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IN the successive editions of my "Practical Treatise on Uterine Inflammation,” I have studiously avoided controversial discussions; and the present Essay has been partly written to obviate the necessity of entering the polemical arena in a future edition. Time and experience have proved the correctness of the facts I have advanced as will ever be the case when facts-albeit novel and startling are really true, and can be easily demonstrated. Various doctrinal explanations of these facts have, however, been brought forward or reproduced during the last few years-explanations at variance with the views which I profess. I have endeavoured, in the following pages, to analyse and answer these antagonistic doctrines, and most sincerely do I trust that I may be deemed to have accomplished the rather ungracious task in a spirit of courteous scientific inquiry. Several of the writers whose views I criticise are esteemed and valued friends, the opinions of whom I would fain have respected; but science admits not such distinctions. In the defence of what we conscientiously consider to be the truth, all considerations of private friendship must be laid aside; and may be laid aside, provided the discussion be carried on in a strictly honourable and truthful spirit. This I have endeavoured to do; and it remains with the profession to decide how far I have succeeded.

May, 1856.

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