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DIBDIN. Reminiscences of a Literary Life. London, 1836. 2 vols., 8vo, half calf., PLATES AND ILLUSTRATIONS. $15.00.

Contains the “ Index,” which is often lacking. DICKENS, CHARLES. Bieak House. Original edition. London, Bradbnry 3 Evans,

1853. 8vo, half calf. Illustrations by H. K. Browne. $5.00. DRAYTON, JOHN. Memoirs of the American Revolution, as relating to the State of

South Carolina, and occasionally referring to the States of North Carolina and

Georgia. Charleston, 1821. 2 vols., 8vo, bds., uncut. Plates. $16.00. EDWARDS, EDWARD. Libraries and Founders of Libraries. London, 1865. 8vo,

uncut. $6.00. THE ENGLISH SPY; an Original Work, Characteristic, Satirical, and Humorous.

Comprising Scenes and Sketches in every Rank of Society, being Portraits of the
Illustrious, Eminently Eccentric, and Notorious. Drawn from the Life, by Bernard
Blackmantle. Illustrations designed by Robert CRUIKSHANK. London, 1825. 2
vols.,large 8vo. Profusely illustrated with colored plates and numerous woodcuts.

$18.00. FERGUSSON, JAMES. True Principles of Beauty in Art, more especially with reference

to Architecture. London, 1849. Impl. 8vo. Plates. Part first complete. $10.00. FIELDING, Complete Works of. Memoir by Roscoe. London, 1869. 2 vols., l. 8vo,

Roxburghe binding. Portrait, ard twenty etchings by George CRUIKSHANK. $8.50. GILCHRIST, ALEXANDER. Life of William Blake, with Selections from his Poems

and other Writings. Illustrated from Blake's own Works, in fac-simile, and photolithography, with some of Blake's own plates. London, 1863. 2 vols., 8vo, brown

morocco, gilt edges. $10.00. GEOLOGY OF MARYLAND. Volume of Reports, half morocco. $5.00. GEOLOGY OF NEW JERSEY. Final Report by Henry P. Rogers. Trenton, 1865.

$1.00. GEOLOGICAL RECONNOISSANCE of the State of Indiana, made in the year 1837.

By D. D. Owen. Part First. Indianapolis, 1854. $1.00. GORTON, JOHN. General Biographical Dictionary. New edition. London, 1851.

4 vols., 8vo, half calf, good copy. $15.00. HALL, Mr. and Mrs. S. C. Ireland; its Scenery, Character, &c. London. 3 vols., r).

8vo. Over 600 Plates, engraved by eminent artists. $21.00. HAMILTON, SIR WM. Lectures on Metaphysics. Edited by H. L. Mansel, and

John Veitch. Edinburgh, 1859. 2 vols., 8vo, calf, gilt. $7.00. HARLEIAN MISCELLANY; or a Collection of Scarce, Curious, and Entertaining

Pamphlets and Tracts, found in the late Earl of Oxford's Library. London, 1808.

12 vols., half calf, gilt. $45.00. HAY, D. R. The Laws of Harmonious Coloring, adapted to Interior Decorations, Manu

factures, and other useful Purposes. 3d edition, Edinburgh, 1836. 8vo, colored

plates. $1.75. HAY. Laws of Harmonious Coloring adapted to Interior Decorations, with Observations

on the Practice of House Painting. Sixth edition. Edinburgh, 1847. P. 8vo,

cloth. Colored diagram. $2.00. HAY. The Natural Principles and Analogy of the Harmony of Form. Edinburgh, 1842.

4to, Plates. $2.75. HAY. On the Science of those Proportions by which the Human Head and Countenance

as represented in Works of Ancient Greek Art are distinguished from those of Ordin

ary Nature. Edinburgh, 1849. 4to. Numerous Plates. $5.00. HAY. The Nomenclature of Colors, applicable to the Arts and Natural Sciences, to Manufactures and other purposes of general utility. Edinburgh, 1846. 8vo. $

Second edition, improved, with 228 examples in colors.

“We have formerly stated the high opinion we entertain of Mr. Hay's previous exertions for the improvement

of decorative art in this country. We have already awarded him the merit of invention and creation
of the new and beautiful in form. In his former treatises he furnished a theory of definite pro-
portions for rhe creation of the beautiful in form. In the present work he proposes to supply a
scale of definite proportions, for chromatic beauty. For this purpose he sets out very properly with
a precise nomenclature of color. In this he has constructed a vocabulary for the artist-an alphabet
for the artizan. He has gone farther--he constructs words of three syllables. From this time it
will be possible to write a letter in Edinburgh about a colored composition, which shall be read off
in London, Paris, Petersburgh, or Pekin, and shall so express its nature that it can be reproduced in.
perfect identity. This Mr. Hay has done-or at least so nearly as to deserve our thanks on behalf
of art, and artists of all grades, even to the decorative artizan; not one of whom, be he house-
painter, china pattern drawer, or calico printer, should be without this simple manual of words for

colors.'"-Athen&um. HAYDON, B. R. Lectures on Painting and Design. With Designs on Wood. London,

1844. 2 vols., 8vo. Portrait. $6.00. HELPS, ARTHUR. The Spanish Conquest in America, and its relation to the History

of Slavery and to the Government of Colonies. London, 1855. 4 vols., 8vo, un-
cut. $16.00. .
-Life of Columbus. London, 1869. $2.50.
-Life of Pizzaro. London, 1869. $2.50.

-Life of Las Casas. London, 1869. $2.50. HEWITT, JOHN. Ancient Armour and Weapons in Europe ; from the Iron Period of

the Northern Nations to the End of the Thirteenth Century; with Illustrations

from Cotemporary Monuments. Oxford, 1855. 3 vols., 8vo, gilt top. $11.00. IRELAND, JOS. N. Records of the New York Stage. New York, 1866. 2 vols., 8vo,

uncut. $24.00. JORDAN and PRYOR. The Campaigns of Lieut.-Gen. N. B. Forrest, and of Forrest's

Cavalry; with Portraits, Maps, and Illustrations. 1868. 8vo. $1.50. KANE, ELISHA KENT. Arctic Explorations: The Second Grinnell Expedition in

Search of Sir John Franklin, 1853, '54, '55. Upwards of 300 Engravings from

Sketches by the Author. Philadelphia, 1856. 2 vols., 8vo. $7.50. KEIGHTLEY, THOS. The Crusaders; or, Scenes, Events, and Characters from the

Times of the Crusades. London, 1834. 2 vols., 16mo, illustrated. $2.75. LAYARD, AUSTEN H. Discoveries in the Ruins of Nineveh and Babylon; with Trav

els in Armenia, Kurdistan, and the Desert. Second Expedition. London, 1853.

Thick 8vo, half calf. Plates. $4.50. MONTAIGNE, MICHAEL DE. Works of, with notes by W. Hazlitt and O. W. Wight.

New York, 1861. 4 vols., 12mo. Portrait. $8.00. THE MONTH. A View of Passing Subjects and Manners. By Albert Smith and JOHN

Leech. 2 vols., 16mo, half morocco. $5.00. PATTERSON, R. H. Essays in History and Art. Edinburgh, 1862. 8vo (new), $3.50. PAUL'S LETTERS to his Kinsfolk. 2d edition. Edinburgh, 1816. 8vo, half mor., $2.00. RUSCHENBERGER, W. S. Narrative of a Voyage Round the World, during the Years

1835, '36, and '37; including a Narrative of an Embassy to the Sultan of Muscat

and the King of Siam. London, 1838. 2 vols., 8vo, half calf. $4.00. SHIRLEY, JAMES. The Dramatic Works and Poems of. With Notes by Gifford and

Dyce. London, Murray, 1833. 6 vols., 8vo, bds., uncut. Portrait. Fine clean

copy, scarce. $42.00. SMITH, JNO. THOS. Nollekens and his Times; comprehending a Life of that cele

brated Sculptor; and Memoirs of several Contemporary Artists from the Time of Roubiliac, Hogarth, and Reynolds, to that of Fuseli, Flaxman, and Blake. London,

1828. 2 vols., 8vo, half calf. Portrait. $4.50. SMOLLETT, Complete Works of, with Memoir by Roscoe. Plates by Geo. CRUIKSHANK.

London, 1869. 2 vols., Roxburghe binding, new. $8.50.

es by the lohn Franklintis, Explorationations. 1868..

USTEN Hades. Londoders; or, 5856. zvards of zonnell Ex;

STILES, HENRY R. A History of the City of Brooklyn. Including the Old Town and

Village of Brooklyn, the Town of Bushwick, and the Village and City of Williamsburgh. Brooklyn, Published by Subscription, 1869. 2 vols., impl., 8vo, uncut. Numerous Steel Plates and Illustrations. Large paper, $20.00. Small paper,


SWIFT. Works of, containing interesting and valuable Papers, not hitherto published. Memoir by Roscoe. London, 1868. 2 vols., large, 8vo. Portrait. $8.50.

Uniform with Fielding & Smollett. SWIFT, JONATHAN. The Poetical Works of, with copious Notes and Memoir, by

Thomas Roscoe. New York, 6 vols., 12mo, half morocco, good copy. $15.00.

Cloth copy, .ew. 12.00. THOMAS, ISAIAH. The History of Printing in America. With a Biography of Print

ers, and an account of Newspapers. Worcester, 1810. 2 vols., 8vo, half morocco,

gilt top. $30.00. Beautiful clean copy in uncur condition ; with the fac-simile plates, and a portrait of the Author, inserted. THE THOUSAND AND ONE NIGHTS, commonly called, The Arabian Nights'

Entertainments. Lane's translation. Illustrated by many hindred Engravings on
Wood, from designs by Harvey. London, Charles Knight & Co., 1839. 3 vols.,
large 8vo. half calf. ORGINAL EDITION. $30.00.
- The same, second edition from a copy annotated by the translator, edited by E. S.

Poole. London, 1865. 3 vols., 8vo, half calf. $18.00.
TOMLINSON, CHARLES. Cyclopedia of Useful Arts, Mechanical and Chemical,

Manufactures, Mining, and Engineering. London, 1868. 3 thick vols., impl. 8vo,

half (new) russia. Copiously illustrated. (Published at $30.00 in cloth.) $35.00. VALENTINE, DAVID T. 'History of the City of New York. New York, 1853. 8vo.

$3.50. WALPOLE, HORACE, Anecdotes of Painting in England, collected by Mr. George

Vertue. Printed at Strawberry Hill, 1762-3. 5 vols., 4to, including the catalogue of Engravers, 1 vol, 4to. Polished calf. With the numerous Portraits, in

good condition. $38.00. WALPOLE. Catalogue of Royal and Noble Authors of England, Scotland, and Ireland;

with a List of their Works. Enlarged and continued by Thomas Park. * London, 1806. 5 vols., 8vo, polished calf. Fine copy, with all the Portraits, in fine con

dition. $30.00. Another copy, half calf, $25.00. WORNUM, RALPH NICHOLSON. Some account of the Life and Works of Hans ANDRE AND ARNOLD.

Holbein, Painter, of Augsburg. Portrait and numerous Illustrations. London,

1867. Impl., 8vo, uncut. $9.00. HENRY, JOHN JOSEPH. An Accurate and Interesting Account of the Hardships and

Sufferings of that Band of Heroes, who traversed the Wilderness in the Campaign

against Quebec, in 1775. Lancaster, 1812. 12mo, sheep. Original Edition. $2.50. MINUTES OF A COURT OF INQUIRY, upon the case of John André, with Ac

companying Documents, published in 1780, by order of Congress. With additional Appendix containing copies of the Papers found upon Major André when arrested, and other Documents relating to the subject. Albany, 1865, 4to, half morocco. · Portrait. $5.50.

Ninety copies privately reprinted for “ M'C." ARNOLD AND ANDRE. An Historical Drama. By G. H, Calvert. Boston, 1864.

16mo. $1.00. COMPLOT D'ARNOLD et de Sir Henry Clinton contre les Etats-unis, et contre le

Général Washington. Sept. 1780. Paris, 1816. 8vo, uncut. Mapar.d Portraits of Washington and Arnold. $4.50.

Written by Barbé Marbois, re-printed in 1831. VINDICATION OF THE CAPTORS OF MAJOR ANDRE. A private re-print of

the original (suppressed) edition of 1817. 8vo, half morocco, uncut. $4.00. Printed from the private copy of tbe author, containing his own corrections. With memoir prefixed.

-[By E bert Benson..] New York: Rich & Mercein, 1817. Large Paper, $4.00.

Small Paper, $2.00. THE COW CHACE: An Heroick Poem. By Major André. Reprinted, Cincinnati,

1869, from the London edition, 1781. 8vo. 750. LARGE AND THICK PAPER,

impl. 8vo, $1.50. BENEDICT ARNOLD. A Biography by Geo. Canning Hill. Philada., 1865. 16mo,

cl., new. Pen Portrait of André, sketched by himself the day before his execution,

and other illustrations. $1.25. SMITH, JOSHUA HETT. An Authentic Narrative of the Causes which led to the

Death of Major André. To which is added a Monody on the Death of André, by
Miss Seward. London, 1808. Svo, sheep. Portrait and Plates. $15.00. An-

other copy in extra morocco binding, gilt top, uncut. $30.00. Twelve EXTRA Plates inserted, including one portrait of Miss Seward, one, Bartolozzi's “Serena," Wash

ington, Lord Auckland. Arnold, (rare,) Hamilton, Jay, Greene, Knox, Charles Thompson, (Secretary to Congress,) Jefferson, Franklin, and a place of Washington's headquarters at Tappan, the

house where André was tried. “At length the awful period arrived; and on the morning of the 2d of October, this unhappy victim of the

errors of others, was led out to the place of execution. As he passed along, the American army were astonished at the dignity of his de portment, and the manly firmness, and complacency of countenance, which spoke the serene composure of his mind; a glow of sympathy pervaded the breast of the soldiers, and the tears of sensibility were visible in every eye. He bowed himself, with 2 smile to all he know in his confinement. When he approached the fatal spot, and beheld the preparations, he stopped, and caused, as if absorbed in reflection; then quickly turning to the officer next him, he said What! must I die in this manner?' Being told it was so ordered, he instantly said, 'I am reconciled, and submit to my fate, but deplore the mode ;-it will be but a momentary pang;' and with a calmness that, while it excited the admiration, melted the heart of every spectator, pertormed the last offices to himselt. He then requested that all around him would bear witness to the world,-' THAT HE DIED LIKE A BRAVE MAN!'"- Pages 166-167.




VOLUME 1. Journal of a Voyage to New York, and a Tour in Several

of the American Colonies in 1679-80. By Jaspar Dankers and Peter Sluyter. Translated from a Dutch Manuscript in the collection of the Society, and edited by Hon. Henry C. Murphy. Octavo, pp. xlvii., 440; with twelve Lithographic Illustrations of Old New York. Brooklyn, 1867.

VOLUME 11. The Battle of Long Island, with Connected Preceding Events,

and the Subsequent American Retreat. Narrative by Thomas W. Field, with Authentic Documents. Octavo, pp. ix., 549, with Maps and Engravings. Brooklyn, 1869.

Price of each volume in cloth, gilt tops, $5; or, in half morocco, Roxburghe style, $6. A few copies in royal octavo, uniform in size with the publications of the BRADFORD CLUB, may be had, sewed, in paper covers, at $10.


Long Island Historical Society, Brooklyn, N. Y.

For Sale in February, 1870,




Than ever offered under the hammer, in this country, consisting mostly of

Rare and Fine Books,

Including many works in unique condition, and embracing Specimens of the Finest Workmanship


Being the Library belonging to Mr. John A. Rice, of Chicago.

We can unhesitatingly speak of it as by far the finest Library of the Northwest-the wealth, taste and liberality of the owner resulting in the collection of rare and valuable works in the finest condition. An examination of the catalogue will show that he possessed a thorough appreciation of the value and importance of clean tall uncut copies. We can speak but to little purpose of the binding, as that, to be appreciated, must be seen. "Mr. Bedford, the well-known binder of London, has covered and adorned many of the books with dresses and decorations worthy their “precious bodies.” As a specimen of elegant workmanship we specially remark a copy of the first edition of André's Cow-Chace, bound" in red levant morocco, with inside panelling of green morocco, exquisitely tooled inside and out. This binding cost nearly $75.

A brief list selected from the nuggets of the collection will sufficiently testify the value and importance of the library.

First we shall mention the book famous as having sold for the largest sum ($1,130.00) that any single volume ever brought in America. INDIAN BIBLE-Translated by John Eliot, the Apostle of the Indians. A beautiful

perfect copy-a duplicate from the Bodleian library, Oxford. The Eliot's Bible is, however, not the most costly work in the collection, for the Dibdin, which we describe following, cost Seven Hundred Dollars more than the amount paid for the great Indian book. DIBDIN (T. F.). A BIBLIOGRAPHICAL ANTIQUARIAN, AND PICTURESQUE

TOUR IN FRANCE AND GERMANY. Containing numerous beautiful Portraits, Plates, Vignettes, and Wood-Cuts, All Choice Proofs : with an Extraordinary Series of the Plates in various stages of engraving, and the same plate very frequently in two, three, and four different states, viz. : ETCHING, UNFINISHED PROOF, Proof Before The Letters, PROOF UPON India Paper, and Impression after the Plates were canceled, with the Faience Plate Colored after the original Drawing. It has also the Series of Groups illustrating the Physiognomy, Manners, and Character of the People of France and Germany, by G. Å. Lewis. 60 Plates,

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