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Appendix B.
Request for Proposal
(Dallas Independent
School District)



The institution named above is invited to submit a proposal(s) in response to the enclosed “Request for Proposal” as set forth in the scope of Work requests contained in Attachment 1 to this letter.

The products and services solicited by these Scope of Work requests will constitute the management support and education audit components for the first year of the Project, "Guaranteed Student Performance in Education and Training," described in toto in Tab B to Attachment 1. The institutions may respond to either or both of the Scope of Work requests contained in Attachment 1.

Payment will be in the form of a fixed cost plus fixed fee. Other cost reimbursement and contractor payment methods may be submitted by the bidder, but they must be justified in detail.

The "Guaranteed Student Performance in Education and Training” Project will consist of contractor-operated Accelerated Achievement Centers, offering instruction in communications, mathematics, motivational training and occupational skill training. The Accelerated Achievement Centers will be located in five inner-city senior high schools, all of which qualify for ESEA, Title I funds. The students will be enrolled in grades nine through twelve. Students who participate in the Project will have learning and behavioral profiles similar to their peers who have already dropped out of school. Participants will be released from the regular school classroom counterpart subject areas (English, mathematics, vocational, social studies as applicable) for participation in the project. Credit for appropriate subjects will be offered upon successful completion of the training.

A major annual and long range objective of this Project is to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the above instructional programs in the counterpart grade levels at these five senior high schools. The evaluation design has been constructed to determine the most cost-effective combination of the programs which can then be adopted by the Dallas Independent School District.

Hence, in addition to the normal management support services, any bidder must show evidence of capability in the following areas: 1. The modification, validation and implementa

tion of an education resources management system.


2. The design, testing and implementation of a

management information system that facili-
tates decision-making and monitoring during

the Project's operations.
3. The application of sophisticated management

tools, models and strategies such as PERT, the
preparation and use of Gantt charts, and "crit-

ical" path analysis.
4. The ability to train top management staff and

middle managers in the use of the above-named

management techniques and approaches.
To facilitate the on-site work of the contractor, the
Dallas Independent School District will provide the
following at no cost to the contractor:
1. Office space, furniture and equipment, (office

supplies) and (secretarial support) for a max-
imum of one professional and one research as-
sistant from the management support group
and for one professional from the education

audit group.
2. A thorough familiarization with the Project,

and all documents prepared during the plan

ning phase.
3. For the assistance of the education auditor

only, staff personnel competent in research
design, computer-programming and evalu-
ation, for a time not to exceed one man-day
per week, unless approved in advance by the
Assistant Superintendent, Planning and

4. Computer real-time for all necessary manipu-

lations of data will be available to both the man-
agement support and the education audit groups

at educational rates.
A bidder may respond to either or both of the Scopes
of Work requests. If the bidder chooses the latter,
separate proposals must be submitted. Approximately
$27,000 is available for the services of the education
auditor, and $51,000 is available for the management
support group. The bidder's proposal must include (not
to the exclusion of other information that the bidder
deems relevant) the following components:
PART 1: Operations Plan (no cost information is to be
contained in Part 1)


1. A general statement of the role and responsi

bilities of the management support and/or education audit groups in providing audit and management support services to a school system that is contracting for instructional systems

on a guaranteed performance basis. 2. The technical approach to be used in perform

ing the scope of Work. Attention should be paid to the conceptualization of the Project, the role of the management support and/or education audit group, and the approaches and tech

niques to be used. 3. The organization and management of the

Project 4. Project manning specifications, indicating

levels of expertise and time to be spent per

activity. 5. Corporate background, to include resumes of

full-time ployees and consultants who will

work on this project.
PART II: Estimated Budget (to be submitted in a separate
sealed envelope). Estimated costs for management sup-
port and education audit services should be presented
separately including a cost basis for each category
below even though bids may be submitted with both
Statements of Work.
1. Personnel costs

a. Professional
b. Research assistants
c. Administrative

d. Staff support (secretaries, etc.)
2. Consultants
3. Travel and per diem costs
4. Equipment and supplies (books, tests, desks,

etc.) Items to be specified under the categories: a. Consumable

b. Non-consumable 5. Services purchased (computer time, telephone,

etc.) 6. Indirect costs. Indicate: per cent, as well as

total; line items contributing to indirect cost figure; and special considerations, if any, for DISD services and facilities provided.


7. Fee. Indicate per cent and total amount.
8. Total
9. Suggested payment schedule with rationale

for same.
Contract(s) award(s) will be made to the institution
whose proposal is most advantageous to the Dallas In-
dependent School District. The Dallas Independent
School District reserves the right to reject any and/or all
proposals and at any time after the closing date for
proposal submission to conduct negotiations to the ex-
tent that the Dallas Independent School District deems
necessary and appropriate. If funding levels are altered,
the Dallas Independent School District reserves the right
to negotiate for modified services and products and/or
reopen the bidding process. The proposals should be
submitted on the most competitive basis with regard to
the nature of the request for proposal, the capabilities of
the bidder and bidder's commitment to satisfy the con-
ditions inherent in this approach and the cost. Once the
contractor submits the bid(s), only the Dallas Indepen-
dent School District can initiate renegotiations.

A Pre-Bidders' Conference is tentatively scheduled for 10:00 A.M., Central Daylight Savings Time, May 29, 1970, in Room 106, School Administration Building, Dallas Independent School District, 3700 Ross Avenue, Dallas, Texas.

Ten (10) copies of the proposal(s) and five (5) copies of separately enclosed pricing information should be received in the office of the Dallas Independent School District designee no later than 5:00 P.M., Central Daylight Savings Time, June 12, 1970. The expiration for completing the performance of this contract will not be later than June 19, 1971.

Technical questions that pertain to the substance of this request for proposals as well as contractual questions should be directed to the Dallas Independent School District, designee, Mr. Rogers Barton, Assistant Superintendent, Department of Planning and Research, Dallas Independent School District, 3700 Ross Avenue, Dallas, Texas (214-824-1620, Ext. 401).

This letter or its attachments should not be construed as a contract or commitment on the part of the Dallas Independent School District.


Nolan Estes NE:jfm

General Superintendent

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