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2. The same in all respects except the In the same play, pages 229, 230 are double. date, which is 1623.

In the one 229 the signature V is correct3. A fac-simile of the Portrait by Harris. ' in the other Vy incorrect. The versos of all the titles are blank.

In “ All's well that ends well,” pages 237, 238 Lowndes says: “ The way to discover

are double. In one, 237 is correctly numthe genuine state (of the Portrait) is by ob

bered-in the other it is 233. serving the shading in the face to be ex

In Richard the Second, pages 37, 38 (the pressed by single lines, without any crossing

second series of pagination) are double. whatever.” This remark is inaccurate ; it

In one, page 37 is correctly numberedshould read thus: the genuine portrait is

in the other it is 39. In all the copies known by observing that the cross lines do

of this edition the following errors occur : not occur on the right side of the face. The

Merchant of Venice, page 170. The last copper-plate in this state served for the first

line of the 2nd column, "How shall I three editions, but in the third it is much

know if I doe choose the right?" is reworn :—the cross lines were added for the

peated as the first line of page 171. fourth edition.

Richard the Second, page 26, second series The title-page with the date 1622 is in

of pagination, “The slye low houres shall laid at the bottom, below the imprint: if by

not determinate” for “Aye slow.” The

A and n being joined together in the old this means the last figure has been tampered with, the alteration is very successfully con

printing, the one has been used for the

other. cealed.

Henry the Eighth, page 229. Lowndes in There are seven preliminary leaves which

his enumeration of the mistakes and omisfollow the title-page; the versos of five are

sions in the signatures, does not notice blank, viz. :

that x'. the signature of this leaf is AS To the great variety of readers.

omitted. A® (not marked) Verses signed Hugh

The reprint in 1807 of this edition corHolland.

responds generally with Lowndes' collation A do do L. Digges,

of the original. The pages are numbe and I. M.

a second time throughout in the centre A? do The Workes of Wil

the bottom, and in 2 from 1 to 223", a liam Shakespeare &c.

blank leaf completing the last signature. The A do The Catalogue of

date occurs only in the watermark, and Comedies &c.

is best seen on the portrait and last leaf. In “ As you like it” pages 193, 194 are This mark is Shakespeare | J. Whatman double.

1806 | and sometimes 1807. The printOne correctly numbered 193 and the sig er's name is on the verso of the title-page at nature R correct.

the bottom- Printed by E. and J. Wright, Another marked 203 and the signature St. John's Square. And at the bottom of R’ incorrect.

the last page, J. Wright, Printer, No. 38 In the same play, pages 203, 204 are St. John's Square. double.

I have also a copy, large size, of this reOne incorrectly numbered 194, and in the

print of 1806, on India Paper, of which ist column roth line the words “a ripe

only three were printed. It has the portrait age" &c., are given to Orlando instead

by Droeshout in fac-simile, that of Philip, of the Clown, and William's speech im

Earl of Pembroke, and a proof of the bust mediately following is given to the

of Shakespeare from his monument. Clown. Another correctly marked 204, and the errors in the text corrected.

Second Edition, 1632. Page 197—As you like it—the head line is printed As yoa like it.

This edition also begins with a leaf, the In the Taming of the Shrew, pages 213, 214 ) recto blank, and Ben Johnson's verses on the are double.

verso. There are two mistakes in Lowndes' One has 214 correctly numbered-in the transcript of chese verses :—the word “Brasse" other it is 212.

in the 6th line should be spelt with a final e, and the word “Reader” is omitted in 5. Another, like No. 1, but the imprint the 9th line. “But, since he cannot, Reader | reads—London, | Printed by Tho. Cotes looke.”

for Richard Hawkins, and are to be sold at I have seven different copies of the title

his shop in Chancery Lane, neere Serpage. They are as follows :

jeants Inne. 1632. (1) 1. M" William Shakespeares i

The C in Cotes is long, passing below the Comedies, | Histories, and Tragedies.

line. Published according to the true Originall 6. Another like No. 5, except the imprint, Copies. The second Impression. 1 (the which reads thus-London, 1 Printed by Portrait-and below,) London, | Printed | Tho. Cotes, sor John Smethwick, and are to by Tho. Cotes for Robert Allot, and are to be sold at his shop in Saint Dunstans be sold at the signe of the Blacke Beare in Church-yard. 1632. | Size of my volume Pauls Church-yard. 1632. ||

—13% by 8} inches. In the 7th line the I is long, running be 7. This title-page resembles 2 and 3 in low the line thus, 7-the double fs not some respects, but differs from both. joined together. o

In the 4th line there is a comma after

Histories, Another very large copy, measuring 13% by 81 inches, with a brilliant impression of

In the 6th line Copies is printed Coppies, the portrait. It formerly belonged to Nicol,

with two p's the publisher, and has on the title-page the There is a large space between the 5th autograph of Ann King, the wife of the and 6th, and the 6th and 7th lines; and the printer John Bill, of the time of Shakespeare. | portrait being placed near the 7th line, the

2. The same in all respects as No. 1, ex word “London” in the imprint is printed cept that the words “at his shop” are in- | on the bottom of the portrait. Both the serted in the second line of the imprint, capital N. in London, have a long end; which reads thus, | Printed by Tho. Cotes, in the.other, the final N is thus N. The for Robert Allot, and are to be sold at his imprint has evidently been set up anew: shop at the signe, &c.

there is a period after Tho."-"blacke"

with a small b, Pauls in roman type. 3. Another, probably cancelled, with these variations from No. 24

“This copy was purchased by Mr. Henry

Foss, at a sale of duplicates belonging to the In the 4th line, there is no comma after

British Museum in Feby. 1819, made in con“ Histories”

sequence of the purchase of the library of 6th line, “according” is printed “acco

the Rev. Dr. Burney. Dr. B. obtained this dring"

volume in the following manner-At George 7th line, the word Impressionbegins

Steevens' sale there was a copy of this edition, with a short I, and the ss are joined

which had the autograph of Charles the ist. together at the top is

Mr. Nicol bid for it for the king, (George the ist line of the imprint, there is no period

3rd) and Dr. Burney was his opponent; but after Tho

the Dr. yielded, when he knew for whom Last line of the imprint, “blacke” with

Mr. Nicol wished to purchase it. The king a small b- Pauls in Italics—no hyphen

when informed of the circumstance, was so between “ Church” and “yard,” and

pleased with Dr. B's conduct, that he desired a comma after “yard,” not a period.

this copy from his own library might be This copy was purchased at the sale of Dr.

presented to Dr. B. with his thanks for givBliss in June 1858.

ing up King Charles' copy.” Note by the

late Mr. Foss on the fly-leaf. Mr. F. was a 4. Another title-page like No. 1, but the

relative of Dr. Burney. Two other copies imprint below the portrait stands thus,-Lon

are known with the error Coppies. don | Printed by Tho. Cotes for William Aspley, and are to be sold at the signe l of There are eight preliminary leaves :--the the Parrat in Pauls Church-yard. 1632. | | versos of the following are blank: A3 (marked The s in this name is long, and joined to

A“) “ To the great variety of Readers.'

A* (not marked) “Upon the Effigies, &

[ocr errors]

the p.

and “ an Epitaph.” These verses are not Third Part of Henry the Sixth, pages 163 in the first edition.

164 are double-one correct 164-the A(not marked) Verses signed L. Digges, other 194. and I. M.

Henry the Eighth, pages 205, 206 are dou* The Workes of -- and the names of ble. In one the running title of page 206 the principal actors, and the last leaf, sig.** is correct, 'The Life of Henry the Eight' (not marked) has on the recto, the Verses --in the other it is, The Life and Death of signed Hugh Holland, and on the verso, The Richard the Third Catalogue of Comedies &c., which in the

Troilus and Cressida, pages 29, 30 are doufirst edition are on separate leaves.

ble—one page 29 has the signature bb:— In the Merry Wives of Windsor, pages 57,

in the other the sig. is omitted.
58 are double--one correctly marked 57,
the other is 79.

Romeo and Juliet, pages 83, 84 are double. Much Adoe About Nothing, pages 119, 120

Page 83, 2d col. 7th line from the bottom,

one reads "Saint-seucing '— the other are double

* Saint-seuncing' — both a mistake for On page 119, 1st col. ioth line, ‘Rightly Saint-seducing.

reasoned' correct, and on page 119, 1st col. 10th line from bottom, “I thanke

Pages 85, 86 are also double—one correct, 85 you” correct. Another reads in these

-the other 58. places, ‘Righthly' and 'It thanke you.' Timon of Athens, pages 125, 126 are douLove's Labour's Lost, pages 143, 144 are ble—in one page 125, the signature Il cordouble.

rect-in the other 1. On page 143, ad col. lines 39, 40, one reads | Macbeth, pages 269, 270 are double-in one correctly

269 is correctly marked, in the other it is Change not your offer made in heate of 209. blood :

Measure for Measure, page 70, 2d col. I. If frosts, and fasts, hard lodging, and thin 8 from the bottom readswecdes.

For thine owne bowels which doe call Another has, “you offer' and 'thine thee, fire. weedes.'

This mistake of fire for sire is noticed in the Merchant of l'enice, pages 173, 174 are Notes and Queries. A long f is joined to

double. Page 174, 1st col. 1.40, one the i, instead of a long s. The same mistake reads 'than thou' correctly, the other then

occurs elsewhere, e. g. in the ist col. of the thai.”

same page, 25th line, the fi in eafie are joinThe same play, pages 175, 176 are double ed in the same way. But I have two leaves,

one correctly, numbered 176, the other is in one of which the word in the last mention276.

ed line is correctly printed easie, in the other As you like it, pages 205, 206 are double-- it is easie.

one correctly marked 205--the other is In the Merchant of Venice page 171, ist col. 208.

ist line, the last line of page 170 is repeatThe Taming of the Shrew, pages 219, 220 ed, as in the first edition, but in this instance are double. The running title of 219 is incorrectly, the second I. being omittedin one The Taming of the Shrew-in the do' is printed without the final e. other, Taming of the Shrew,

The line stands thus, How shall I know The same play, pages 223, 224 are double

if do choose the right. --one correct, 223, the other marked 213. As you like it, page 196, ist. col. 12 and The First Part of Henry the Fourth, pages 13 lines, the words, “have your parish49, 50 are double—one page 49 correct-- iones withall, and never cri' de " are rethe other 45.

peated : but in the first case, the two words The Epilogue to the Second Part of Henry are printed parishioners,' and 'cride.'

the Fourth, page 101 (not marked) is 1 The Taming of the Shrew, the running tidouble—one has the signature i correct-- tle on pages 21 3 and 223 is The Taming of in the other i?.

a the Shrew.

Richard the Second, page 26 ad col. line 31 with a scroll below, containing the letters, D.

is said to read, in some copies, “The lye V. D. The verses are inlaid: the title llow houres shall not determinate,' as in the pages, with and without the portrait, and first edition-but the cross piece of the f with the date 1663. The blank leaf has in the word Aye is in those instances either written upon it in a very large hand “For broken, or not very distinct.

Mrs. An: Howard. | B. Grenville.” | These Hamlet, page 294, the running title is, The

leaves were taken from Lord Stewart de Roth

say's copy, sold in London, in 1856 or 7. Tragedy of King Lear, instead of The Tragedy of Hamlet. In the ad col. 7th

There is also a leaf of the full size of the vol

ume, with the verses in the same large type line. the question of the King, “Will you know them then’ wants the? at the end.

inserted at the beginning. In the 8th line, 'ope my armes’ is ‘hope.' Then follow the Portrait on the verso of a In the with line, the phrase, 'what noyse leaf with the verses underneath, and a titleis that?' is transferred fron Laertes' speech page announcing the additional plays which in the 19th line, and the words you are added at the end of the volume. The speak ’are omitted.

leaf of the second issue, containing the PorCymbeline, page 416, ist col. last line reads,

trait with the verses below, and the title-page My Daught' for ' My Daughter.'

with date 1664; have a water mark, a crow

ned escutcheon, but it is much smaller, and The enumeration of errors of less impor-, has no letters at the bottom. cance might be greatly increased: and the same remark applies to all the editions. I have There are eight preliminary leaves, prinonly noted those which are most remarkable, 1 ted in the large italic, or the upright type of or which have been continued in the later the verses before the title-page, and all the editions.

leaves are printed on both sides. Size of the

the volume 13} by 8] inches. THIRD EDITION, FIRST issue, 1663.

Third Edition, SECOND issue, 1664. My copy of this volume commences with a leaf entirely blank, followed by another, the This volume has the portrait with the recto of which is blank. On the verso are verses below, printed on the verso of the Ben Johnson's verses in type (commonly call- leaf which precedes the title-page. The ed double English) as large as that used for title thus : M'. William Shakespear's * | the same lines in the first and second editions, | Comedies. Histories, and Tragedies. | Pubbut of a thinner face, and more spaced out. | lished according to the true Original Copies.

he same words are in italics as those in | The third Impression.t | And unto this Lowndes' discription of the verses under the Impression is added seven Playes, never Portrait in the second issue of 1664. Some į before Printed in Folio. I viz. | Pericles of the capital letters differ, especially the W | Prince of Tyre. | The London Prodigall. in the fourth line, which is printed thus, VV. | | The History of Thomas Ld Cromwell. Similar characters both italic and upright, are | Sir John Oldcastle Lord Cobham. | The employed in the Dedication, and Address to Puritan Widow.. | A York-shire Tragedy. the readers of this edition.

| The Tragedy of Locrine. | VignetteThere are two title-pages, one with a space Two Snakes entwined around a circular band left for the Portrait :-the other with the on which are the words Ad Ardua per Aspera Portrait inserted in its place. At the top of

| Tendo-in the centre, an Eagle perched both is this title.

upon a small circle-London, Printed for M. William Shakespeares | Comedies,

P. C. 1664. 1 Histories, and Tragedies. ---Published accor The Portrait and title-page have the ding to the true Original Copies. | The small watermark described above.

Third Impression. / and at the bottomLondon, 1 Printed for Philip

The preliminary leaves correspond with

Chetwinde, 1663. |

* Without the final e and an apostrophe before the 8, The four leaves described above have the

and a small t in third. The se are both long: in the same warer-mark, a large crowend escutcheon, | first issue, one is long, and the other is short.

† This line in larger type than in the previous issue,


those in the first issue-indeed, except the on both sides of the face, and below, the addition of the seven plays to the second, the verses as described by Lowndes. two issues correspond. Lowndes remarks,

There are two title-pages, varying in the “ The same errors in the pagination do not

size of the type, and in the imprint. The occur in all copies, as it is evident several

title in both is within double rules. were corrected during the time the volume was passing through the press.” The follow- 1. M". William Shakespear's | Comedies, ing differ from his list in the two issues : | | Histories, | And | Tragedies. | Published

according to the true Original Copies. | Unto In Much Adoe About Nothing, 1663.

which is added, Seven | Plays, | Never bepage 109 is correct ; in 1664 it is 111.

fore Printed in Folio : | VIZ. | In Much Adoe About Nothing, 1663, 'Pericles Prince of Sir John Oldcastle page 120 is correct; in 1664 it is 119. i Tyre.

| Lord Cobham. / 2d part of Henry the 6th, 1663, page | The London Prod- | | The Puritan Widow ng is naged on the wrong 'side. in 16 igal. 1

> {A Yorkshire Trageit is paged on the proper side.

The History of dy. | Romeo and Juliet, 663, pages 650, 651,

i Thomas Lord | The Tragedy of Lo

Cromwel. | Sl crine. are correct-in 1664 misprinted 049, 050. A black line across the page- The Fourth Romeo and Juliet, in 1663, pages 662, 663 Edition. | Another line across the page.

are misprinted 660, 661; in 1664, pages Vignette - A Fleur de lis in an ornament.

662, 663 are misprinted 646, 655. Another line across. London, | Printed for Cymbeline, page 8-9 is correctly numbered H. Herringman, E. Brewster, and R. Bent

in both. Lowndes says that it is some- ley, at the Anchor in the New Exchange, times marked 881.

the Crane, in St. Pauls Church-Yard, and In the London Prodigall, pages 12, 13 arc

in | Russel-Street Covent Garden.. 1685.* | double--in one they are correctly number

The second title is similarly arranged, but ed-in the other they are marked 4, 5.

: the type differs, and there is no period after i

M' – The Vignette is square, and appears to Lord Cromu'ell, pages 27, 28 are double-| be made up of small Printer's marks—the imin one, 27 correct—in the other 30.

print is as follows: Lord Cromwell, pages 29, 30 are double-- | London, | Printed for H. Herringman, and

in one 30 correct--in the other 27. are to be sold by Joseph Knight | and Signatures. Lowndes says they run from A Francis Saunders, at the Anchor in the Lowto Aaa in 6s--it should be to Aa in 6s-

er Walk of the New Exchange. 1685. 1 then Bb in 8s, &c. AB' is misprinted || B. Size 148 by 9 inches. In the Merchant of Venice, pages 170, 171, The introductory matter is in four leaves the line is not repeated.

the fourth to the seventh page inclusive prin

ted in double columns-the eighth page is In Hamlet, page 752, the error "hope" for blank. The Pagination agrees with Lown

66 ope" is corrected--the other mistakes des' collation. remain.

The following pages are double : The error in Cymbeline, page 874, Daught

Henry the Fifth, page 88, second series, corfor Daughter, is corrected.

rectly marked, another misprinted 87. In Richard the Second, page 330, 2d column, Henry the Fifth, page 93, one correct, the the mistake of the first editiun is restored.

other is 92. “The flye now hours shall not determi

In Henry the 8th, page 225 is correct, Lown

des says 224.

The signatures Aaa to Eee, in Coriolanus Fourth Edition, 1685.

to Romeo and Juliet, should have a *

perfixed to them, except Eee and Eee This edition begins with a leaf, on the

* The name of R. Chiswell, given by Bohn, in his ediverso of which is the Portrait with cross lines

tion of Lowndes, is not in either of my copies.


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