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A Literary Register and Monthly Catalogue of Old and New Books,

and Repository of Notes and Queries. Vol. 2.

New York, JUNE AND JULY, 1870. Nos. 6 & 7. ADVERTISING: $13 per page; $7, half page; and $4, quarter. SUBSCRIPTION : $1 per year, Postage free.

. TABLE OF CONTENTS. Auction SalesRice Library - - - - - - - - 170 BOOK-BINDING, - - - - - - - - - - - - 176 SHAKSPEARE Folios, - - - - - - - - - - - 180 NOTES AND QUERIES, - - - - - - - - - - - 188 ALPHABETICAL List of Books PUBLISHED SINCE OUR LAST Issue, - - - - 197 CATALOGUE OF OLD AND New Books FOR SALE, - - - - - - - 203

ADVERTISEMENTS. American and European Magazine COMPANY, - - - . . . 216 Boon, EDWARD P.,

- - 212 Bouton, J. W., - .

- - 214 CLARKE & Co. R., - - - - -

- 213 Cogan, EDWARD, - .

- - - - - HARBACH Bros., - - - - - -

- - 215 Rees, Wm. H.,

- 213 Sears, EDWARD, .. SABIN & Sons, J.,

- - - - - - - - 214 Smith, R. W.,

- 215

. 215

NOTICE TO ADVERTISERS.—The GREAT ADVANTAGES we offer to advertisers in the Bibliopolist, cannot, we think, be conceded to any other similar publication. First, our terms are low; second, we are willing to take, at the publishers' net prices, Books in exchange for ADVERTISEMENTS. The rates for advertising, mentioned above, are cash rates. Rates, in books at net prices, are as follows: One page, $16.00; half page, $9.00; quarter page, $5.00. The same arrangements will be made with dealers in secord hand books, giving us the privilege of selection. With such an arrangement as this, publishers and booksellers can pay, at a minimum cost, what would otherwise be required in cash. For a succession of insertions, the rates will be reduced. The journal is circulated among live book buyers, and those who have books to sell will present them usefully through the Bibliopolist.

This arrangement will also apply with English, French and German Publishers and Booksellers.

BACK NUMBERS.-Owing to the scarcity of some numbers in Vol. I. of the American Bibliopolist, buc few complete sets can be supplied, which may be had by the anxious for $2.00 each, in numbers, or bound (in black cloth) $2.50. Separate numbers may be had for twenty-five cents.

Postage FREE.—We learn from subscribers, in some instances, that the postage fee is collected upon delivery of the American Bibliopolist. In all such cases it is collected without authority, the postage being prepaid at the office in New York City.

J. SABIN & SONS, Publishers,

84 Nassau Street, New York.


occurrence of so many volumes relating to New

England-and, particularly, Massachusetts. THE LIBRARY OF JOHN A. RICE, ESQ., OF

1439. MATHER's India Christiana. Bost., CHICAGO. 1721.

$16.50 1440. Mather's Life of Eliot. Lond., (Continued.) 1694.

$21.50 1217. Kennett's Bibliotheca Americana. 1441. Mather's Magnalia. London, 1713. $32.00 1702.

$42.00 An uncut copy; an unusual condition.

Another copy, not in the catal., brought $59.00. 1221. Kidd. Account of Proceedings.

1442. Mather's Wonders of the Invisi1701.

$16.00 ble World. London, 1693. $40.00 See note in catalogue.

1445. Mather's, I., Discourse on Bap1243. Knox's Journal. 1769. 2 vols. | tisme. Cambridge, 1675. $40.00

$34.00 1446. Mather's Infant Baptisme. 1253. La Fontaine's Fables. Boston, Bost., 1680.

$33.00 "1841. 2 vols.

$30.00 L 1448. Mather's Ilustrious Providen1277. Lawson's Carolina. London, ces. Boston, 1684.

$24.00 1714.

$29.00 1450. Mather's Mystery of Israel's 1278. The same. Lond., 1718. $23.00 Salvation. London, 1669. $22.00 1291. Lee's War in the South. Dept.,

For other Mathers, see catalogue. A propos to

Mather, a little tract of 32 pages, entitled The Math-1819.

$26.00 ers Weighed in the Balances, by Delano A. Goddard, * The Lee series was very fine.

and found not wanting, is just published in Boston, 1305. Leslie's Method with the Deists,

and may be had of J. Sabin & Sons. The pamphlet

is very tastefully gotten up in a uniform style with etc. 3 vols. in one.

$25.00 Mr. Henry Stevens's Cabors. 1317. Lewis and Clark's Expedition." / 1471. Metcalfe's Indian Wars. LexPhil., 1809. 2 vols. $20.00 | ington, 1821.

$30.00 1335. Livingston's Review of Military 1474. MICHAUX AND NUTTALL’s Sylva. Operations. London, 1757. $8.25 Phil., 1865. 5 vols.

$130.00 1336. The same, with additional docs. | 1489.-90-91-92. Minutes of ConferenDublin, 1757.

. $16.00 ces with the Indians. Printed by Franklin 1374. MACAULAY's Works. Cambridge, and Hall, 1757-8. 4 books. $180.00 1866.


These four thin folios were bound in polished calf

by Bedford. Sown after the sale they were bound for 14 vols. One of two (?) copies on India Paper.

Pittsburgh! 1376. McCall's Georgia. Savannah,

1502. Mitchell. Nehemiah on the 1811-'16.


Wall in Troublesome Times. Cambridge, 1386. Mackenzie's Strictures on Tarle


$35.00 ton. London, 1787.


Nehemiah, after all his troubles and travels, and 1389. McLeod. Memoirs of a (Quebec) | stump speeches, is once more restored to pious New

England. Highlander. London, 1791. $10.00

This tract has the honor of coming from

| the same press as the Indian Bible. 1402. Mante's Late War. London,

1503. Mohawk Prayer Book. Lond., 1772. [See note.] $56.00 1787.

$62.50 Another trophy for our Pennsylvanian.

“A new edition, to which is added The Gospel 1421. Maryland Hist. Soc. Publs. 43 according to Saint Mark, translated into the Mohawk

i language by Capt. J. seph Brant, an Indian of the

59.92 | Mohawk Nation." This was a very fine copy-fresh 1425. Mass. Hist. Soc. Publs. 38 vols., and sparkling from Bedford's mint. mostly uncut.

- $171.00 1504. MONARDES. Joyfull Newes out of It may here be appropriately remarked that Mr. | the newe founde worlde. London, 1577 Rice is a native of the great Bay State, hence the



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This curious Black LETTER volume (the first Eng- New York. 1865. Inlaid and illustrated lish ed.) was once noticed at great length (in a news


$28.00 paper) as the “Joyful Venus out of the new found world. etc.” Joyful Venus indeed! had she only 1647. Nichol's Literary Anecdotes. etc. been discovered, and had she exercised her sway over

| 17 vols., uncut. half vellum. $225.25 the minds of men instead of the war-god Mars, who seems to have been the presiding genius in the Cau- 1 1655. Norton's Heart of New England casian settlement of America !

Rent at the Blasphemies of the Present 1505. MONARDES. Another ed. Lond., Generation. London, 1660. 867.50 1596.

$55.00 1658. Oakes' New England Pleaded 1528. More’s Utopia. London, 1808. with. Cambridge, Samuel Green, 1673. Dibdin's ed. Large Paper. $35.00

$40.00 1530. Morgan's Anti-Pædo-Rantism. 1689. Ovid's Metamorphosis. Oxford, Phil., Franklin, 1747. $23.00 1632.

$10.00 1531. Morgan. The Portsmouth Dis “The first translation of a classic into English

made on this continent. By Geo. Sandys, Sec'y to putation. New York, W. Bradford, 1713.

the Colony of Virginia.” $20.00

1694. P- - Life of Wolfe. 1540. Morton's N. E. Memorial. Bost.,

Bost., repr., 1760.

$20.00 1721.


1701. Tom Paine's Fests. Phil., 1796. 1541. Morton. The same. Newport,

$11.50 repr., 1772.


- 1707. Palmer's Impartial Account of 1547. Moultrie's Mem. of the Am.

the State of N. E. Lond., 1699. $32.00 Rev. New York, 1802. 2 vols, calf.

1713. A Parænetick of Humble Addresse $34.00

to the Parliament. Lond., 1644. $15.00 1558. Munsell's Hist. Series. Com

Relates to the Puritans and N. E. plete set. 10 vols., 4to, half lev. mor.

1739. Penn's Further Account of the $12.00

Province of Pennsylvania. Lond., 1685. 1559. Munsell's Local Histories. 9

$20.00 vols.

$21.37 1740. A Letter from William Penn. 1564. Murray's Impartial Hist. of the

Lond. 1683. With Plan. 83500 War. Newcastle. 3 vols. (See note in 1748. The Articles, Settlement, and catalogue.)

$64.50 Officers of the Free Society of Traders in 1591 and 1644. New Hampshire Grants. Pennsylvania. Lond., 1682. $27.50 Tract (2). New York, 1773 $55.00 Eighe leaves, folio, polished calf. 1599. Neal's New England. 2 vols. 1750. Pennsylvania Charters and Law's. $22.00 Franklin. 1742.

$17.00 1607. New England's First Fruits. 1751. Letters and Papers rel. to PennLondon, 1643.

$29.00 sylvania. Privately printed 1855. $25.00 The “elegant" large paper reprint, half morocco, Known as the Shippen Papers. Fine copy. gilt top, brought one dollar and a half !

1753. Some account of the Province of 1610. Abstract of the Laws of New Penn. Lond., 1681.

$17:53 England. London, 1641.

$40.00 | Ten pages, folio. Splendid large copy in Bedford's The first printed collection of N. E. laws.

polished calf. As was expected these little Pennsyl.

vania tracts followed in the trail of the Indian Cor16u. A Brief Nar. of the Practices | ferences, Filson's Kentucke, etc. of the Churches in N. E. London, 1645.

1 1762. Peter's Connecticut, Lond., 1781. $42.50

860.00 1632. N. Y. Hist. Coll. and Proceeds. Contains an account of ancient Connecticut

courtship, i. e. “ Bundling." See note in catalogue. 14 vols., half mor. ; uncut. $84.00

The present owner of this sumptuous copy, and of the 1642. [Horton's] Pub. Libraries of Mihazok Prayer Book before mentioned, are one


and the same. May his love of the “rare and beauti- | A New England Quaker persecution tract. ful." increase. It is young, but fast ripening under the

1902. Roger's Concise Account of

1002 Rocro's Cancice A fostering warmth of the son of Caledonia.”

V. 1791. Platform of Church Discipline. A; (also] Major Rogers' Journals. Lond., Cambridge, 1671. First edition. $85.00

1765. 2 books, polished calf. $36.00

1928. Sabin's Dictionary. This rare, very rare, and excessively rare petite !

Pts. I to morceau; after a steady fight was safely deposited in ! XIV. Letters A. & B.

$28.00 one of those familiar helms from the banks of the Dramatis Personæ. Cloth, a frequenter at "84." Connecticut, or some where else in the wooden nut Wood, a ditto. meg State.

Cloth. Why does Mr. Rice sell his library? 1798. Poetical Description of Song Wood. To get rid of Sabin's Dictionary, I believe.

Clork. Is he a subscriber? Birds. Worcester, printed by Isaiah Thomas,

Wood. Yes. 1780.

$10.00 Cloth. If that's the case, isn't he bound to keep This is but one of five or six Isaiah Thomas im

on taking it, whether he sells these fourteen parts or prints—all perfect little gems of binding.


Wood. True. I was wrong in saying he sold his 1804. Post's Second Journal on a

library to get rid of the Dictionary. I will say if you Message from the Gov. of Penn., to the In choose : He sold his library to enable him to pay for dians on the Ohio.

the numbers not yet printed.--Exit. Lond., 1759. $14.00 Being an Ohio “ Indian” (as Stirling might say),

1943. Deborah Sampson's Female Rethis volume has very properly taken itself off, post vieu. Dedham, 1797.

$35,00 haste, to its native stream, in the same manner as “Deborah," says the title, “ was an American Filson, Mante, Penn., etc.

young lady, whose life and character are peculiarly 1813. Prince, Chronol. of N. E. Bos distinguished-being a Continental soldier for nearly

three years, in the late American War; during which ton, 1736.


time, she performed the duties of every department 1822. Proud's Pennsylvania, 2 vols. into which she was called, with punctual exactness,


fidelity and honor, and preserved her character invio

late by the most artful concealment of her sex," 1824. Whole Booke of Psalmes. N. Y.,

1962. Schedet, Nuremberg Chronicle. 1862.


$90.00 A thick paper copy, and a beautiful specimen of Mathews' bindi, g.

The Bibliotheca Spexcoriana, devotes 26 pages to

| this famous chronicle. Sce catalogue. 1828. Purchas, his Pilgrimes. 1625-6.

1991. Sewall, Phænomena quedam Apo5 vols.

calyptica, Boston, 1727

$16.00 1844. Ramsay's Revolution, South Caro

1992. Seward's Monody on Andre. lina, etc. 6 vols., 1875-9–1809. $112.50 , 1875-9–1809. 1 12.5° Lichfeld, 1781.

$5.00 A splendid set uncut, in polished calf.

1993. The same. Philadelphia, n. d. $7.50 1851. RAYMOND's History of England.

Two other editions, (Lond., 1817, and 1821) are [1788].

$21.00 mentioned. This is valued for the plates illustrating the Ameri

2030. SHEPARD, The Church Membercan War; one of which is Andre on the gibbet.

ship of Children. Cambridge, 1663. $49.50 1861. REED AND CADWALlader Pamph

2031. SHEPARD. Clear Sunshine of the lets. 1783. The reprints (half mor., by Bradstreet) brought

Gospel. London, 1648.

$22.00 $4.25!

2034. SHEPARD. Eye Salve. Cambridge, 1877. Rich’s Bibliotheca. 3 vols., half 1673.

$50.00 mor., by Mathews.

$60.00 / 2047 Simcoe's Journal. Exeter, 1782. A superb copy."

$90.00 1891. Six Tory Tracts. Rivington, | 2048. The same. Reprint, New York, 1774-5. Fine lot.

$32.00 1897. Robin's Travels. Philadelphia, 26 extra plates inserted. See catalogue. 1783.

$15.00 2064. Smith, CHARLOTTE. Elegiac Son1898. ROBINSON, Several Epistles, Lond., | nets. Worcester, Thomas. Bound by 1669. $21.00 Bedford.



Fine set.



2057. Smith. Advertisements for un- | Arts. New York, 1865. 2 vols., extended experienced Planters. Lond., 1631. $100.00

to 10.

$700.00 2072. SMITH. General Histrie of Virgi This book was a splendid specimen of illustration, nia, etc., Lond., 1624.


and though $700.00 may seem a large price, it is

probably far less than the cost of the material, time 2073. SMITH. True Travels, Adven- | and labor employed in its composition. tures, etc. Lond., 1630.


2146. Statutes at large of the Provision2080. Smith, J. H. André Narrative.

al Government of the Confederate States of Lond., 1808. Cut Copy. $17.00

America. Richmond, 1864. $10.00 2084. SMITH, S. Nova Casarea or New | Lot 1826“ Public Laws of the Confederate States," Jersey. Burlington, 1765. $200.00 | Richmond, 1862, brought the same price-$10.00.

'Confederate' literature will one day be the bone' Roche's cut copy sold for $52.50. It was a fine,

among bibliomaniacs. large, clean, and well bound copy. But here are the

There is at present, we be

lieve, only one man in the U. S., who has a complete data upon which to estimate the proportionate value

set of what are called the Confederate War Reports." of a cut, and an uncut copy, when only one of the latter is known to exist. (This was true as regards 2155. Steele. The Indian Captive. this book, up to the time of the sale, as announced in the catalogue. Since then, cur eyes have been bless

Montpelier, 1808.

$12.00 ed with the sight of another copy—its peer in length, 2166. Stiles. Three Judges.” 1794. breadth and condition). It will be shrewdly guessed

$16.00 that either Clinton, or the highland "cheild,” spiked this “ big gun." Hold a moment, -Clinton got it, 2177. Stith's Virginia.Williamsbut much against the will of the chield, who, had he

burgh, 1747

$47.00 been there in propriæ personæ, his “ foot upon his native heath," there had been tall fighting, worthy of 2218. Talbot. Sketch of. Lond., the condition of this wonderful copy. $300.00


$23.00 might have“ brought it down" to him, and placed side by side with its imperial cousin SMITH's New 2223. Tarleton's Campaigns. Lond., York, upon large paper, as follows:


$15.50 2088 Smith, W. History of New | 2233. Tever. Hist. dellIndia Ama. York, Lond., 1757. $300.00 Virginia, 1561.

$24.00 The fame of this Large Paper copy, is scarcely old 2237. Thacher. A Fast of God's der than that of the Smith's N. 7. uncut. The

Chusing. Boston, 1678. $31.00 Smith's New Jersey came over from London a few years ago, and passed into the possession of J. F. Mc 2240. Thirty Important Cases ReCoy, at a cost of ( we believe ) S125.00. Smith's New

solved. Boston, 1699.

$23.00 York, turned up at an auction sale, about two years ago, and sold for $13.50; since then it has changed 2245. Thomas's History of Printing in hands several times and prices as follows : $75.00, America. Worcester, 1810. 125.00, 300.00. The morocco binding by Mathews however had been added after the second change. The author's own copy with autograph correction. This was comparatively but a trifle, and the present! A splendid copy in Bedford's binding ; uncut and owner is happy in his possession, though it cost him clean. ten times the price of his small paper copy.

2276. Trial of Fames Hill ("John the 2090. [Smith, Dr. W.] Brief State of Painter). London, n. d. Fol. $13.00 of the Province of Penn. Lond., 1755. 2278. TRUMBULL. list. of Connecticut. $17,00 | Hartford, 1797.

$12.00 With many other rare historical tracts, this was

Benjamin, the “ wuoden nutmeg State" histerian, purchased by “a gentleman who has resided many

and his namesakes Henry and John likewise of that years in Pennsylvania "-as the title hath it.

ilk, are all represente!. John Trumbull's Mc Fingal 2094. SMITH. Bouquets Expedition.of various editions soid as follows : Hartford, 1782, Philadelphia. W. Bradford, 1766. $33.00

$12.00; Lond., 1786, S3 50; New York, 1795

(first ed. with plates), 110.50; New York, 1810, 2095. — Lond. ed., 1765. $13.00 (polished calf, 9 plates), $25.00; New York, 1860

2129. Spark's Life of Washington. (L. P.), $3.50, etc. Boston, 839. 2 vols., mor. [Extra Plates.] 2303. United States Exploring Expe

$76.00 | dition. Philada., 1844–58. 18 vols. 4to 2132. Spooner. Biog. Hist. of Fine and 8 vols. fol.


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