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Universities, the miserable State of Learning and Re·ligion there, 32, 220. Too often initiate Touth into Perjury,

224 Vulgar, (the) what sort of Religion pleases them best,

304 305. High Church Vulgar, how they are mised, and their Reverence misplacid, 249 to 253

W Himsies, of private Do&tors, what Contempt thej
W deserve,

123 Whiston (Mr.J bis Charge upon the Clergy for not believing their own Articles,

: 125 Will of God, a Rule to know it,

374 World, the way to debauch it, is to debauch the Youth,

: 123 Words, how they deceive the World 6. The abuse of - them Writers, the finest often negleft important Subječts, 4 Writings, (Controverfial) the difference between those of Gentlemen and those of Divinesy :: 33,

Y., youth, how eafily Susceptible of Vice and. Vera tue,

" : 6-123 7 Eal, (true) a Definition of it, and Character of it,

169. False Zeal how much Mischief it does, 168, 169. It is brutish, implacable, and profane, 174 its terrible Chara&ter, and vile Pedigree, 170, 171. The Zeal of corrupt Priests its Causes and Motives, and we 172, 173. How little they concern the Laity, ib. Often the Effect of Constitution, 173, 175. Aremarkable Instance of this; ib.' How apt Men are to be mistaken about it, ib. Christian Zent, its ******* Meekness and excellent Effects, 174. Inseparable from Charity, ib. Is an Enemy to all Severity, ib. Modern Zeal, its utter Inconsistency with the Gospel, 176. Altogether unlike that of the Apostles, ibid.

Zeal of High Church Priests, how wretchedlyi émi ploy'd, 176. Not intended to promote Religion, ib,


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