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Table of CFR Titles and Chapters

(As of June 18, 1982)

Title 1-General Provisions


I Administrative Committee of the Federal Register (Parts 1-49) II Office of the Federal Register (Parts 50-299) III Administrative Conference of the United States (Parts 300-399) IV Miscellaneous Agencies (Parts 400-499)

Title 2-[Reserved)

Title 3—The President

Executive Orders
Presidential Documents Other Than Proclamations and Execu-

tive Orders
Executive Office of the President (Parts 100-199)


Title 4-Accounts

I General Accounting Office (Parts 1-99)
II Federal Claims Collection Standards (General Accounting

Office-Department of Justice) (Parts 100-299)
III General Accounting Office (CASB) (Parts 300-499)

Title 5-Administrative Personnel

I Office of Personnel Management (Parts 1-1199) II Merit Systems Protection Board (Parts 1200-1299) III Office of Management and Budget (Parts 1300-1399) IV Advisory Committee on Federal Pay (Parts 1400-1499) V The International Organizations Employees Loyalty Board

(Parts 1500-1599) VII Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations (Parts

1700-1799) IX Appalachian Regional Commission (Parts 1900-1999)

United States Soldiers' and Airmen's Home (Parts 2100-2199) XIV Federal Labor Relations Authority and Federal Service Im

passes Panel (Parts 2400-2499)



Office of Administration, Executive Office of the President

(Parts 2500-2599)

Title 6—[Reserved)

Title 7–Agriculture

SUBTITLE A-Office of the Secretary of Agriculture (Parts 0

25a) SUBTITLE B-Regulations of the Department of Agriculture I Agricultural Marketing Service (Standards, Inspections, Mar

keting Practices), Department of Agriculture (Parts 26-209) II Food and Nutrition Service, Department of Agriculture (Parts

210-299) III Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, Department of

Agriculture (Parts 300-399) IV Federal Crop Insurance Corporation, Department of Agricul

ture (Parts 400-499) V Agricultural Research Service, Department of Agriculture

(Parts 500-599) VI Soil Conservation Service, Department of Agriculture (Parts

600-699) VII Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Service (Agricul

tural Adjustment), Department of Agriculture (Parts 700

799) VIII Federal Grain Inspection Service, Department of Agriculture

(Parts 800-899) IX Agricultural Marketing Service (Marketing Agreements and

Orders; Fruits, Vegetables, Nuts), Department of Agriculture

(Parts 900-999) x Agricultural Marketing Service (Marketing Agreements and

Orders; Milk), Department of Agriculture (Parts 1000-1199) XI Agricultural Marketing Service (Marketing Agreements and

Orders; Miscellaneous Commodities), Department of Agricul

ture (Parts 1200-1299) XII Statistical Reporting Service (Agricultural Statistics), Depart

ment of Agriculture (Parts 1300-1399) [Reserved) XIV Commodity Credit Corporation, Department of Agriculture

(Parts 1400-1499) XV Foreign Agricultural Service, Department of Agriculture (Parts

1500-1599) XVI Rural Telephone Bank, Department of Agriculture (Parts 1600

1699) XVII Rural Electrification Administration, Department of Agriculo

ture (Parts 1700-1799) XVIII Farmers Home Administration, Department of Agriculture

(Parts 1800-2099) XXI Foreign Economic Development Service, Department of Agri

culture (Parts 2100-2199) XXIV Board of Contract Appeals, Department of Agriculture (Parts


XXV Office of the General Sales Manager, Department of Agricul-

ture (Parts 2500-2599) XXVI Office of the Inspector General, Department of Agriculture

(Parts 2600-2699) XXIX Office of Energy, Department of Agriculture (Parts 2900-2999) XXX Office of Operations and Finance, Department of Agriculture

(Parts 3000-3099) XXXI Office of Environmental Quality, Department of Agriculture

(Parts 3100-3199) .

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Title 8–Aliens and Nationality


Immigration and Naturalization Service, Department of Justice

(Parts 1-499)

Title 9—Animals and Animal Products



Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, Department of

Agriculture (Parts 1-199)
Packers and Stockyards Administration, Department of Agri-

culture (Parts 200-299)
Food Safety and Inspection Service, Meat and Poultry Inspec-

tion, Department of Agriculture (Parts 300-399)


Title 10—Energy

I Nuclear Regulatory Commission (Parts 0–199)
II Department of Energy (Parts 200-699)
III Department of Energy (Parts 700-999)

X Department of Energy (General Provisions) (Parts 1000-1099)
XV Office of the Federal Inspector for the Alaska Natural Gas

Transportation System (Parts 1500-1599)

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I Comptroller of the Currency, Department of the Treasury

(Parts 1-199)
II Federal Reserve System (Parts 200-299)
III Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (Parts 300-399)
IV Export-Import Bank of the United States (Parts 400-499)

V Federal Home Loan Bank Board (Parts 500-599)
VI Farm Credit Administration (Parts 600-699)
VII National Credit Union Administration (Parts 700-799)
VIII Federal Financing Bank (Parts 800-899)
XI Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (Parts


[blocks in formation]



Depository Institutions Deregulation Committee (Parts 1200


Title 13—Business Credit and Assistance

I Small Business Administration (Parts 1-199) III Economic Development Administration, Department of Com

merce (Parts 300-399) IV Chrysler Corporation Loan Guarantee Board (Parts 400-499) V Regional Action Planning Commissions (Parts 500-599)

Title 14—Aeronautics and Space

I Federal Aviation Administration, Department of Transporta.

tion (Parts 1-199) II Civil Aeronautics Board (Parts 200-399) V National Aeronautics and Space Administration (Parts 1200


Title 15—Commerce and Foreign Trade

SUBTITLE A-Office of the Secretary of Commerce (Parts (-19)
SUBTITLE B-Regulations Relating to Commerce and Foreign

I Bureau of the Census, Department of Commerce (Parts 20–199)
II National Bureau of Standards, Department of Commerce

(Parts 200-299) III International Trade Administration, Department of Commerce

(Parts 300-399)
IV Foreign-Trade Zones Board (Parts 400-499)

V United States Metric Board (Parts 500-599)
VI Bureau of Industrial Economics, Department of Commerce

(Parts 600-699) VIII Bureau of Economic Analysis, Department of Commerce (Parts

800-899) IX National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Depart.

ment of Commerce (Parts 900-999) XII United States Travel Service, Department of Commerce (Parts

1200-1299) XIII East-West Foreign Trade Board (Parts 1300-1999)

SUBTITLE C-Regulations Relating to Foreign Trade Agree

ments XX Office of the United States Trade Representative (Parts 2000

2099) SUBTITLE D-Regulations Relating to Telecommunications and

Information XXIII National Telecommunications and Information Administration,

Department of Commerce (Parts 2300-2399)


I Federal Trade Commission (Parts 0-999)
II Consumer Product Safety Commission (Parts 1000-1799)

Title 17-Commodity and Securities Exchanges


Commodity Futures Trading Commission (Parts 1-199)
Securities and Exchange Commission (Parts 200-399)

Title 18–Conservation of Power and Water Resources

I Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, Department of Energy

(Parts 1-399) III Delaware River Basin Commission (Parts 400-499) IV Office of Water Resources Research, Department of the Interi

or (Parts 500-599)
VI Water Resources Council (Parts 700-799)
VIII Susquehanna River Basin Commission (Parts 800-899)
XIII Tennessee Valley Authority (Parts 1300-1399)

Title 19—Customs Duties

I United States Customs Service, Department of the Treasury

(Parts 1-199) II United States International Trade Commission (Parts 200-299) III International Trade Administration, Department of Commerce

(Parts 300-399)

Title 20—Employees' Benefits

I Office of Workers' Compensation Programs, Department of

Labor (Parts 1-199) II Railroad Retirement Board (Parts 200-399) III Social Security Administration, Department of Health and

Human Services (Parts 400-499) IV Employees' Compensation Appeals Board, Department of Labor

(Parts 500-599) Employment and Training Administration, Department of

Labor (Parts 600-699) VI Employment Standards Administration, Department of Labor

(Parts 700-799) VII Benefits Review Board, Department of Labor (Parts 800-899) VIII Joint Board for the Enrollment of Actuaries (Parts 900-999)

Title 21-Food and Drugs

I Food and Drug Administration, Department of Health and

Human Services (Parts 1-1299) II Drug Enforcement Administration, Department of Justice

(Parts 1300-1399)

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