreign Agricultural Service
Foreign Economic Development Service
Forest Service
General Sales Manager, Office of
Inspector General, Office of
Operations and Finance, Office of
Packers and Stockyards Administration
Rural Electrification Administration
Rural Telephone Bank
Secretary of Agriculture, Office of

Soil Conservation Service
Air Force Department
Alaska Natural Gas Transportation System, Office of the

Federal Inspector
Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, Bureau of
American Battle Monuments Commission
Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service
Appalachian Regional Commission
Architectural and Transportation Barriers Compliance

Arms Control and Disarmament Agency, U.S.
Army Department

Engineers, Corps of
Benefits Review Board

7, I, IX, X, XI
7, V
7, VII
7, III; 9, I, III
7, XIV
7, IV
41, 4
7, II
9, III
7, XV
7, XXI
36, II
7, XXV
7, XXX
9, II
7, XVI
7, Subtitle A
7, VI
32, VII

10, XV
27, I
49, VII
36, IV
7, III; 9, 1
5, IX

36, XI
22, VI; 41, 23
32, V
33, II; 36, III
20, VII

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