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result in injury to interests of the com- before and at the conclusion of the munity by delay in issuing important weather broadcast that it is furnished weather forecasts and danger warnings by the courtesy of a sponsor, care must (15 Comp. Gen. 196).

be exercised to avoid the implication

that the forecasts are made or paid for $ 501.4 Time of release of weather information affecting crops.

by the advertiser; and that there shall

be nothing in the announcement associBulletins or radio broadcasts giving ated with weather broadcasts to indiagricultural weather information are re- cate that the Weather Bureau or the leased at 10:00 a.m. each workday during Government endorses the sponsor or the the growing season in the affected areas. product advertised.

Weekly Weather and Crop Bulletins (b) An agreement is also required becontaining a synopsis of weather condi- tween the Weather Bureau and any radio tions and their effect on crops and farm- or television station that wishes to ining operations (which show snow and ice stall equipment or make other arrangeconditions during the season) are re- ments for direct broadcast from leased simultaneously at Washington, Weather Bureau office. D. C. and approximately 45 field stations (c) No charge is made to the radio at 12:00 noon e. s. t. on Tuesday or on or television stations or the sponsor for Wednesday if Monday or Tuesday is a weather information intended for public holiday.

distribution. However, if there are Because of the influence that might be communication tolls or leased wire exerted upon the market value of the charges in connection with the delivery products of the soil by the information of such information to the radio or telecontained in the weather and crop bulle

vision stations, such charges are borne tins, the law provides a fine of $10,000 or

by the radio or television stations or the imprisonment of 10 years, or both, for

sponsor. any responsible Government official who

(22 U.S.C. 501) (27 F.R. 10886, Nov. 8, 1962] willfully imparts any information of speculative value contained in the bulletins before the times of release to the


IN METEOROLOGY (13 F. R. 6747, Nov. 18, 1948)


502.1 Type of fellowship. $ 501.5 Counterfeiting weather fore- 502.2 Qualifications. casts.

502.3 Award of fellowships. Whoever shall knowingly issue or pub

502.4 Allowances and expenses.

502.5 Duration of fellowships. lish any counterfeit forecast or warning

502.6 Oficial notification. of weather conditions falsely represent

AUTHORITY: The provisions of this Part 502 ing such forecast or warning to have

issued under R.S. 161; 5 U.S.C. 22. Interpret been issued or published by the Weather or apply sec. 1, 53 Stat. 1290; 22 U.S.C. 501. Bureau,

shall be fined not Additional authority is cited to text in more than $500, or imprisoned not more

parentheses. than 90 days, or both.

$ 502.1 Type of fellowship. $ 501.6 Agreements for radio and tele

Fellowships shall be of the internvision weather broadcasts.

training type, comprising instruction for (a) Radio stations often desire to an appropriate period in certain Amermake special arrangements for the ican universities including the Univerbroadcast of daily weather forecasts, sity of California at Los Angeles, the special warnings, and other weather in- University of Chicago, Massachusetts formation under commercial sponsor- Institute of Technology, Florida State ship. In such cases the Weather Bu- University, Pennsylvania State Univerreau obtains an agreement setting forth sity and like institutions having strong conditions under which the broadcasts programs in the atmospheric sciences, are to be made. This agreement specifies for the study of meteorology, hydrometethe regular time schedules of the broad- orology and allied sciences and their apcast; that the information be given ex- plications, and in addition assignment actly as issued by the Bureau: that while to Weather Bureau offices for an approit is permissible to announce immediately priate period for further study of appli

§ 502.4 Allowances and expenses.

Allowances and expenses shall be as provided in State Department regulations given in 22 CFR Part 61. [13 F. R. 2739, May 21, 1948. Redesignated at 13 F. R. 6760, Nov. 19, 1948] § 502.5

Duration of fellowships. Fellowships will be awarded for periods of not to exceed sixteen months each. (13 F. R. 6748, Nov. 18, 1948. Redesignated at 13 F. R. 6760, Nov. 19, 1948) § 502.6 Official notification.

Applicants recommended for fellowships by the Chief of the Weather Bureau and approved by the Secretary of Commerce and the Secretary of State, or the duly authorized representative of the Secretary of State, shall be notified of their award through diplomatic channels. (13 F. R. 2739, May 21, 1948. Redesignated at 13 F.R. 6760, Nov. 19, 1948]

cations of meteorology and the organization and service work of the Weather Bureau. (15 U.S.C. 313) [27 F.R. 10886, Nov. 8, 1962] § 502.2 Qualifications.

Applicants selected for these fellowships shall be:

(a) Bona fide citizens of any of the American Republics other than the United States, or of the Republic of the Philippines;

(b) In possession of a certificate of medical examination issued by a licensed physician within 60 days of the date of application, describing the applicant's physical condition, and stating that he is free from any communicable disease or disability that would interfere with the proper pursuit of studies or research or the performance of any activity incident to the fellowship;

(c) Able to speak, read, write and understand reasonably well the English language;

(d) Of good moral character and shall possess intellectual ability and suitable personal qualities, and shall have successfully completed their academic professional training in a recognized school in any one of the branches related to the science of meteorology, including among others, meteorology, climatology, physics, mathematics, engineering, physical geography, et cetera; and/or shall be a qualified employee of the official meteorological service of the country from which selected. (15 U.S.O. 313) [13 F.R. 2739, May 21, 1948, as amended at 13 F.R. 6748, Nov. 18, 1948; 13 F.R. 6760, Nov. 19, 1948; 27 F.R. 10886, Nov. 8, 1962] § 502.3

Award of fellowships. Fellowships will be awarded by the Chief of the Weather Bureau, and with the approval of the Secretary of Commerce and the Secretary of State or their duly authorized representatives. Philippine candidates for fellowships will in addition be examined and recommended by the Chief of the Philippine Weather Bureau and the President of the Republic of the Philippines. No applicant therefor shall be approved unless his application shall have been transmitted by the government of the country of which he is a citizen through the diplomatic mission of the United States of America 10cated in the Republic concerned. (13 F.R. 6748, Nov. 18, 1948. Redesignated at 13 F. R. 6760, Nov. 19, 1948)

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FOR SERVICES $ 503.1 Charges for furnishing copies

of weather records. (a) Duplicating machine copies: (1) Ozalid, bruning, and similar processes: (1) Synoptic maps and charts: (a) Up to 360 sq. in. (per copy)

$0.21 (6) 361 to 510 sq. in. (per copy)

.22 (c) 511 to 800 sq. in. (per copy)

.24 (d) 801 to 1,000 sq. in. (per copy)

25 (e) 1,001 to 1,220 sq. in. (per copy)

.28 (f) Above 1,220 sq. in. $0.29

for first 1,220 sq. in. and
$0.02 for each additional

144 sq. in.
(ii) Other than synoptic maps

and charts:
8 x 10 1/2 (per print)-

10 Over 8 x 1072 (per sq. ft.) -- .07 (2) Photocopy prints (photostat,

872 x 11 or smaller.

.85 9 x 12 to 12 x 17

--14 x 17 to 18 x 24. (3) Thermofax copies or direct

contact prints: 842 x 11..

11 Larger than 842 x 11 (per sq. ft.) -(4) Transcopy prints: 842 x 10.

40 10 x 12 (5) Xerox copies (maximum size 9 x 14).


. 50


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.40 NOTE: If copies from original photography on 16 mm camera, the length is approximately 100 feet. If reduced from original photography on 35 mm camera, the length is approximately 50 feet. (iv) Film copy, meteorological sat

ellite, silver halide process,
sprocketed, positive or nega-
tive, per reel, approximately 100

35 mm 6.50 (3) Microfiche, ozalid, negative only,

4"x6" or 5" x 8". SPECIAL PRICE NOTE: A set of 5" X 8'' microfiche cards, one for each day of the month, containing a month of data in the Daily Series, Synoptic Weather Maps, Part II, Northern Hemisphere Data Tabulations, will be furnished for $5.00 a month, on a current continuing subscription basis. When furnished on an irregular and/or noncurrent basis, the regular price per microfiche will apply.

(b) Photography: (1) Prints, black and white: (1) Contact: 8 X 10.

$0.35 11 x 14.

.50 14 x 17

. 70 16 x 20.

1.00 20 X 24.

1.25 30 X 40.

2. 25 (u) Enlargements by conventional

processes: 5 x 7-..

. 45 8 x 10

.60 11 X 14.

1.00 20 X 24.

1.50 (ul) Enlargements from available

microfilm using microfilm-
printing equipment, e.g., 3M
Reader-Printer, Xerox 1824

Up to 18 X 24.----

. 35 (2) Microfilm: (1) Negative film (one or two pages

to exposure on panchromatic
contrast film).

35 mm .05 Per frame or exposure. 16 mm .04 (11) Film copy (excluding radar

film printed to register and
meteorological satellite film)
Silver halide process, diazo
process, or Kalvar process,
unsprocketed, from negative
of uniform density---- 35 mm 6.00
Per reel---

16 mm 5.50 (Reels are approximately 100 ft. in length and the price includes spool and box.)

SPECIAL PRICE NOTE: A single 100-foot reel of 35 mm diazo microfilm, unsprocketed, containing a month of data of the Daily Series, Synoptic Weather Maps, Part II Northern Hemisphere Data Tabulations, will be furnished at $4.00 per reel on a current continuing subscription basis. When furnished on an irregular and/or noncurrent basis, the regular price per reel will apply. (iii) Film

сору, , radar film,
sprocketed, printed to regis-
ter. Positive only.
Per reel, approximately
100 ft---

35 mm 9.00
Per reel (see note on length

16 mm 7.00

(c) Time spent by field station employees in performing the following services will be charged at the rate of $4.40 per hour if services are performed during the normal working hours, or at the rate of $5.73 per hour if performed on overtime.

(1) Hand transcription of official meteorological records.

(2) Searching map or record files to assemble material.

(3) Unbinding and reassembling bound volumes of maps or records preparatory to making ozalid, photostat, or other reproductions.

NOTE: A minimum charge of $2.00 will be made for a single order on any of the items in this Exhibit except that this minimum charge shall not apply to single orders at a field station for preliminary Local Climatological Data prepared government equipment. (59 Stat. 1067, sec. 501, 65 Stat. 290, 6 U.S.C. 606, 140) (30 F.R. 8042, June 23, 1965)



CROSS REFERENCE: For regulations of the Business and Defense Services Administration under the Defense Production Act of 1950, as amended, see 32A CFR Chapter VI.

PART 601—ISSUANCE OF LICENSES ices Administration. It should set

UNDER FOREIGN PATENTS OWNED forth the name and address of the inBY THE UNITED STATES

dividual, partnership, or corporation

desiring the license, a brief descripSec.

tion of the business activities in which 601.1 Scope.

engaged, and such other pertinent in601.2 Application for licenses.

formation as may be desired. The Gov601.3 Type of license.

ernment of the United States is inter601.4 Conditions in licenses. 601.5 Revocation.

ested in the maximum use being made

of patented processes and devices which AUTHORITY: The provisions of this Part 601 it owns, and, accordingly, the Secretary issued under E.O. 9865, June 14, 1947, 12 F.R.

of Commerce will consider the likely 3907; 3 CFR, 1947 Supp.

ability of the applicant to use the patSOURCE: The provisions of this Part 601 ented process or device before determin. appear at 13 F.R. 313, Jan. 22, 1948, unless ing that a license should or should not otherwise noted. Redesignated at 13 F.R. issue. 6623, Nov. 10, 1948.

(13 F. R. 313, Jan. 22, 1948, as amended at 8 601.1 Scope.

18 F. R. 8111, Dec. 10, 1953) The regulations in this part are issued 8 601.3 Type of license. under the authority contained in Execu

Under existing law, the United States tive Order 9865 dated June 14, 1947.

can issue only licenses which are revoUnder the Executive order, the Secretary

cable at will. Licenses will also be nonof Commerce is required, where the best

exclusive and royalty-free except where interests of the United States so indicate,

the Secretary of Commerce shall deterto file patent applications in foreign

mine and proclaim it to be inconsistent countries covering inventions resulting

with the public interest to issue licenses from Government conducted or financed

on such a basis. research embodied in United States patents owned by the Government of the § 601.4 Conditions in licenses. United States. The Secretary of Com

The licenses to be issued will be merce having obtained such foreign

granted on the following express condipatent rights for the United States Gov

tions: (a) The Government of the United ernment may issue licenses thereunder

States will not guarantee the validity of to nationals of the United States who

the patent covered by the license, nor make application therefor.

will it undertake to defend any suits $ 601.2 Application for licenses.

brought against the licensees or to inAn application for a license should be demnify for infringement of the patent; addressed to the Secretary of Commerce, (b) the Government of the United States Washington 25, D. C., Attention: will reserve the right at any time to grant Director, Business and Defense Serv- additional licenses; and (c) the Govern

ment will reserve the right to revoke the license at any time. It will also be provided in the license that it be nontransferable. 8 601.5

Revocation. Although licenses issued under the regulations in this part are revocable at

will, licenses will not ordinarily be revoked. The occurrence of the following may, however, result in the revocation of the license: (a) Failure to abide by the terms and conditions of the license; (b) failure to use the process or device covered by the patent; (c) the bankruptcy or insolvency of the licensee.

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